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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shoaib feeds the 498a industry by contributing 15 crores

15 crores to buy peace for Shoaib-Sania....

Refer Mid-Day report "Ayesha's big problem" , Times of India report "A 15 crore deal for Ayesha Siddiqui" Mumbai Mirror report "Shoaib-Ayesha settle at 15 crores!" and Yahoo news report "Ayesha-Shoaib divorce ,worth 15 crore?"

Mid-Day: "Although mediators, who struck the compromise between Shoaib and Ayesha, have said the amount of nufqah is Rs 15,000 in public, sources revealed that the deal was struck only when Shoaib agreed to pay up an, as yet unknown, amount that is believed to be not less than Rs 15 crore."

15 crores... I guessed so too, no body withdraws a 498a so easily, but 15 crores can get u peace like this.

Even if Ayesha only wanted a divorce and thats why she filed IPC 498a, its sheer legal terrorism, when she was never subjected to cruelty which would lead to loss of life or limb(definition of 498a) by her own admission, and hence she had no right to concoct IPC 498a on Shoaib(irrespective of whether marriage happened or not).

When unscrupulous women like this misuse women protection laws, our police behave like pimps and facilitate it without a question, not because they are helpless, but because they too get a good cut(thumb rule is 5-10%, so the police must be partying over their booty of around 1 crore now!).

Both side lawyers too get similar cut... thats why Shoaib and Sania must have got discouraged to keep fighting for what they believed in, when your own lawyer schemes against you, you wont see it coming!. In fact filing 498a is like ordering 

"Idli, Sambhar and Chicken 498a" 

in a hotel near you! (no fear of punishment/risk, high returns. zero investment!!!)

IPC 498a is a booming industry, see this article: 498A India Ltd: A look into the economics of IPC 498A . Do read this article to know about the 3000 crore "industry" this IPC 498a has spawned(3000 crore only considers the Bail security amount, but if advocates bail fees(in India 30-40% of all bail cases are of 498a!), maintenance to wives, alimony and out of the court settlement amounts(like the 15 crores in Shoaibs case) are added to the tally this industry will be more than 20,000 crores easily.

Excerpt: 498A India Ltd., A Govt of India Undertaking Just like India has many shady unorganized sectors like Gambling, Hawala and other clandestine operations, this is a sector which has witnessed the most growth. 498A and its related operations are hence forth referred to as “498A India Ltd.” just to honor this law which has forced revenue generation from the Indian populace. 498A Indian Ltd. today is a Rs. 3000 Crore a year company.If the Govt of India would list “498A India Ltd.” in any of the stock exchanges today this is how the company report would look like. It would most certainly be listed as a “Navratna Company”.

There was news that Ayesha earlier told the media that Shoaib is trying to settle the case by offering her 1 million dollars, which is 4.45 crores. Obviously her price was 15 crores and she got it!.

See NDTV report "Money a stumbling block in Sania-Shoaib marriage?"

 Excerpt:"Can the Rs 4 crore compensate for the agony suffered by the girl?" asked Shams Babar, a relative of the Siddiquis. "Given the wealth Shoaib has amassed, the amount is a pittance. We won't allow him to get away so easily."

So here's plain economics for you: 4.45 crores(the earlier offer of 1 million dollar) was too less a ransom given the wealth Shoaib has amassed!, a couple of days after that they struck a deal at 15 crores!(around 3 million USD) though..

IPC 498a the biggest familial extortion tool in India delivers the goods yet again through legal terrorism!

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"Indian Husband or Husband of an Indian: Both Suffer"

PS: Issues like this are termed as legal terrorism by even the Supreme Court of India, there are not only affecting men but entire families, which includes women(around 28 percent of the total arrested in IPC 498a is women themselves, that too without any investigation or evidence!), minor children and senior citizens. For example during 2004-2008 1,60,000 women where arrested under IPC 498a without any logic, investigation or evidence(source National Crime Records Bureau)

If you want to research more(1000s) read real life case histories of such victimised families ,  and also read WHO, US and Canadian Government warnings to their citizens against the misuse of these so-called women-protection laws here(which implicate/arrest more women than other IPC crimes. Average percentage of women arrested in other IPC crimes is around 6%, whereas in 498a it is around 28%… the inference would be either that in India there are 4 times more criminal women inside our families!, or the inference rightly would be that 498a is a weapon widely misused by legal terrorists which includes unscrupulous women-wives). Press Release by SIF for scrapping 498a


Swarup said...

Great women, without Showing her face, misuse 498a and do extrotion 15crs & Divorce?Mid day News.
Although mediators, who struck the compromise between Shoaib and Ayesha, have said the amount of nufqah is Rs 15,000 in public, sources revealed that the deal was struck only when Shoaib agreed to pay up an, as yet unknown, amount that is believed to be not less than Rs 15 crore.

LunarDruid said...

The situation is pathetic to state the least. If this can happen in such a high profile case, what about normal individuals. Imagine the mental trauma they must go through.

CruiserDeep said...

Now Sania knows how to initiate and execute a 498a gainfully......... will she use this know-how she got from Ayesha!?

Jinesh Zaveri said...

Excellent analysis and wonderful insight to the areas that are not considered while dealing with the misuse problem. no doubt 41 a crpc was opposed by the legal pimps.

Subu said...

Males are the biggest victims of desire for sex ...including normal marital sex and / or sex before marriage .

To add to this Sohaib and a 1000s of others have added to the morass by paying huge ransoms to women who file false cases and harass them

More rape cases (recent ones) at