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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Root cause of Indian systemic-rot - Abysmal leadership quality

Original article at->   Know the root cause of all problems in India-lets facilitate quality leadership everywhere and solutions will follow

Crime or criminality is not a monopoly of any class or  gender, nor does crime have a class or gender factor. This is true for goodness or badness too.

The current problem in India is that, since judiciary , law enforcement and the the whole system consisting of the government/authorities in general are all corrupt and our quality of leadership is abysmal.

Hence the Corrupt, Rich and powerful get what they want by hook(undue favours from government schemes meant for public welfare!) or crook(protective provisions/laws intended for protecting the weak(if you search around the internet you will find that the protective provisions for SC/STs , Women have been misused widely and has been acknowledged in the official circles too, for example misuse of dowry laws are termed as "Legal Terrorism" by the Supreme Court of India itself!) and poor are misused by the corrupt, rich and powerful people)

And its a fact that unfettered/absolute power corrupts, and in India women-protection laws give that unfettered power to only the women who misuses it(with an intention to get undue power of negotiation, to wreck vengeance, etc.,.)

***So the genuine victims among men or women do not have any support from the present set of laws or provisions/schemes by the government***, since all these facilities and laws are misused with oblique motives by the corrupt, rich and powerful(irrespective of their gender!)!!!.

The solution is simple(albeit tough), all citizens(including all victimised men and women) join forces and bring a new order in society and make a system which only promotes good leaders and eventually purge the bad leaders. 

These good leaders will eventually set right the implementation of laws and schemes intended for public welfare(which are presently misused) and ensure that the support/relief goes only to the intended and deserving victims/beneficiaries, since they would be responsive to the people who elected them and be efficient and capable to undertake the massive systemic correction we would have to do, to set right and prevent the re-emergence of the systemic-rot, that we are in presently.

It is with this Idea that the Great India group was formed(Facebook group for Great India: .
Do visit and join after reading the links and posts there. Also Download the ebook - Great India..Indian Democracy: Problems and Solutions->  This would give the readers an idea of what has been thought of by the Great India group, please do join and contribute to the work-force of patriots who have already pledged their support in Great India's action plans

Together we can do whatever we intend to do, to bring about the changes we want around us.

Let us be the part of the solution, and not part of the problem(by just cribbing/complaining about what we do not like around us), lets be the change-agents ourselves, because we can do this together.... the road ahead is tough but NOT AT ALL IMPOSSIBLE to traverse, can we do it, if we are united..... do join us and contribute your efforts along with us, see you at Great India facebook group: or short url .

Monday, September 27, 2010

S Shinde's conversation with V Moily

Courtesy: Original article at "Men Seek Justice"Blog

S Shinde's conversation with V Moily

S Shinde :- Hello Veeru uncle , how are you !!

V Moily :- I am fine dear , how is your papa doing ? The power industry is doing
well, I say. They have put me the laaaaw ministry , what to do ? No Deal
money .. nothing to make in this ministry .

S Shinde :- Oh I see.. Papa is good last week only he did Rs 10,000 crore power deal just last week.

S Shinde :- What happened to the that quick divorce law Veru uncle . I am still
waiting you see. Doctor said , I have like a few more years before I reach my
designated time. Please do it faast Veru uncle ..Please !!

V Moily :- Don't worry beti , I have created the law , but you see in India
there are something even i cannot change . It has to go through a process , it
is with the parliamentary committee now . This laaaw is just tailored for you ,
I have studied your case and created the laaaw just for you, so that only you in
the country will get the divorce even if others do not get it.

S Shinde :- Oh that's great Moily uncle , so by when do you think I can get my

V Moily :- I will try my level besht to enshoore that you get diiivorce by end
of December . Because Jan in good lagna for the stars and you can get marraied
by January.

S Shinde
:- But people might oppose to the law uncle .Then what will you do ? You
might have to take their suggestions .

V Moily
:- When have I taken from the people ? I always give . I Give praamise
after praamise . See finally I got Rs 5000 core allocated for the reforms . Now
I can fin ally get some money for my retirement from here . Otherwise you see it
is very difficult to make any money in the laaaw ministry , I say . Let the
people say whatever thy waant we will do what what we waant to do .After all
Government's work is God's work , and has god ever listed to people . God does
whatever he likes to do .People can pray , but it is up to god to listen.

