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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Anti Dowry Law(s) Anti-Male - IBN7 program (Agenda, एजेंडा: क्या दहेज विरोधी कानून पुरुष विरोधी हैं)

एजेंडा: क्या दहेज विरोधी कानून पुरुष विरोधी - Is Anti Dowry Law(s) Anti-Maleहैं

Ranjana's routine verbal diarrhea put back to where it belongs!, a note for future commandos to cherish and internalise:

Swarup Vs Ranjana KuRami:

In this video the TOPIC/issue is whether anti-dowry laws are anti-men.
See how Centre for Social Research(CSR) head, Ms Ranjana Kumari diverts the topic to skirt from the logical conclusion that anti-dowry and other tools of legal terrorism and cause of misery for both Husbands and his kin(the whole husbands family get arrested without any kind of investigation or evidence/wirness, just on the false accusations of an unscrupulous wife; whole family, including at least 2 women(mother and sister), minors and senior citizens of the husbands family). 
Analysis of Ranjana's diverting tactics to discredit the issue that anti-dowry laws and such tools of legal terrorism are really anti-men and anti-kin of husbands(including 2 women on an average)

Ranjana herself claims that she is in the field of marital/women issues for the last 25 years or so, so theres no question that she is confusing IPC 498a(cruelty and harassment law) with IPC 304b(dowry death law). 
She consistantly diverts the issue(any issue) to dowry death since those statistics are shocking to the public and stands a chance to get instant sympathy of the viewers and stakeholders and thereafter any support for the issue at hand can be easily curbed with pressure tactics and road side quarell type of arguments!(Other issues: be it 498, or men's suicide due to family/legal terrorism issues, be it multiple maintenance, be it arrests of husband and kin without even evidence or witness, etc.) 
Ranjana Kumari is not a Kumari of confusion or lack of knowledge she is a kumari of deception of public, a kumari of vices, a kumari of neo-imperialists, a kumari of misandry, a kumari of hate!. And she is not the only kumariof this kind, we are infested with such kumaris, and our job is to expose them and vanquish them out of all societies including India, if they are not humanly salvageable. 
PS: Its another issue that statistics of IPC 304b(dowry death) is a hugely cooked up one, since any girl who unaturally dies after marriage is treated as a dowry death, by force due to pressure from these radical feminists, by the corrupt money-mongering police(for extorting money from husband and family) and some of them are initiated by the kin of the girls who want to wreck vengeance on the husband and kin due to long standing grudges and animosity(and since the girl is not alive to defend her husband, it becomes easy for these vested interests to convert all dead women into one dowry death statistic each!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Neo-Imperialistic powers: Neo-ways to Divide & Rule

Issues like this(bias of law against (or for) a particular gender) are not about/based on natural animosity between male and female genders, nor do they help the supposedly protected gender(women in all the cases!).

Its an attempt by neo-imperialists to eye-wash the public using their natural soft-corners for a gender, the real intention is to use such mind games to get undeserving/un-natural power, to sustain the empire built in such way and to harness the power for more money, and hence more power and more resources to grow this empire built on self-centered and parasitic tactics, deceptions, mass mis-propaganda, hate-mongering and ruthless cannibalism.

Gender biased laws(and other such gender biased provisions) are made by vested interests to get the benefits they want(not to the intended women), by instigating an artificial/un-natural/cultivated animosity between the genders. Whereas if one tries to see all this from a higher perspective, it becomes very clear that these vested interests are employing a divide and rule policy and capture power through economic terrorism, using the two genders.

"Ardhanaareeshwara" is the truth and constitution(the body-mind complex) in everyone one us. This means every man is a mix of male and female characteristics. And that male and female genders are built to compliment each other, though built, seemingly, with a lot of conflicts and in-congruity compared to one another's constitution. 

The relevance of the "Ardhanareeshwara" concept in the present day society and how it played a critical role in making Indian families, and hence our culture itself, so robust and progressive, even so many centuries before, is outlined in this blog post by Mrs.Uma Challa.

If a living being is ever tried to be built with all male and female characteristics put together, such group of living beings will perish due to monotony, if not anything else!. 

No wonder evolution did not make all of us exact replicas of each other, in terms of constitution(hormones, anatomy, brain constitution, responses to stimuli, etc.)

All kind of Gender Biased provisions are with evil intents/agenda on the part of vested interests(a powerful super minority) who wants to plunder the vast majority of others, using, age-old but, highly effective principles like deception and divide & rule.

Say no to all gender biased provisions, save life and society as we know it. Say .... 
We demand Gender-neutral Laws

Cowardice asks...."Is it safe?", Expedience asks "Is it politic?", Vanity asks...."Is it popular?"... There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dare to admit that you like this idea?, ready to express your true feelings?....  Join this facebook group and declare your opinion ... that "We demand Gender-neutral Laws"

Some gender-specific traits as examples, 1) male: brute force, testosterone induced fights against great odds- courage in face of big odds(even if the brain says that the challenge is much above his ability to conquer. Eg. Fighting with a Lion with only a stick, to protect his family), ability to control others by projected fear - intimidation (alpha male lions, once they vanquish the old leader keep the rest of the pack under control just by intimidation tactics), 2) female: Patience, Love, maintaining the household, etc.

 Characteristics of the masculine gender are: abstract thinking, activeness, ambition, conditional love, constancy, contemplation, courage, creativity, daring, dependability, discipline, force, independence, individuality, knowledge, leadership, originality, pioneering spirit, positivity, progressiveness, spirituality, stability, and will-power.

