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Friday, August 04, 2006

Zee news "CRIMEFILE" on misuse of 498a&Dowry law- Plea to media to follow this up further

To all the Media Personnel and Responsible Citizens of India,

This is to inform you about our concern about the oft-misused Indian penal code section 498a, and the details of a TV program which was aired in Zee News on 30th and 31st July 2006, regarding the rising trend of Misuse of IPC 498a by wives and her aides. This misuse is happening against Husbands and his family and even includes Elders, Women(who are pregnant or with infants to care for), small children, etc., of the victims family. See: informing about the TV program to all concerned and responsible citizens of India.

The criticality and danger with an IPC 498a accusation(and hence Criminal Case) is that its by nature "Cognisable and Non-bailable", this translates in the hard ground as: Police need not do any investigation to establish the merit of the complaint, and are instead required/obligated by law(though some honest and forthright officers, do try and send the couples through a couple of rounds of counseling & do investigate a bit too in their personal capacity) to act upon just the girls statements and arrest the hapless victims family. And that one can only hoped to get bailed out from a Court of law(not from the Police station itself)

No evidence or witnesses are needed at all! for 'engineering this arrest, and to get an entire family behind bars. This is true even if some of the members do not live together and are living in different continents all together!, and have even not met a new couple. These arrests sometimes include small kids and even house maids! and such obvious markers of mindless vengeance & disrespect for the laws of the land which are constituted for upholding justice and peace for its citizens. The victims are arrested at whatever point the complaint of 498a is received and this is usually on a Friday evening, since the misusing wives can have the privilege and pleasure of wrecking vengeance and gratify their bloated egos, seeing her victims languishing in jail under deep distress for at least two holidays on Saturday and Sunday where court is closed for procuring a possible bail. It may be noted that many of these victims would not have even seen the threshold of a Police station or a Court until that fateful day of their lives, which may happen right at the fag end of their lives for many elderly victims. These arrests and the lingering criminal case causes deep distress and depression throughout the victims family, triggering suicides, panic attacks and deaths due to acute and chronic stress, triggering further loses akin to a Domino. To say the least, the situation is pathetic and the victims are made pretty defenseless by the same laws formed for their welfare.

See the detailed article we send to the media to convince about our cause, and how even Supreme court acknowledges this blatant and highly despicable misuse by Assassins in the form of Women(as SC goes on to implicitly warn and in fact actually can only lament, in the Judgment quoted in the following link "498a is not to be wielded as a weapon in the hands of an Assassin!")

The potency of misuse in 498a is unfathomable and highly destructive since the Police doesn't need any other supporting evidence or witnesses, other than JUST the wife's statement/complaint, to straight away arrest the Husband and his relatives (and whoever else is named in the wife's complaint), following which is an ordeal of long drawn and wasteful legal proceedings for the Husband and family(in this law the accused is Guilty until proven innocent! & the Burden of Proof is on the accused themselves!(for the acts alleged to have happened inside four walls, what evidence can the accused hope to garner! at best), unlike any other law, anywhere else). See for more details.

We are a group of over 1100 victims spread all over the globe, and organised through yahoo group: . We hope that your good office will take the necessary steps to report this growing trend of misusing Marital laws, seemingly at every drop of the hat, by unscrupulous wives and their instigating posse(sometimes these ladies are just plain dumb and egoistic and just plays into the hands of their so-called advisers!).

Do help us in our efforts and struggles to help ourselves and other fellow beings who may be wrongly implicated in such fabricated criminal cases in future, if these laws are not amended by instituting proper checks and balances. You can help us by generating awareness through your media office and hence help turn public opinion in favour of the Husbands Abused by Misuse of laws like the draconian IPC 498a(for the majority of the still unaffected public "Ignorance is Bliss" but if they know the possibilities of misusing 498a they will also have sleepless nights over the fate of their unmarried sons!).

We once again request you to help us, and do keep us posted on your views, decisions and actions in support of our movement to Save the Indian Family, as we know today, from a total and certain obliteration.

Warm Regards

P.R.Gokul ,
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