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Friday, November 19, 2010

Man's Voice Launched: Counseling helpline for Men in distress

"Man's Voice" is a helpline for men in distress for counseling from an emotional point of view. Man's Voice has been launched today, on International Men's Day, 19th November, 2010.

Many a times after undergoing trauma one gets so depressed and demotivated that the person does not even have the will to fight and solve impending problems, its from this perspective that "Man's Voice" would offer a helping hand to Men in distress.

Once mind is clear and soul picks itself up, the sky is the limit for anyone's potential,  and this exactly is Man's Voice's endeavour; to liberate people from "dis"stress and facilitating the use of inherent and infinite potential  in them.

Pls join Man's Voice' fanpage in Facebook ( or refer the GURU's section for Man's voice to know the details of this new counseling helpline for Men.

Do spread the good word among your contacts and social circles.
Man's Voice is a helpline for men
(For help/counselling and enquiries: Please send an email to

Why Man's Voice? 
Men in general are conditioned or socialised such that they are unable to share their sorrows with another in their family or in their social circuit. If they cry, they are considered to be weak in most societies including the Indian community. Hence, they tend to withold, suppress or repress their feelings even when faced with traumatic situations, break-ups, victimisation due to lop-sided laws concerning their families, which can result in depression. This depression can result in problems in the family and at workplace.

A team of professional counsellors will provide guidance to men, who need a listening ear and direct them to the proper channels if and when needed.

How do I contact a Man's Voice Counsellor?
You can contact them through smses/calls to their mobile phones or through emails(Helpline email:

The first two sessions will be free. The fees for the follow up sessions will depend on the counsellor. The callers are free to continue with the counsellors or find their own counsellors after the free sessions.

Read for contact details of counselors associated with "Man's Voice".


If anyone needs legal help for family or men's rights related matters, you all can refer/send them the information quoted below or mention the short weblink "" to them over phone, which will be enough to satisfy their queries in this regard

Information which can be given for callers needing legal help:

For all your family and/or men's rights/legal issues, you can contact the nearest helpline of SIF ( and attend weekly meetings, which will help you solve your issues.

Please read the following blog post to know about what you can do in your situation: (or short URL:

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sexual Harassment at Work Place Bill - A discussion on MM Tv

Please find below the video clips of Malayala Manorama TV channel program "Counter Point" (In Malayalam). The proposed "Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment Bill"(SHWB) on the face of it will make a lot of women happy, but it will stay that way only till these good women realise that their own Sons and male relatives and their businesses/jobs are ruined and they are brought to the roads.

Since there will not be any legitimate USE of this law(by good natured women, who are victims of genuine harassment), but at the same time there will be WIDESPREAD MISUSE BY UNSCRUPULOUS MONEY-MINDED WOMEN(and their money making business organisations), now that they have a chance to extort in crores from cash rich businesses.

This is not a mere speculation or dooms day theory, until now these unscrupulous, shame-in-the-name-of-women were extorting and taking husbands and his relatives(including senior citizens, minor children and women themselves) for a ransom(this is 20,000 crore plus extortion industry, if you may note!), but now they have a higher league to extort from - Businesses and High net worth employees of these businesses




Topic- A Debate of SHWB (Protection for Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, which has been approved by the Cabinet and currently scheduled to be presented in the parliament for passing as a law)

All India Men's Welfare Association (AIMWA - ) presents this debate, for justice to prevail for equity to be attained, to be righteous... gender biased laws cannot stay.... protest against SHWB.

For insights into the cons of SHWB, read: , by Mrs.Uma Challa, President of both All India Men's Welfare Association and All India Forgotten Women Association(

Sexual Harassment has nothing to do with one's gender, its is a result of "Power" and whoever is in power, irrespective of gender can harass others who are in a subordinate position(in terms of power)... so Sexual Harassment laws has to be gender neutral in this modern age. Its important to note that various western countries and even Pakistan has implemented this law as Gender Neutral, so what is stopping India to do the same, even after Law Commission had suggested protection for Men in its recommendations and drafts(which was unceremoniously deleted/negated by the Ministry of Women and Child development ministry(WCD)).

In short, if we leave SHWB as it is, "Legal Terrorism" will turn towards the Indian Industry and wreak havoc on India's economy directly, and this is not a coincidence... this a well thought our plan to destroy India! through the time-tested "Economic terrorism" route employed by the Neo-Imperialists. 

Thursday, November 04, 2010

International Men's Day- 2010, 19th November

Six pillars and guiding principles of International Men's Day 

1. Promoting positive male role models.
2. Celebrating men’s positive contributions.
3. Focusing on men’s health and wellbeing.
4. Highlighting discrimination.
5. Improving gender relations and promoting equality.
6. Creating a safer, better world.

The literature below is available as a Flyer in PDF file, and can be downloaded here. IMD signage(Australia) can be downloaded here. A sticker for IMD, download here

There may be more ‘stay-at-home’ mums than dads, but equal numbers of working fathers who posses natural care instincts and contribute much to the nurture and protection of children and dependent family members even when they work full time.

Many men who hold down well-paying jobs to provide financially defer the role of primary carer to their female partners, by mutual choice.

Society does not readily accommodate men in the role of full-time homemaker and the often negative portrayal of men in the news and entertainment media discourages more fathers from taking on the primary care responsibilities for young children.

