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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jail Bharo Agitation by SIF-Mumbai:in News

Times of India News <- Click here for the original article(quoted below too)

Women-centric laws protested
Members of the Indian Family Foundation conducted a peaceful ‘jail bharo’ dharna on Tuesday at Goregaon (W) to protest against the misuse of 498 A and the Domestic Violence Act, which the organisers termed as ‘wifecentric laws’. The event was supported by former Mr India, Aryan Vaid. Several women were also part of the protest and alleged that under the garb of being women-centric, these laws were being used to harass mothers-in-law and sistersin-law. The protesters were taken to a police station and later let off. The protesters said they want the government to set up a ‘Ministry for men’s welfare’. 

Article in Afternoon:

The memorandum submitted through Mumbai Police addressed to PM, President, CM of Mahasrashtra, etal.

A detailed post about this Jail Bharo event is here

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jail Bharo Agitation by SIF-Mumbai: Darr ke aage Jeet Hai

On July 6th 2010, Indian Family Foundation and Mashaal (Mumbai based NGOs in the Save Indian Family network) conducted a pioneering Jail Bharo andolan(Flood the Jail Agitation). Pictures here . 

This was preceeded by Mr.Ravindra Gangurde's indefnite Dharna against gender biased and anti-family laws which commenced on Febrary 22, 2010 and continued till date, after he took the dharna for 1 week to Jantar Mantar , Delhi.

In Hyderabad All India Men's Welfare Association and All India Forgotten Women's Association conducted a protest in front of police station and submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner of Police. Pictures here , Press Release , Press Release in Support to Mumbai Jail Bharo andolan & Flyers and Placards.    

In Bangalore National Family Harmony Society (NFHS) submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner of Police and issued a Press release.

Participating in this Jail Bharo agitation at Mumbai, Actor Aryan Vaid showed solidarity with SIF's cause and gave an empathetic speech. In the times to come more opinion leaders will shun their fear and false-ego and join this just cause for sure.


Lets show Aaryan some solidarity right back, follow him on , do inform him that you are from SIF, you can just reply to one of his tweets. He is on Facebook too, but can't send friend request("too many friend requests for this user" says FB) and hence can't comment on his wall too. But we can send him messages: . His email is : aryanvaid0000 (at) yahoo (dot) com , send him appreciation for doing the right thing - Saving Family ... Saving Nation.

Next time all SIF local groups should do this in sync, its bound to make a huge impact.Iam sure SIF- Mumbai will soon come out with the detailed procedures and to-do list for others to emulate.

I couldn't help but borrow 'Mountain Dew's' Ad punchline "Darr ke aage Jeet Hai"  - yes its always victory behind your own fears, so lets conquer the fear, lets embrace fear and dissolve it, lets use fear to make people sit up and think and then act.

There's always a decision of 
Fight or Flight which one has to make, and you win only if u decide to dig your feet deep and fight to finish, so what do you want to do... do I hear FIGHT?

As this Mountain Dew ad says "Bidega toh Jeetega" ... "If you fight, u win".... life is that simple when you think of it!. 

So now there are two choices for all of us.... r u ready to fight .... or do you want to DIG YOUR FEET DEEP AND FIGHT TO FINISH

News in Times of India : Women-centric laws protested
News in "Afternoon" news paper and the Memorandum submitted through Mumbai police to PM, President, CM of Maharashtra, et al: "End the draconian Section 498(a) and Memo via Police"