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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

26th October, 2nd Anniverssary of DV- Black Day March-Mumbai

Hi All,

The Black March went on better than expected, considering that it was held on the day of Danteras festival. Many of members chose to celebrate danteras and perfrom poojas at home in connection with the same, but my only argument in favour of their attending our events(even if they had to be conducted on the same day as festivals as this) is that "Seva is the best form of prayer". If u do not help others or even help yourselves by strengthening our movement, how can we hope to achieve anything any soon?

We had 30 plus members participating displaying the banners to the oncoming traffic , distributing pamphlets and engaging the media, etc. The highlight for media was the video clips of one of our members , which showed the wife beating him for more than 1 hour etc.

Let me keep a proposal to all of you. November 19th we are going to conduct a massive Bike AND Car Rally from Fort area(from Fountain area if we get premission, or any other visible area, Family court Bandra). The detailed program will be designed and informed to all of you within this week.

Please mark this date(NOVEMBER 19TH) on your calenders right away and apply for necessary leaves or make suitable arrangements(no exuces please), since we need atleast 50 bikes and 10 cars to make an impact in the dense mumbai traffic. We are already on the job of the necessary permissions from the Commissioner of Police and family court etc. Tentatively this rally is going to commence in the afternoon session by around 2.30pm when the traffic thins and when we have a chance to get permission for the VIP roads(which are not allowed for such rallies when traffic in dense).

I need a head count by way of your replies, please do not necesitate a reminder in this regard, reply RIGHT NOW.

PS: The group has taken a firm decision that the key members and other members who counsels others who agree with this decision, will not entertain/councel members who do not give strength to group activities. This is not to put pressure on you, but with intention to activate sleeping members who think that "someone else will do it for them" this attitude has to be thrown out and NOW

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Contact Advice

This is my routine first reply for all new members who contact me with queries, the readers of this blog also could benefit by this

First and foremost, please attend the weekly counseling meetings at Mulund(or Borivli), if you are around Mumbai. We conduct these meetings on every Sunday, 4 to 7pm at Chintaman Deshmukh Garden, Mahatma Phule Road, Mulund(east), very near local train station. Please call 9322156141(PIFF Helpline)/ 9833066726 (Suhail) to confirm or if in doubt. For confirming the Borivli based meeting details call Jinesh on 9820241589/9769770498(IFF Helpline) .

Please attend the weekly meetings for counseling and support near you, find the nearest venue from the helplines of All India Men's Welfare Association (AIMWA)/Mynation/SIF (, and and attend weekly meetings, which will help you solve your issues. It is very important to attend meetings/talk to fellow victims-turned-victors, etc., since it will give peace of mind more than anything in the first meeting itself. Everyone comes to meetings feeling very unlucky/cursed since they think they are the only ones having these troubles, but when u meet others in the same boat, not only u will resolve the "why me" question in your own minds, but also get a definite and positive direction on which you can work and solve your problems

There is so much collective knowledge to be tapped, in terms of working of courts, how cases proceed, what to keep in mind when dealing with advocates, and hundreds of other aspects of how to stay peaceful and still solve your problems - these inputs u wont get on any site or book, that’s a guarantee- meetings transform the people who have the will to transform.

I would recommend that you join SIF(saveindianfamily) yahoo group: , where you can post your specific queries and can expect to get replies from the 4000 odd members in this group, who are highly passionate about fighting this kind of misuse of law and are knowledgeable than even an average advocate. The message archives of SIF yahoo group also will be helpful in getting more insight to any kind of legal situation that you may be in(you can search with Keywords related to your case).

See this for some links and resources which will help you to research solutions yourselves. Also call the helpline numbers near to you( given below) and meet the local group at their weekly meetings.

In the meanwhile go through some blog posts I had written about counter cases and using the Joginder Kumar Vs State of UP judgement for getting a fair investigation done in your case. See: , , and

With the recent Cr.PC amendment(notified/enforced in November 2010) arrests in 498a is going to be a lesser threat since as per this amendment a warrant from the court is required to arrest any accused(of crimes with less than 7 years of imprisonment). A notice of appearance would be issued by the police to the accused who should then co-operate with the investigation, so no more arbitrary arrests by police. See an RTI reply Ministry of Home Affairs confirming that this Cr.PC amendment has been notified and is effective from 1st November, 2010

Please do your bit by sending the above RTI to the chief of police(DGP) of your state and ask for compliance, by all police stations in the state, with respect to this Cr.PC(section 41A) amendment.

