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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sexual Harassment at Work Place Bill - A discussion on MM Tv

Please find below the video clips of Malayala Manorama TV channel program "Counter Point" (In Malayalam). The proposed "Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment Bill"(SHWB) on the face of it will make a lot of women happy, but it will stay that way only till these good women realise that their own Sons and male relatives and their businesses/jobs are ruined and they are brought to the roads.

Since there will not be any legitimate USE of this law(by good natured women, who are victims of genuine harassment), but at the same time there will be WIDESPREAD MISUSE BY UNSCRUPULOUS MONEY-MINDED WOMEN(and their money making business organisations), now that they have a chance to extort in crores from cash rich businesses.

This is not a mere speculation or dooms day theory, until now these unscrupulous, shame-in-the-name-of-women were extorting and taking husbands and his relatives(including senior citizens, minor children and women themselves) for a ransom(this is 20,000 crore plus extortion industry, if you may note!), but now they have a higher league to extort from - Businesses and High net worth employees of these businesses




Topic- A Debate of SHWB (Protection for Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, which has been approved by the Cabinet and currently scheduled to be presented in the parliament for passing as a law)

All India Men's Welfare Association (AIMWA - ) presents this debate, for justice to prevail for equity to be attained, to be righteous... gender biased laws cannot stay.... protest against SHWB.

For insights into the cons of SHWB, read: , by Mrs.Uma Challa, President of both All India Men's Welfare Association and All India Forgotten Women Association(

Sexual Harassment has nothing to do with one's gender, its is a result of "Power" and whoever is in power, irrespective of gender can harass others who are in a subordinate position(in terms of power)... so Sexual Harassment laws has to be gender neutral in this modern age. Its important to note that various western countries and even Pakistan has implemented this law as Gender Neutral, so what is stopping India to do the same, even after Law Commission had suggested protection for Men in its recommendations and drafts(which was unceremoniously deleted/negated by the Ministry of Women and Child development ministry(WCD)).

In short, if we leave SHWB as it is, "Legal Terrorism" will turn towards the Indian Industry and wreak havoc on India's economy directly, and this is not a coincidence... this a well thought our plan to destroy India! through the time-tested "Economic terrorism" route employed by the Neo-Imperialists. 

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