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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

SIF: Awareness through music- a pioneering effort

An inspirational song for those who love India... Save India (Save Family) ... The Song-

This song is the result of the creative effort by Mr.Prakash Thakre, of SIF Nagpur.

Check it out and give your feedback on the above DMCB Novel fanpage and help popularising DMCB(a Hindi Novel by Ashesh, a SIF Jaipur member, the literary/arts wave has begun people, now let it take over the country and do the magic for us... lets conquer mindspaces through fine art!!!).

On behalf of Prakash, let me inform all of you that, if anyone wants to use this song for any kind of awareness purpose, they are free to do so, if you want to communicate with Prakash on any issue: prakashthakre (at) rediffmail (dot) com or call on- 8149794787(Nagpur)

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