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Friday, August 04, 2006

New kind of Terrorism- IPC498a: Contributed by 'Common Man'

Who could have guessed that the whole gender equality and women empowerment program initiated by "only" women groups would unleash a new kind of terrorism – Legal Terrorism? Using the marginal cases of crime against women, they have successfully extracted ridiculous legal rights for those women who have fetish for money and power. Whatever absurd proposals are made to the Government, which are clearly extravagant and also anti-social are given the shelter of so-called gender equality.

First, the already lopsided anti-dowry law, which was supposed to stop any unlawful dowry demands from women, has now become a successful legal extortion racket in the society. And the Government and the media has proved that they will not provide any support to those victims who are falsely implicated under IPC 498A because their chief concern is vote-banks and loads of money.

However, it would be a mistake to conclude that these miscreant women groups will be satisfied with these exorbitant legal rights. They are now focusing on other laws to make it even more lopsided. The credibility given to women in rape cases is so unbelievably high that no man is going to be able to get away from a false rape case. There are many, going in thousands, cases where it was proved that the rape case slapped by the woman was false, but the Government has always kept its eye on the vote-banks and therefore turns a blind eye refusing to amend the laws to provide legal protection to those who could easily be falsely implicated.

Various laws have been amended especially after one, just one, Jessica Lal case. But opportunist women groups took full advantage of this excessively hyped case, thanks to media for sensationalizing undeserving issue, to sought ludicrous legal rights for women. And the Government obeyed them. The women issues are blown out of proportion to such an extent that the common citizens are wary of the status of women in the society knowing that these women are fully equipped to ruin anybody's life legally. Perhaps this was the main objective of these women groups behind gender equality and women empowerment – terrorizing the whole male-gender.

Supreme Court has rightly termed the malicious actions of these miscreant women as "Legal Terrorism." Are we ready to face this new kind of terrorism in our country, in our own society? It all depends on the media. If media decides to let people know the reality, improvement can be expected. But media won't do that.

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