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Friday, November 19, 2010

Man's Voice Launched: Counseling helpline for Men in distress

"Man's Voice" is a helpline for men in distress for counseling from an emotional point of view. Man's Voice has been launched today, on International Men's Day, 19th November, 2010.

Many a times after undergoing trauma one gets so depressed and demotivated that the person does not even have the will to fight and solve impending problems, its from this perspective that "Man's Voice" would offer a helping hand to Men in distress.

Once mind is clear and soul picks itself up, the sky is the limit for anyone's potential,  and this exactly is Man's Voice's endeavour; to liberate people from "dis"stress and facilitating the use of inherent and infinite potential  in them.

Pls join Man's Voice' fanpage in Facebook ( or refer the GURU's section for Man's voice to know the details of this new counseling helpline for Men.

Do spread the good word among your contacts and social circles.
Man's Voice is a helpline for men
(For help/counselling and enquiries: Please send an email to

Why Man's Voice? 
Men in general are conditioned or socialised such that they are unable to share their sorrows with another in their family or in their social circuit. If they cry, they are considered to be weak in most societies including the Indian community. Hence, they tend to withold, suppress or repress their feelings even when faced with traumatic situations, break-ups, victimisation due to lop-sided laws concerning their families, which can result in depression. This depression can result in problems in the family and at workplace.

A team of professional counsellors will provide guidance to men, who need a listening ear and direct them to the proper channels if and when needed.

How do I contact a Man's Voice Counsellor?
You can contact them through smses/calls to their mobile phones or through emails(Helpline email:

The first two sessions will be free. The fees for the follow up sessions will depend on the counsellor. The callers are free to continue with the counsellors or find their own counsellors after the free sessions.

Read for contact details of counselors associated with "Man's Voice".


If anyone needs legal help for family or men's rights related matters, you all can refer/send them the information quoted below or mention the short weblink "" to them over phone, which will be enough to satisfy their queries in this regard

Information which can be given for callers needing legal help:

For all your family and/or men's rights/legal issues, you can contact the nearest helpline of SIF ( and attend weekly meetings, which will help you solve your issues.

Please read the following blog post to know about what you can do in your situation: (or short URL:

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Anonymous said...

Good effort. God bless you to acheive your goal of social welfare.