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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indian Media acknowledges the shortfalls of the Sexual Harrasment Bill

Original post here-> INSAAF: Indian Media acknowledges the shortfalls of the Sexual Harrasment Bill

Madhu Kishwar Blasts Sexual Harassment Bill on India NewsX:



With reference to the above videos, here is the issue with reference to what's wrong with Domestic Violence act(DVA act), which has a clause in the same lines "Sexual Harassment Panel is to be headed by a Woman, who is committed to the cause of Women"

At the first or even the second glance its doesn't look a bad clause, it even looks good since, as Ms.Madhu Kishwar too mentions, women will open up(about the sexual harassment she had to experience) better to a woman.

The real issue is that this Sexual harassment act will become a money making(extortion) racket as soon as it hits ground, and then the definition of "Woman who is committed to the cause of women" will be totally different, it will then mean "Woman who convicts most number of men, regardless of whether he is guilty or innocent. Here more men pressurised to pay compensation or through out-of-the-court settlement means more turnover to the new extortion industry spawned by Sexual Harassment Act.

This Sexual Harassment Bill, as soon as it becomes an Act, it will be like the multi-million industry(extortion) like in case of  the misuse of IPC 498a  or DV Act, where lawyers make money, women organisations make money through more cases/statistics and hence funds from UN and benefactors from the moist eyed/sympathetic western world(seeing false, cooked-up statistic of how many women are victimsed!) , police makes, money, unscrupulous law-misusing women/wives make money.

Making the Sexual Harassment Bill Gender Neutral, the real issue:

Thats exactly what the anti-family anti-India lobby would resist and oppose with tooth and nail.

This law is not at all aimed to protect women, just see how many harassed women get justice

One can just review the results with respect to other existing women-protection laws for assessing the reality and the clear trend of deception!, no victim gets justice, whatever be the gender!...

These laws are aimed only at making an industry of extortion around them, at the cost of wrecking the social structure and peace and hence national stability and security in India(as well as any other countries, including USA, where similar laws prevail(like the VAWA(Violence against Women Act) in USA)).

The powerful corporations which run and bleed nations are behind this, whether its a plan from scratch or not!(it need not be like the Illuminati theory goes).

The chaos and insecurity in people makes excellent ground for unplanned lives and hence expenditure in not-so-priority products and services(luxury, fad, high margin products and services).


Anonymous said...

Its amazing while cutting off the Bulls balls everyone knowing says women have too much power, but do absolutly nothing. Why you may ask, quit simply put the Feminazi Witches who sit in New Delhi and at the United Nations who fund them and their cruel activities?
Sad part is Indian Politicians play vote bank politics and stick there hands out at the expence of Men and society in general. The real loosers is India.

Anonymous said...

Sexual Harrassment Laws in the USA and Canada are a money making racket, any women can simply say her boss harrassed her and collect a nice fat pay check with in a few weeks or months time. Usally its her boss who she files a compaint about, he in return needs to save his companies and his reputation from false and misleading accusations.
Only way to stop this is to fight back, and watch all the lies come out. Depending on the company the women is working for she can play her game even better, the bigger the company the more easily she will win, since they have a reputation to keep and shareholders at stake.