For Free Advise, click here or call our help-lines worldwide

Help-Line Numbers.
Mumbai: 9322156141, 8652843011, 9820241589 Nagpur: 9890974788
Nasik: 9371988132, 9822011250, 9890656219 Pune: 9923056460, 9922379103, 9850883751
Delhi: 9911119113, 9891369616, 9811624141 Calcutta: 9231835462, 9830151555, 9830927619
Kanpur: 9839038424, 9335014984,9935239764 Bangalore: 80-65334135, 9845986250
Jaipur 9352562456 Kerala 9895557765, 9995433034, 9995308518 Gujarat 9825365816, 9898989884 U.S.A +650-430-9544, +612-812-4340, +917- 512-5362 Kuwait +965-3869295

In return we just need you to raise your voice in whatever way possible so that we can together see the end of this legal terrorism in families, families which are the real strength of India(and may be that’s why families are being systematically targeted and broken down by vested interests and neo-imperialists!)

Warm Regards,

Gokul,, 9633409355(Kerala)
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Member - All India Men's Welfare Association(,
National Litigant Bench(

Counseling helpline for Men in distress - "Man's Voice":
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Cowardice asks...."Is it safe?", Expedience asks "Is it politic?", Vanity asks...."Is it popular?"... There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like this movie page to spread awareness, its now or never: 

Monday, October 06, 2008

First weekly meeting in western-suburbs of Mumbai- resolutions and action points, event calender ahead

I am glad(I am actually holding back my sheer elation) to announce the newly formed email distribution list of mumbai, now onwards u can reach the core-group of Mumbai(PIF, NGO) by mailing to a single maild, ie. mumbai (at) protectindianfamily (dot) org

This is the start of a quantum jump in Mumbai's activity levels. Yesterday in the first weekly meeting of the western line(Venue: Goregaon)We were discussing Mumbai's evolution in SIF history, although we were among the first movers to start SIF group activities(back in 2005 Sept 11th we had our first group meeting at Powai, blogged at ), mumbai was the first among the SIF brigades to conduct a seminar: ), the first among innovative awareness programs : and , etc. etc.

Even with these commendable firsts, the fact remained that these pockets of excellence were only possible due to a very few dedicated members, and given that their whole-hearted efforts coming out of the firm conviction that piece-meal solutions will not solve the critical problems of the opulation at large, nor will solving personal cases bring immunity to oneself in future(misuse of family laws are, by nature, multi-directional, counter-intuitive and even beyond regular estimation or risk-assesments). But like a chinese bamboo shoot we had been systematically growing our roots in mumbai without much fuss or notice by even close associates, now this chinese bamboo is ready to achieve phenomenal growth which is well within the capabilities of the well motivated group we have now in Mumbai(bamboos grow their roots first, and then after couple of years, grows leaps and bounds after it has spread its roots enough to ensure food-security and sustainability in growth and existence!).

With these thoughts I would like to invite your attention to watch Mumbai group(Protect Indian Family, NGO- For family harmony, against legal terrorism) and to prepare yourselves to get ready to be inspired.

We pledge that we will not betray ur trust, we will only exceed expectations and targets we set for ourselves, we will not engage in wasteful exercises/egoistic acts, we shall strive to excel at each endevour we plan, we shall hold truth and justice above our own lives, we shall prevail with truth and justice, we shall do everything which counts to shake-up the system and relieve all of us from the systemic & chronic rot, with a view to present a better tomorrow to our own children and all other inhabitants of this world - "Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu".

See the brief details about the first weekly meetings in western line(Mumbai) and the discussions which lead to formulation of events until December 2008, planned to be "positively" executed in Mumbai:

Shine on us father, that we reflect your shine unto others..... Avigna Masthu
Brief details about the first weekly meetings in western line(Mumbai) and the discussions which lead to formulation of events until December 2008, planned to be "positively" executed in Mumbai:

Today we had the first meeting(weekly') in Goregaon(western line) and we have decided upon innvoative events, as well as the tested options like Dharna,Seminars, pls see the events as below

1) October 26th, 2008, 2nd Anniverssary of DV Act(Domestic Violence act)Black march: to mark this "Black Day for Indian families"
2) November 19th- Men's day, Bike/Car rally: 40 bikes and cars with PIF, Mumbai members and out station members
Optional-> Black(prominently) rangoli competitions , 2) Pamphlet distribution booths in V.T & Churchgate + family court(other courts worth which are worth it), other offices of state government,and 3) Candle march
3) 13th December - Dharna and memorandum/stats compiled as a folders andpresent to Home ministry. As a run-up to these events we can start distributing pamphlets as paper inserts, get news paper articles, etc, so that we can get maximum mileage out of every expense we incur.
PS: (Changes in counselling services from PIF)