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Friday, December 26, 2014

Maintenance is denied to wronged wives... List of 120 Judgements

Original Post  :

List of 120 Judgements where Maintenance is denied to wronged wives..

Dear all victims as we all know that giving your hard earn money to your cruel,greedy & capable to earn wives is something like giving a forced charity  to an untrusted organization so called as your dead marriage.


So,here Iam pasting all the related major judgements which I got through official website of Advocate Seema Dhavale--- I salute you mam for your work & your website. It is of immense help & support to all victims where maintenance been denied to these cruel and greedy wives to give innocent husbands a sought of relief indeed..................


Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Rohtak sisters incidence: Media verdict out, before investigation starts!

Final Side (see the investigative youtube video below, also see the mail trail posted below) of ‪#‎FakeBraveHearts‬ false molestation case.

#FakeBraveHearts Rohtak Exposed..... Serial extortionists, why is the media trial not restarting now?.
This is the Final Side of the Rohtak Bravehearts story that SIF has been covering since last one week. After meeting the eyewitnesses on the case, SIF met people who have been victim of the same girls in the past. If this is a mere coincidence or it's a case of serial extorters in the name of women centric laws - well the police will find out.
As for now, it seems when the case has taken a complete turn, Media is no longer interested to hear the pain of people on the other side OR show how many people have been abused and cheated by the same girls and their family. Rohtak Bravehearts case has taken a turn because several witnesses have come in support of the boys, Imagine if the boys were alone! If you wish to raise voice against misuse of law TWEET using‪#‎fakecases‬.
If you know anyone who is a victim of a false case by a woman, call 08882498498 or mail or logon to
********* My original feedback mail, when Hindu reported this incident inappropriately***********
Feedback: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Dear Ms.Mythili(,

Read your article "Damned if you do, damned if you don’t"(Dated 8/12/2014, The Hindu:

In the Rohtak sister's video only one thing is evident prima facie, that the girls are thrashing the boys, so as per law they are committing a crime(without going into the reason why they are doing it), so are you condoning it by saying that it's the way for girls to 'speak up against harassment'. If people start to speak up for themselves like this, what is the law for?. 

The girls in this case has surely committed a crime of thrashing the boys on video(not going into the background or claims by either side) and you are actually singing paeans in honour of these criminals!. 

Why don't you have the patience to wait for an investigation by the authorised personnel to take place, why this rashness in reporting by passing judgements!(in this case you have judged that there is partiality towards women who are oppressed!, by interlacing this incidence with others, while the investigation in this case is still underway!).

To put all this in perspective very quickly, lets imagine the genders are reversed in this case. Assume that there is a video of boys thrashing girls with belts, etc and claims that the girls had harassed them and that's why they had to do it!. Now what would you have thought?, and would you have judged!?.

As for the background and emerging inputs in this case, see these links below if you haven't already:

#RohtakSisters who framed Army aspirants with a fake case of harassment/molestation. See the other side of the story with eyewitnesses vouching for the falsely framed boys and people from the girl's village saying that the sisters had extorted money from another boy's family in a similar way earlier.

But if laws are made so that people can be framed without requiring any evidence or witness, someone like these sisters is bound to misuse!.

Deepika Bhardwaj on Twitter
Women from college of #RohtakBraveHearts submit complaint, say girls never attended college, roamed in parks, fought
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Women from college of #RohtakBraveHearts submit complaint, say girls never attended college, roamed in parks, fought

The question is not just how videos are getting made(by the girl's own contacts, as per reports by media, though denied by these girls) whenever these girls are allegedly getting harassed(this question is by Zee news as heard in this particular clip). 

The questions are numerous, including...why are these videos not covering even a bit of the alleged harassment!(especially since the videos are getting made by girl's own contacts), and since these girls claim that they have been harassed umpteen(2000, as the girl says here) times and whenever it happens "they give it back!", if they are so prepared for all this, why is there no scenes of the alleged harassment(at least a few times out of the 2000 times!). 

Most importantly the way media pounces in for a media trial(& judgement) is appalling to say the least!.