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Friday, August 04, 2006

498a Misuse by Wives: Zee News TV program

To view the Videos
One part of the program is available in streaming video format(thanks to the guys in our yahoogroup, they are uploading the other 2 parts of the TV program soon), so now you can just play the video on the webpage itself (Streaming video), without having to download the 45MB file. The video may stop and resume play after buffering, depending upon the speed of your internet connection(TIP: but once it has played out the full length and if u replay it without closing the webpage, it will play continuously without buffering or stopping).

To Download the Video
If you want to download (size is Very Big! -45 MB, try only if you u have high-speed unlimited internet access, else it will take hours!). Find other TV programs on this issue, here:


TV Grab Pictures at SIF Blog:

Audio feed of the TV program, find the links below:Gokul's part Download-Link: (size- 1.46 MB)

After you click this link............ follow the instructions on the top(about 5 lines from the top) of the webpage ........
Or follow these steps (1) first you will be asked to select "Free" or '"premium" account-> Select "free" at bottom right of the page.......... Next page opens 2)....... wait for 10 seconds as the 2nd page counts down......towards the bottom of the page you will be asked to enter 3 letters/numbers in a box, which are displayed as a picture alongside the box , then click "download from...... button" ).

Audio of the rest of the program:*******************************

If you know of anyone who are in trouble with misuse of marital laws(IPC 498a and Dowry Prevention law Misuse), and needs any help in this regard please do send them these links & , forward this mail(helpline numbers appear at the bottom of this mail).

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