S Shinde
:- Ok Veeru uncle , I need to leave now . I need to shop for Saaries
and Jewels for my marraige .

V Moily :- VOOOK Beti , We will taaalk later , give my best to daddy.
PS: And hence the sham called "Irretrievable Break Down of Marriage" a proposed/pushed/manufactured new, 'sham' ground for divorce, tailor-made for Ms.S Shinde was unleashed on the unsuspectingly rejoicing Indian public!!!. Their majority voice sounded like "Finally no delay in cases fit for Mutual consented divorce".... but the unheard private mind-voices of V Moily and Ms.S Shinde sounded something like "Yeah Right!!! .... you ignoramuses don't know how to 'Bend it like Shinde' "

Friday, September 24, 2010

Promotion: New Hindi novel "DMCB".... story of a man accused of murdering his wife

We have a new Hindi novel and author for our cause, "Dhara me chippa bhanwar - Whirlpool hidden in the stream"(DMCB) by Mr.Ashesh Sharma of Jaipur. To see reviews, summary and other details of this novel, please join the facebook fan-page ofDMCB: already have about 800 pans for DMCB's facebook page, so join in and promote it in your networks too). 

This novel is about a man accused of murdering his wife, and how he finally gets a deserving audience to tell his side... and how he amazes and finally conquers the minds of even his so-called adversaries, including the entire law enforcing/judicial system which were at cross with him and was gunning for his blood, right from the word go!!!)

If anyone wants to order a copy of DMCB, please write to (at) ymail (dot) com) , the author directly

This book is yet to be officially launched but we already have a big pre-publication order backlog, due to the novelty in story line "Man's journey to explain his side, while state-sponsored oppression tries to pin him down for the alleged crime of murdering his wife". 

English translation of this novel is in the pipe-line too, so is the plans of making a full-length feature film.

Please do forward this email to all your concerned contacts, for awareness and success of this novel, which is among the first such literary efforts from a SIF group member. 

It may be of interest to note that social conditioning/public opinion and thence introduction of all those women-protection  laws(which we are fighting against currently) where a result of many such literary works(a literary wave during 1970's and 80's, as explained in Vijay Dwivedi's ( PIL(2007) draft) which spread a wrong notion that India as a country is a "wife-killing, wife-beating" society and hence strict laws(read draconic) are needed to curb this trend... now we need to reverse this trend, by encouraging more and more writers, more and more films which spread the truth, and right message, like DMCB is trying to do. 

Another novel in this direction is "Kavalu - the deviation", a Novel in Kannada(, please do promote this facebook page too.

**************** Important*****************
We also would like friends to come forward and stock and distribute copies of this Novel, so that they can distribute it locally to all interested readers, do come forward and mail me( | gokul (at) or Ashesh( | ashesh.sharma (at) ymail (dot) com) directly, if you are interested in stocking and distributing DMCB in any quantity, any where in India or abroad(terms of payment, etc,., can be discussed as we proceed, our main objective is awareness, not profit(this will be the start of our 'literary wave'))

Please forward this message to all your concerned contacts through email, orkut, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.
**************** Important*****************

We are also in the initial phase of making DMCB into a film, so we are now promoting DMCB novel's fanpage in facebook very aggressively.

As a part of the promotions we request all associated websites and blogs to carry the banner/badge of DMCB's facebook fanpage.  All social networking sites like facebook walls, orkut profiles, twitter, myspace, blogspot, wordpress, etc.,. could also carry this badge

Iam pasting the code of this "badge" so that all webmasters can include  this in their website appropriately

***********Code for the Badge of DMCB's facebook fanpage************
Dhara Me Chhipa Bhanwar

Promote Your Page Too

***********End of the Code- for the Badge of DMCB's facebook fanpage************

Please  do the needful

The cruelty of women who use children as weapons in divorce - Daily Mail, UK

The cruelty of women who use children as weapons in divorce

Distraught: Many divorced fathers describe the loss of their children as 'an emotional amputation' or 'a living bereavement'
Distraught: Many divorced fathers describe the loss of their children as 'an emotional amputation' or 'a living bereavement'
About ten years ago, I was standing in my son's junior school classroom. The teacher had stuck up on the wall the best essays on the topic: 'How I Spent Last Weekend.' One caught my attention. 

Not for this little boy a visit to the zoo or the excitement of a football game. Instead, he had chronicled a weekend's battle between his divorcing parents.

'Mum calls dad names on the phone,' he had written in his laborious handwriting. 'We had cake for tea. My sister and I cry.' The teacher caught my eye. She had put up that story on purpose. 
'I want the parents to see what divorce they are doing to their children. They should be ashamed of themselves,' she said. 
My son recently bumped into that little boy. A decade on, he is 18, has dropped out of school and is on drugs. 
Sir Nicholas Wall, the President of the Family Division of the High Court, agrees that something has to be done. He has accused separating couples, especially those from the middle classes, of using their children as 'both the battlefield and the ammunition' to try to score points in their personal disputes. 
'There is nothing worse, for most children, than for their parents to denigrate each other,' said the country's most senior family court judge. 'The child's sense of self-worth can be irredeemably damaged.' 
Six years ago, my husband and I divorced. It came as a great shock. But we were all too aware our children were just becoming adolescents - and that adolescence is perilous enough without warring parents. 
We tried, not always successfully on my part, never to criticise each other in front of the children. Very occasionally, I even managed to emphasise his good points (of which there are many) - it was quite hard when at the time all I wanted to do was murder him. 
A female friend was shocked. 'Why aren't you using the children against him?' she asked. 'I would.' 

Her reaction is not unusual. The battlefields Sir Nicholas Wall describes are too often of the wife's choosing. This is because most divorces are initiated by women due to their husband's infidelity, as the fatherhood research body Fathers Direct points out.

These women are hurt and they want to get their own back through the children, money or both. They are determined the husband is as much divorced from his children as his wife. 
One wealthy man I know finds himself, despite his riches, at the beck and call of his former wife. 
'How can my wife hurt me? How could she bring me to my knees?' he asks. 'Through my children.' 
The strategy is very successful. This otherwise powerful man submits to every capricious demand.
'With just two hours' notice, I had to cancel an important meeting and take them to the dentist,' he said. If he refused, his wife said, he would not see them for a month. 
An advertising director found himself equally powerless when his wife suddenly moved from London to the Midlands with their two sons. 
'How can my wife hurt me? How could she bring me to my knees?' he asks. 'Through my children.'
'She did not tell me. One day she just stopped answering the phone. Until then I had been seeing my sons every weekend,' he says. 
By the time the case reached court, the sons were settled in a new school. The judge admitted that what the woman had done was illegal, but because it was in the best interests of the children to be with their mother, he did nothing. 
'She had got away with effectively kidnapping my children,' said the father. His relationship with his sons has all but broken down. Their new home is too far for them to come to London. When he goes to see them, he has to stay in a hotel.
'The children get bored in an hour or two,' he says. 'They have their friends and their sports, which they would rather do instead.' 
He tells me he finds the situation 'so goddamn painful. I try to play the role of a father - but how can I when I have been deliberately moved to the periphery of their lives?' 
The situation leaves many men I have interviewed distraught. They describe the loss of their children as 'an emotional amputation' or 'a living bereavement'. 
It is no wonder that within two years of divorce, half of fathers lose contact with their children.
Irredeemably damaged: Children are often forgotten victims in divorce, but there can be dire consequences should their parents split up
Irredeemably damaged: Children are often forgotten victims in divorce, but there can be dire consequences should their parents split up
As one man said sadly, divorce 'leaves many fathers on the edge of a bloody great abyss. Many fall off and are never seen again'.
Douglas Alexiou, one of London's pre-eminent family lawyers, agrees that the wife holds all the cards in a divorce case. 
'Court order after court order is served. The wife claims the children are ill or just do not want to see their father,' he says.
'There is very little a court can do if a mother has poisoned the minds of her children against the father. There is no sanction against the mother apart from a jail term - and no court will do that. 
'Perhaps one day a judge will be bold enough to jail a mother and finally set an example.'  
In all this there is only one real victim - the children. If one of those wives was handed an axe and ordered to hack off a limb of her child, she would be appalled. Yet so many women are happy, even gleeful, to commit the equivalent emotional amputation on their children by depriving them of their father. 
U.S. author Kathleen Parker in her excellent book Save The Males points out that in depriving a child of their father, 'we reduce a child's chance of a successful and happy life. 
'Growing up without a father is the most reliable indicator of poverty and all the familiar social pathologies affecting children, including drug abuse, truancy, delinquency and sexual promiscuity.'
But this misery is not only the fault of the parents. The family court system is adversarial and encourages couples to fight, says Nadine O'Connor, campaign manager at the lobby group Fathers4Justice. 
And change, she says, will be a long time in coming - until lawyers stop making their own killing from warring parents, children will continue to be used as weapons.

