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Monday, August 16, 2010

Neo-Imperialistic powers: Neo-ways to Divide & Rule

Issues like this(bias of law against (or for) a particular gender) are not about/based on natural animosity between male and female genders, nor do they help the supposedly protected gender(women in all the cases!).

Its an attempt by neo-imperialists to eye-wash the public using their natural soft-corners for a gender, the real intention is to use such mind games to get undeserving/un-natural power, to sustain the empire built in such way and to harness the power for more money, and hence more power and more resources to grow this empire built on self-centered and parasitic tactics, deceptions, mass mis-propaganda, hate-mongering and ruthless cannibalism.

Gender biased laws(and other such gender biased provisions) are made by vested interests to get the benefits they want(not to the intended women), by instigating an artificial/un-natural/cultivated animosity between the genders. Whereas if one tries to see all this from a higher perspective, it becomes very clear that these vested interests are employing a divide and rule policy and capture power through economic terrorism, using the two genders.

"Ardhanaareeshwara" is the truth and constitution(the body-mind complex) in everyone one us. This means every man is a mix of male and female characteristics. And that male and female genders are built to compliment each other, though built, seemingly, with a lot of conflicts and in-congruity compared to one another's constitution. 

The relevance of the "Ardhanareeshwara" concept in the present day society and how it played a critical role in making Indian families, and hence our culture itself, so robust and progressive, even so many centuries before, is outlined in this blog post by Mrs.Uma Challa.

If a living being is ever tried to be built with all male and female characteristics put together, such group of living beings will perish due to monotony, if not anything else!. 

No wonder evolution did not make all of us exact replicas of each other, in terms of constitution(hormones, anatomy, brain constitution, responses to stimuli, etc.)

All kind of Gender Biased provisions are with evil intents/agenda on the part of vested interests(a powerful super minority) who wants to plunder the vast majority of others, using, age-old but, highly effective principles like deception and divide & rule.

Say no to all gender biased provisions, save life and society as we know it. Say .... 
We demand Gender-neutral Laws

Cowardice asks...."Is it safe?", Expedience asks "Is it politic?", Vanity asks...."Is it popular?"... There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dare to admit that you like this idea?, ready to express your true feelings?....  Join this facebook group and declare your opinion ... that "We demand Gender-neutral Laws"

Some gender-specific traits as examples, 1) male: brute force, testosterone induced fights against great odds- courage in face of big odds(even if the brain says that the challenge is much above his ability to conquer. Eg. Fighting with a Lion with only a stick, to protect his family), ability to control others by projected fear - intimidation (alpha male lions, once they vanquish the old leader keep the rest of the pack under control just by intimidation tactics), 2) female: Patience, Love, maintaining the household, etc.

 Characteristics of the masculine gender are: abstract thinking, activeness, ambition, conditional love, constancy, contemplation, courage, creativity, daring, dependability, discipline, force, independence, individuality, knowledge, leadership, originality, pioneering spirit, positivity, progressiveness, spirituality, stability, and will-power.

Characteristics of the feminine gender are: accommodation, adaptability, caring, companionship, consideration, cooperation, diplomacy, friendliness, gentility, giving, harmony, industriousness, informative, materialism, nurturing, receptivity, responsiveness, rhythm, visual thinking, and unconditional love.

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