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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mumbai Protest on 5th April, Press Meet on 2nd April

Please plan and spare your time for these upcoming events in Mumbai.

The Press conference is going to be on 2nd April(Wednesday), post lunch, at Marathi Pathrakar Sangh(next to Press Club), VT

The Dharna is going to be at 'Fountain'(Horniman Circle), which is infront of High Court, on 5th April(Saturday), Post Lunch.

We are planning to bring in more women to the fore, since thats whats lacking in our movement now, just like what I heard of the Hyderabad Press Meet. The timings will be announced as we get the permissions and confirmations.

The topic for both the events will be "Ineffective, Draconian and Misuse-Prone laws concerning Indian families". Where we want to stress the point that these laws are not in favour of 'Anyone', Any gender who is on the side of 'Justice' and truth(the Ineffective part).

We want to bring the majority to our side, by convincing the truth that these laws are nothing but an evil tool for furthering interests of some lobbies, and never for the aid of Genuine Victims of any type!(the Draconian and Misuse-Prone parts).

SIF Presentation at the 15th Annual Conference of Psychologists, Mumbai
We successfully presented our views on the "Ineffective and Misuse-prone laws concerning family"(though the offical title was 'Women and Wellbeing') to an almost all-woman audience. Ms.Meena Mutha, Head of Manav Foundation(dealing with mentally handicapped people), a Psychologist and SIF member presented this on 5th March 2008.

The Venue itself was the all Woman SNDT University, the attending Psychologists were all ladies expect 2-3 'eclipsed' males, along with the students(Dept of Psychology) of SNDT(total strength of around 40 people).

We had around 30 minutes in which Ms.Meena Presented the 16 Slides, and we(Jinesh and me) fielded the usual resistance-full questions. AT the end I think it sunk in, though time was short, it definitely left an impression on the audience.

They knew, by the end, that the Genuine use is not 'happening' and the shield is being used as a 'Weapon' and that the 'Watchdog' has turned the 'Bloodhound' .

We are almost sure that these student atleast will take up further research on this topic which we lit 'fire' upon, if thats done our efforts will pay-off in multiples. If the practising Psychologists keeps the message with them we can hope to have some 'word of the mouth' and hopefully some research, let small drops make oceans, what else can we hope for.

The presentation was required to be on the Theme 'Women and Wellness', to be presented with respect to four aspects as below:

a)a) Relevance of the institution of marriage in today's times.

b) Women Entrepreneur

c) Women and mental and Physical Health with social Reference to violence and Abuse.

d) Women and Law.

View the presentation at: