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Monday, July 31, 2006

Get your articles published: Times of India- Citizen reporter

If you prepare thorougly, I can't see why you can't get your articles published in print. If you just submit your articles at , it will appear intheir message board on internet( like the submission on 498a misuse: ).

If they select your article, it will be published in actual, in print. So all of you try and write crisp articles taking into account whats newsworthy and the size of the article etc.

Plus do write to President( from your emails, sample uploaded here: .

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Manasi said...

Hi there,
Your blog was quite helpful as I was curious whether the commoners can get their articles published in the newsletters. I am looking forward to have an article of mine published. I would just like to know how do I get to know if the article is accepted and when will it appear in the newspaper. Also, is it essential to stick to informative articles only?

Gokul Padoor said...

The Citizen journo route is a safer bet to get one's articles published in media, else its difficult for a commoner to get entry into those coveted columns.

Golda D'costa said...

but how do i know in which newspaper it will be published and when? kindly be a little more explicit about this please.