Characteristics of the feminine gender are: accommodation, adaptability, caring, companionship, consideration, cooperation, diplomacy, friendliness, gentility, giving, harmony, industriousness, informative, materialism, nurturing, receptivity, responsiveness, rhythm, visual thinking, and unconditional love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indian Media acknowledges the shortfalls of the Sexual Harrasment Bill

Original post here-> INSAAF: Indian Media acknowledges the shortfalls of the Sexual Harrasment Bill

Madhu Kishwar Blasts Sexual Harassment Bill on India NewsX:



With reference to the above videos, here is the issue with reference to what's wrong with Domestic Violence act(DVA act), which has a clause in the same lines "Sexual Harassment Panel is to be headed by a Woman, who is committed to the cause of Women"

At the first or even the second glance its doesn't look a bad clause, it even looks good since, as Ms.Madhu Kishwar too mentions, women will open up(about the sexual harassment she had to experience) better to a woman.

The real issue is that this Sexual harassment act will become a money making(extortion) racket as soon as it hits ground, and then the definition of "Woman who is committed to the cause of women" will be totally different, it will then mean "Woman who convicts most number of men, regardless of whether he is guilty or innocent. Here more men pressurised to pay compensation or through out-of-the-court settlement means more turnover to the new extortion industry spawned by Sexual Harassment Act.

This Sexual Harassment Bill, as soon as it becomes an Act, it will be like the multi-million industry(extortion) like in case of  the misuse of IPC 498a  or DV Act, where lawyers make money, women organisations make money through more cases/statistics and hence funds from UN and benefactors from the moist eyed/sympathetic western world(seeing false, cooked-up statistic of how many women are victimsed!) , police makes, money, unscrupulous law-misusing women/wives make money.

Making the Sexual Harassment Bill Gender Neutral, the real issue:

Thats exactly what the anti-family anti-India lobby would resist and oppose with tooth and nail.

This law is not at all aimed to protect women, just see how many harassed women get justice

One can just review the results with respect to other existing women-protection laws for assessing the reality and the clear trend of deception!, no victim gets justice, whatever be the gender!...

These laws are aimed only at making an industry of extortion around them, at the cost of wrecking the social structure and peace and hence national stability and security in India(as well as any other countries, including USA, where similar laws prevail(like the VAWA(Violence against Women Act) in USA)).

The powerful corporations which run and bleed nations are behind this, whether its a plan from scratch or not!(it need not be like the Illuminati theory goes).

The chaos and insecurity in people makes excellent ground for unplanned lives and hence expenditure in not-so-priority products and services(luxury, fad, high margin products and services).

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Abused hubby gets divorce Son’s Custody - Mumbai Mirror

Abused hubby gets divorce Son’s Custody - Mumbai Mirror

Aarey Colony resident uses videos shot by secret cameras at his residence to prove his case

Deeptiman Tiwary

Posted On Saturday, August 07, 2010 at 02:13:02 AM

A man who was thrashed by his wife and had recorded the abuse using spy cameras to present it as evidence in his divorce proceedings has won the case and the legal custody of his 11-year-old son.

Video grabs of Pallavi thrashing
Purushottam Mahajan.

Purushottam Mahajan, 44, who was locked in divorce and custody battle with his wife Pallavi for over two years, installed secret cameras at their Aarey Colony house to capture how she abused him physically in his son’s presence. In November 2009, the video was uploaded on YouTube by an NGO to show how law was heavily loaded against men in cases of marital discord.

Eight months after the video went up, the Bandra Family Court last month handed over the custody of the child, Aum, to his father. The battered husband fought his case himself armed with the video evidence. He argued Aum’s future was more secure in his custody than his wife’s.

The couple got married in 1999, but the relationship soured within a year. Purushottam alleges that there were regular fights and he would often get beaten up. While he would talk about the violence to his friends, no one believed him.

Fed up of the violence and desperate to gather evidence, Purushottam, who claims to have worked with Subhash Ghai as an assistant director, installed a spy camera in his place.

The camera captured everything that went on in the house, including Purushottam's physical torture, for three months. What eventually went up on YouTube was an edited 30-minute video. The video that has no sound, shows Pallavi slapping and kicking Purushottam. It later shows them animatedly discussing something even as a child looks on.

On July 23, 2008, Pallavi left the couple's Aarey Colony house with Aum. Since the marriage had irrevocably broken, Purushottam filed for divorce and Aum's custody on July 27.

On August 29, Pallavi lodged a complaint of dowry harassment and torture against him at Dindoshi police station. However, Purushottam's spy video recordings and other evidence he presented in the court tilted the divorce and custody case in his favour.

During the two-year battle, Purushottam says he went through a lot. "I lost a job in a multi-national bank because cops would be constantly calling me. But I had decided, I would fight till the end as I loved Aum more than anything else. When I saw my lawyer was not arguing the case properly, I read law books and argued my case without a lawyer."

Mahajan watching his son’s video

Purushottam meticulously collected evidence to make his case stronger. He showed the court how his child had suffered severe weight loss after his mother took him away. "I presented medical evidence that also showed that he had injuries on his hands and legs and that he lived in unhygienic conditions.

After he was separated from me, he wasn't sent to school for months," said Purushottam, who alleged in the court that he was not allowed to meet Aum on one pretext or the other even though the court had directed a meeting every fortnight. His wife's lawyer, Amol Sutrale, who played a crucial role in bringing the couple to the negotiating table, said, "We realised there was no need to drag the case unnecessarily.

I advised Pallavi and Purushottam to settle the matter. Pallavi agreed to give Aum's custody to Purushottam. Thus the matter was settled with mutual consent. At least, the child will not have to suffer anymore."