More...  Judge attacks 'ogre' parents for damaging children in divorce wars

Read more:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Litigant Bench: Resolutions & Proposals

We need to reach out to as many litigants(suffering form judicial apathy and delay) as possible, there are at least 8 crore of such people(who are potential members of NLB - "National Litigant Bench" the vote bank/pressure lobby for judicial reforms).

I request you to circulate this Press release to all your contacts in media and others who think would help us in achieving maximum reach and awareness for NLB). Click here for a flyer on "Litigant Awareness Campaign" and NLB's press release when it was launched on 15th of August, 2010 , please send these literature to all concerned contacts.

Please forward this by mail/blog/post in facebook/orkut or any other social networking site you are on. Do call important media contacts and explain this initiative for better effect.


             All friends in media and concerned citizens,

Press Release- National Litigant Bench: For Judicial reforms and accountability(against Judicial delay and apathy)

Please report the resolutions and proposals of NLB( in the media you involved with, do forward this to anyone who you feel would help this cause and get more reach and awareness.

470, 19th Main, 36th Cross, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560041
Date: 11.09.2010

National Litigant Bench (NLB), is a novel initiative promoted by concerned and knowledgeable youth to represent the cause of hapless litigants who approach Judiciary to mitigate their problems as last resort, but are drawn into the system unwittingly. Activists from across the country deliberated on the core issues concerning about more than 5 crore litigants who loiter around the corridors of Courts wasting precious time and energy, some at the peak of their productive age.

NLB’s mission is to:
·         Create Awareness and Awakening of the General Litigant on the problems faced at Court room
·         Transparent Judicial Appointments on merit and moral values
·         Redefine the input source to Judiciary like Indian Judicial System (IJS) similar to IAS,IPS etc.
·         Bring about Litigant friendly procedures and process resulting in self service
·         Address Imperialist attitude of intimidation by the Bar & Bench on all Litigants especially economical weaker section.
The objective of this conference is to identify the Judicial reforms from a Litigant’s perspective to create awareness about Litigant’s choices and options and expose the challenges/pitfalls in the system. Deliberation of this Conference is on National Judicial Commission to include:
·         Appointment of Judges through Indian Judicial Services
·         Litigant grievances/ compliant on Judges ( from the current impeachment)
·         Redefine the procedure code
·         Reforms in the legal education
·         Research on interpretation of law
·         Deployment of Technology to enable ‘Information on Demand’ to stakeholders.
Resolution passed and demand sought from the Government on Judicial Reforms

1.       NLB to constitute five regional bench’s in North, South, East, West & Central.
2.       To establish National judicial Commission in line with Election Commission for regulating Judicial  dispensation, appointment, Infrastructure, Procedure, disciplinary . Proceedings in the country
a.       Emulate code of conduct, ethics and professional standards for legal profession
b.      Redefine litigant friendly forms and procedure for Criminal ; Civil & Tax Code
c.       Judges Accountability – Litigant Grievance Redressal.
3.       Establish Indian Judicial Services inline with IAS,IFS, IPS etc to improve the quality of judicial dispensation.
4.       Demand entry age at 26 and retirement exit at 55 years and permit the judges to practice so as to attract youth who are connected with the society.
5.       Make budgetary allocation of min of 2% of both central and state budget to and enhance adq. Infra and improve work condition of Judiciary.
6.       Implement Grama Nayalaya Act a brainchild of “NAC – National Advisory Council”. 
7.       Redefine litigant friendly forms and procedure for Crimal & Civil & Tax Coded
8.       Stop Tribunalization of Judiciary which ensures govt. cases are conducted in fast track to collect taxes and common man is discriminated.  
9.       Stop  Appointment of retired Judges to Commission and other agencies. 
10.   Implement technology to enable transparency and information –on-demand.
11.   Amend Bar Council of India Act to improve the professional ethics and conduct & lawyer appearing at police station.
12.   Amend laws to make to encourage ‘Party-in-person’ to represent/plead their cases. 
13.   Implement Perjury & Contempt of Court to resist misuse of law by courts.
14.   Implement of ‘Limitation Act’ in true letter and sprits.
15.   Implement ‘Basic Law’ in School Education.
16.   Conduct sensitization program for Judges towards litigants needs and to be receptive and sensitive to the litigants.
17.   Stop  Judiciary’s control over Alternate Dispute Resolution Forums.
18.   Stop  Misuse of provisions by Judiciary in matters relating to
a.       Maintainability
b.      Adjournments
c.       Check bounce case;
d.      Dalit atrocities cases;
e.      Insurance Claims Fraud (MCOP);
f.        IPC 506 (ii);
g.       Matrimonial disputes
h.      Bail proceedings converted into Recovery proceedings. 
We request the media to give adequate publicity and to create awareness to the general public on the current status of the Judiciary.

