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Friday, February 24, 2012

A film about the abuse of Section 498A | | | The New Indian Express

More coverage on the Bangalore Press conference(23rd Feb, 2012) by Family and Mens Rights Activists: A film about the abuse of Section 498A | | | The New Indian Express

Express News Service

BANGALORE: Movies voicing the plight of women have been a part of the Indian film fraternity for decades. The small screen too has had its fair share of success with its women-centric soaps, where it mostly dealt with social stigmas that Indian women face. It took all this while for the film industry to come up with a decent topic that voices the haplessness of countless Indian men and their families.

Section 498A which is one of the most powerful and a highly abused sections of Indian Penal Code is known as a law that has caused more damage than remedy. Thousands of men and women are jailed every year without trial or investigation under this section.

Television personality Suhaib IIyasi has now come up with a movie based on this concept. ‘498A- The Wedding Gift’ was inspired from a real life incident where a Canadian NRI techie, Sayed Makhdoom, commits suicide. He was a victim of the misuse of this section and left four suicide notes. His death was recorded on his mobile phone.

The film which is directed and produced by Suhaib IIyasi, features veteran actors like Farida Jalal,Alok Nath, Sushma Sen and Reema Lagoo among others. The film is a tragi-comedy, and aims at educating the Indian crowd about the ills of the law.

“Men too have issues, and most Indians are not aware of the other side of section 498A. Other than spreading awareness about the issue, we are also requesting the government to amend it. The law is easily misused and is never in the best interest of the family,” said Kumar Jahgirdar, Director of Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

‘PM’ comes to soothe harassed husbands

‘PM’ comes to soothe harassed husbands

‘PM’ comes to soothe harassed husbands

Manmohan Singh’s lookalike Gurmeet Singh is in city to take your questions on laws which he feels heavily favour women

S Shyam Prasad

If you’ve ever nursed an ambition to be photographed with the prime minister, today’s your chance. Gurmeet Singh, who is in Bangalore to promote his debut movie The Wedding Gift, looks so much like Manmohan Singh that even Sonia Gandhi ends up being muddled.

In fact, it was an episode with Sonia that made film director Suhaib Ilyasi cast Gurmeet as the prime minister in his film. “At a public function in New Delhi, I saw Sonia Gandhi get up to welcome prime minister Manmohan Singh. To everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be Gurmeet Singh. I immediately knew I had the actor for my film. He is not only Manmohan’s lookalike, but even his voice is similar,” Ilyasi said.

Gurmeet loves the confusion that he leaves in his wake and does nothing to set it right. On the contrary, he wears Manmohan’s trademark blue turban and white kurta-pyjama in public, leaving security personnel at their wits’ end. He even flummoxed staff at the hospital where Manmohan underwent a heart surgery by walking around.

Gurmeet is an All India Congress Committee (AICC) media co-ordinator and knows the PM. “I have met the prime minister on a few occasions. He calls me by my name. I have met his family members also,” says the 67-year-old,” he said.

He was into the family’s cold storage business in Delhi until 2004 when Manmohan became the prime minister. Leaving the business to his brother, Gurmeet joined the Congress.

“I was a close friend of Ajit Jogi. It was because of him that I joined. I have worked as a campaign organiser for Manmohan Singhji. I can go on about the many funny incidents that take place because of my resemblance to him,” says Singh.

The latest confusion happened two days ago when Gurmeet went to watch India play against Italy in the Olympics Hockey qualifiers. The television commentator announced that the prime minister was watching the match and it was only later that he realised his mistake and revealed that it was Gurmeet the lookalike.


GURMEET SINGH will be answering questions about the Indian Penal Code and other laws allegedly misused by women to harass their husbands. No, he’s no activist. But, his film ‘The Wedding Gift’ is about the misuse of Section 498(A) of the IPC.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

UKHJ Official Trailer.mp4

This trailer of Ussey Kya Ho Jayega(UKHJ) is very impressive.

Iam sure that the full film too will grip the audience and leave them with a good message and impression. All the best for the upcoming movie based on "Dhara Mein CHippa Bhanwar"( novel(based on Legal Terrorism), too