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Monday, July 31, 2006

Audio of 498a Misuse Program Uploaded(Zee News, Crimefile-30/31-07-2006)

Hi All,

I have uploaded the audio feed of the program in 3 parts, find the links below:

After you click the links............  follow the instructions on the top of the webpage ........
( first you will be asked to select "Free" or '"premium" account-> Select "free" at bottom right of the page.......... Next step....... wait for 10 seconds as the page counts down......towards the bottom of the page you will be asked to enter 3 letters/numbers which are displayed as a picture( for verification)-> click download button )
Or personally to the team which made it a reality (Head - Crime Cell, Zee News ) ; (Zee Office, Delhi); (Crime Reporter, Mumbai)
Kudos to the Zee team, we look forward to more & more programs in the Lines of Justice.....

Warm Regards
P.R.Gokul ,
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