Representative from following Chapter including Delhi, Punjab & Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Singapore and Europe were presented for the Conference.

Copy of this Resolution is sent to concerned law minister of state and Union Law Minister. 

Best Regards

(Manoj David)
Co- Architect
Phone: Manoj David ( 098403-24551); Ajay Pandey ( 096204-39797 )
PRO Contact: Gokul ( 096334-09355)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Seminar by PVV, Kerala on RTI and Life Skills(to cope with stress and a better life)

Purusha Vimochana Vedi: Seminar to discus various threats faced by the families in India and to empower common man with tools like RTI and Life Skills.

 “How to cope with stress” , a seminar conducted by Purusha Vimochana Vedi(PVV) on September 11 th, Saturday, at Mayurapark Hotel, Kacherippady, Ernakulum.

10.00 A.M - 11th September . Topic : RTI(Right To Information)

Advocate D.B.Binu, General Secretary RTI Kerala federation 

02.00 P.M - 11th September . Topic : Life Skills

Dr. Venugopal Reddy, M.D, MRCP., Life Skills expert, USA will be taking classes on these subjects.

We humbly request your presence in this event. 

Friday, September 03, 2010

National Litigant Bench(NLB) launch: Press release, August 15, 2010

Press Release
Sub: AlMWA attending 3rd National Conference of Family Rights Organizations
in Yercaud & Launching NATIONAL LITIGANT BENCH (NLB) on 15 Aug 2010.

All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) is an organization whose main objectives are:
  • To connect with men and boys across India and understand their needs and concerns.
  • To address issues concerning men and boys, with the specific objective of providing them protection against gender discrimination, domestic violence, emotional castration, negative stereotyping, sexual harassment, legal terrorism and every other form of abuse.
  • To build a powerful broad based lobby for the welfare of men and boys.
Since its inception on 11 October 2009, AIMWA has been working towards providing protection for men and boys against gender discrimination, domestic violence, sexual harassment and other forms of abuse. The organization has also been working on related issues like physical and mental health of men, and the need for social changes, policy reforms and legal solutions to men’s problems.
Members of AIMWA are attending the 3rd National Conference of Family Rights Organizations in Yercaud to present our research and analysis on issues related to men within and outside the family, to discuss our ongoing work, and to point out future directions for NGOs working in the areas of men’s health and welfare.
On the occasion of Independence Day 2010, members of AIMWA are launching the NATIONAL LITIGANT BENCH – a self-help group comprising citizens fighting for freedom from delays, corruption, maladministration, injustice and lack of accountability in the Indian judicial system.
Although India attained freedom from British rule in 1947, the Indian judicial system wreaks of imperialism, corruption and anti-citizen attitudes of the British times, due to which a common man considers entering an Indian court as the worst misfortune of his life.
While the worst sufferers of the Indian judicial system are men, judicial delays, corruption and maladministration have also taken a big toll on women, children and families.
During its many encounters with litigants all over the country, AIMWA found that citizens of India have lost faith in our dysfunctional judicial system as it encourages hardened criminals to commit crime in broad daylight, penalizes law-abiding citizens, and turns ordinary men into criminals.
The National Litigant Bench (NLB) is the first forum of its kind calling for litigants across the country to come together and collectively fight for freedom from judicial delays, corruption, maladministration, injustice and lack of accountability.
On the occasion of Independence Day 2010, we are launching three All India Helplines: 9704683163, 9840324551 and 9620439797. We will introduce more helplines and local chapters in the near future.
We invite all citizens who share our vision of a corruption-free, people friendly, accountable, speedy justice system to join us in our efforts.

         ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’