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Monday, May 27, 2013

Save Family Foundation Commando Training Sessions: News That Mattered - Effort of 30+ National Comman...

Save Family Foundation Commando Training Sessions: News That Mattered - Effort of 30+ National Comman...: FOR THOSE WHO ASK "NO NEWS ABOUT MEN?" It was starting of 2013 and I had been using a smartphone application for talking to my...

Voice your opinion against the proposed, biased "Protection of Women's Privacy & Dignity bill"

Voice your opinion against the proposed, partisan "Protection of Women's Privacy & Dignity bill" 

PASS(Purushavakasa Samrakshana Samiti, NGO, Thrissur. - A group of our members are going to Trivandrum on 30th May, to represent our views and concerns about the proposed "2013, Kerala, Protection of Women's privacy and Decency Act"(for details refer the Bill text), infront of the Subject committee(who has called the public and interested organisations for representing their views, recording their opinions and evidences thereby).

This  Subject committee(No. XIV) is headed by CM of Kerala(refer The constitution of the committeePress Note & Questionnaire for more details. You can also refer "The Handbook on Subject Committees" to prepare yourselves fully)

Other NGOs across Kerala too are attending this meeting with the subject committee in big numbers, this is a big opportunity for us to get our voices heard by the authorities and to prevent misuse of another upcoming law against men!.

Requesting friends to join us in big numbers, so that we can show our concern and seriousness in terms of our numbers too. Contact Gokul: 9633409355 or Sreekumar: 9446326794 for confirming your participation.

Tentative plan of visit: Leave Thrissur by 29th night to reach TVM by 10AM on 30th May. Leave TVM by night on 30th May.

PS: Why we oppose this bill 1) Its not gender neutral, Men cannot take recourse of this law, if another man or woman does what is described as 'crime' in this bill 2) There is no misuse clause, as is the case with other widely misused women-protection laws.

"Peedanam"(Harassment/Violation of privacy and dignity of women, as if only women has privacy and dignity!!!) as defined in this bill is open to (mis)interpretation of the complainant, if she "feels" or "feigns" that she was violated(peedippikka pettu enna "thonnal"/ or "naatyam"!) the man is in soup.

There are no checks and balances especially when the 'crime-scene' setting is one to one, and its most probably than not one mans(woman-accuser) word against the another(the accused man). And in this law the word of a women is enough as proof(if she reports that the accused talked about her indecently/threatened to defame her, etc), which makes this law highly biased against men, as is the other women-protection laws which are being widely misused

Nowhere in this world does gender biased laws get implemented in such a large scale than in India. At least now that we know the situation and wide-spread misuse and losses due to such misuse ....why do we allow another biased law to be passed, when we know that its going to be misused!.

Law Commission report on IPC 498a

Subject: Section 498A IPC
Report No.243, AUGUST 2012

Read and ensure that favourable directions of this report is implemented, use RTI, make us of online and offline methods public awareness campaigns like Pamphlets, Articles, Press conference/ Press releases, information dissemination on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networking sites, email, websites, comments on blogs and websites, etc.,.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A (imperialistically)beautiful mind: Conquer, plunder, set fire and then lament about the sorry state of affairs!

Gist: After killing 100 rats, the cat goes for Haj!!! or "Sau chooha maarke billi haj ko chali!!! (paraphrasing a hindi saying)

Hi All,

 These are the same guys(Britishers) who cunningly found a way to demolish the bedrock of Indian supremacy... right back in 1835, Lord Macaulay remarked after travelling extensively across India that to subjugate India completely, britishers need to find ways to demolish our very backbone.... our spiritual and cultural heritage, so that they can replace our superior educational system, culture, values and family system, with English educational system and everything else english!.

And here Sir Winston Churchill is lamenting that India will turn into shambles if they leave India to its own.... after ruthlessly and consciously masterminding a planned and comprehensive anarchy and corruption in this country before hand(Lord Macaulay's above remark was made to the English parliament in 1835, see this link for the original scanned image reporting this(towards the bottom of this link) :

This is not an attempt to justify our present state of existence, this is just to put things in a better perspective... britishers were imperialistic power-mongers who lived and thrived by plundering nations after subjugating them, who employed all kind of sleight and deceit like the very successful "divide and rule" strategy to further their objectives. In the process they always left/quit the countries they used to rule upon... broken and in shambles, and preferably after creating a permanent source of disruption ... like how they masterminded the Indo-Pak division!, with a clear objective that both these countries they quit should never be able to  prosper as they can run wedges between them for a long long time even after they quit(those who have studied the clever 'wedges' they have driven into our internal structure would realise this very easily).

All Imperialists are just a bit more sophisticated than the barbarian armies of the past, who conquered, plundered and then set fire to lands they conquered, and made sure that they drove a final heart-wrenching 'wedge' into the very psyches of the conquered people, like raping the women of the conquered land, so that the men of the land feel so miserable that even after many many generations they as a society have this trauma fresh in their minds!!!. 

We are talking about the same barbarians, now in shiny coats and boots... so take all what they dish out... with a pinch of salt!... if at all u r unable to reject it outright, for what they are really worth. 

NB: Don't forget to read to get a perspective of what is the main cause of India's maladies. Then it was the british, now its the USA... very long back it was the Barbarians.... just change of clothes, character is the same!... watch out for these parasites, for good.


Warm Regards,

Gokul.P.R,, 9633409355(Kerala)
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Cowardice asks...."Is it safe?", Expedience asks "Is it politic?", Vanity asks...."Is it popular?"... There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like this movie page to spread awareness, its now or never: 
From: Sajith
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:22 AM
Subject: Winston Churchill's argument against Independence for India

Churchill predicted about India 66 years ago.. and now the kind of corrupt politicians from the Central to State to the village/city councilmen, and the Govt officers in every level through out the country,  
Churchill's prediction came 100% Right.
Winston Churchill in Parliament for India Independence. When Mr. Clement Attlee, Prime Minister of United Kingdom, in June 1947, introduced the Indian Independence Act in the British Parliament, Sir Winston Churchill, argued against:-

"Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water... would be taxed in India.  "