Most dads endeavor to provide the right balance of financial and emotional support and personal involvement in activities for the benefit of their families; and men’s role in providing direct or indirect care for children and family members is worthy of acknowledgment.

Global website:
November 19
celebrating men’s
contributions to childcare
Discrimination and gender inequitable outcomes also affect men and boys in countries around the world, including:
• Under-representation in areas of education and employment.
• Higher rates of death and disability through suicide and hazardous work.
• In many countries, men experience inequitable outcomes in child custody disputes and disproportionate emotional and financial burdens following divorce.
• Double standards in the sexist and negative portrayal of males in the entertainment media; and product advertising which portray simulated violence by the opposite sex against men as trivial and acceptable.
• No ‘whole-of-government’ advocacy for male gender inequity issues.
• The plight of male victims of abuse is often ignored in government-sponsored anti-domestic violence education campaigns.
• General lack of government recognition and annual observance of “International Men’s Day” to acknowledge existing inequitable outcomes and honour the equally valuable financial and social contributions that men and boys make to the global community.
Many governments have lost sight of these facts and the need for advocacy and affirmative action to correct gender discrimination and inequitable outcomes that impact negatively on the lives of men and boys also.
Global website:
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence takes the form of physical, verbal and emotional abuse to intimidate and control. Without diminishing the responsibility of men to treat women with respect, International Men’s Day recognises that males too are victims; and face unique problems in dealing with violence by the opposite sex.

In many countries, statistics on domestic violence are sourced only from surveys of women and the male perspective on reported cases is often not known. Statistics acknowledge that women also assault men but excuse it on the basis of provocation or self-defence.

Government sponsored anti-violence education campaigns tend to focus solely on the responsibility of men.
Few men report abuse by the opposite sex for fear of being ridiculed or having the blame turned back on them because of the flawed mindset in many communities that ‘men can look after themselves’.

Popular culture in many countries tolerates women striking men for offending female sensitivities and accepts casual female violence against men in films, product advertising and TV sitcoms as light-hearted entertainment.
Physical size and strength does not protect a passive male against a determined female aggressor who fears no recrimination on the excuse that ‘a man should never hit a women under any circumstances.’

The plight of male victims of domestic violence is a serious issue that receives little or no empathy and government and media have obligations in addressing it.

Global website:
Men’s Health
Men fall victim to various serious illnesses including cancers, heart disease and stroke. Some men’s health issues are genetic and others are linked to lifestyle factors and risk-taking behaviour.

Alarmingly, the male suicide rate is up to 4 times higher; and up to 90% of work-related deaths are males, due to the greater tendency for men to work in hazardous occupations.

So far as it depends on the individual, men must take control of looking after themselves. Occupation and life-style safety matter as does good diet, exercise and mental health.

Low self-esteem and depression also affect men and boys and various factors can trigger it. There are things men can do to avoid preventable illness.

• Choose a GP and have at least one general physical medical check-up annually.
• Don’t ignore negative feelings about your self worth or suffer on with depression.
• Seek help from your doctor early about significant health problems.
• Investigate ‘Men’s Health’ services and websites about male-specific illness and concerns.
Men’s health matters - take the time to address it!
Global website:

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NATIONAL FAMILY HARMONY DAY - 12/11/2010, Bangalore

This is to bring to the notice of all about the Celebration of  NATIONAL FAMILY HARMONY DAY on 12th November, 2010, like it was held last year.
This time in Bangalore "Law Minister for State Mr. Suresh Kumar" has consented to attend and witness the Programme along with 
Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City, Mr. Shankara Bidari
Member of Legislative Counsel, Mrs. S.R. Leela
Member of Legislative Assembly, Mr. Ravisubramanya
President of Women Devlopment Corporation, Mrs. Sarojini Bharadwaj
Wife of Member of Parliament Ananthkumar, Mrs. Tejaswini Ananthkumar
Renowned Psychiatrist and Scientist from NIMHANS, Bangalore, Dr. C R Chandrashekar
Folk Arts fame, from Folk Culture University, Mr.Janapada Ramanna.
There will be a  Competitional debate convention on the subject "WOMEN CANNOT WORK?... WOMEN HAS TO BE MAINTAINED BY A MAN ALWAYS?"
Around 300 women are expected to participate in the programme.

18 NGOs are supporting and taking Active participation in the Organization and Press confrence to be held on 09-11-2010, including, Akhil Bharath Hindu Maha-sabha, a political Party State Unit, and local BJP unit.
Please feel free to contact 9743183369 for further details.
with regards
R. Shivashankara
President : SAMSEVA

SIF: Awareness through music- a pioneering effort

An inspirational song for those who love India... Save India (Save Family) ... The Song-

This song is the result of the creative effort by Mr.Prakash Thakre, of SIF Nagpur.

Check it out and give your feedback on the above DMCB Novel fanpage and help popularising DMCB(a Hindi Novel by Ashesh, a SIF Jaipur member, the literary/arts wave has begun people, now let it take over the country and do the magic for us... lets conquer mindspaces through fine art!!!).

On behalf of Prakash, let me inform all of you that, if anyone wants to use this song for any kind of awareness purpose, they are free to do so, if you want to communicate with Prakash on any issue: prakashthakre (at) rediffmail (dot) com or call on- 8149794787(Nagpur)