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Friday, August 04, 2006

Please publish ALL ur awareness-mails@

Hi All,

Subject: I request all the SIF activists and members to publish all their ongoing awareness campaigns done by ANY SIF member at It is very easy to post to this blog, you just have to send an email to .. please add this email to your address books, NOW.

The subject of the emails you send to should be the Title of your article (the first 5 words of the subject becomes the last part of the url or webpage link. Example: if the subject of your email is "New Kind of Terrorism: IPC498a Misuse" the weblink of this post becomes= ), and put the rest of the article as the body of the email to be sent to .

Plea to all prolific writer-activists:

************Common Man********************

Hello Common Man, I have taken the liberty to post the article(quoted briefly below) in the blog created for accumulating all publicity/awareness campaigns done by SIF group member.

Your article below is already published at , do let me know if you wish to change anything or add to the post.

Common Man <> wrote:

New kind of Terrorism
Who could have guessed that the whole gender equality and women empowerment program initiated by "only" women groups would unleash a new kind of terrorism – Legal Terrorism? Using the marginal cases of crime against women, they have successfully extracted ridiculous legal rights for those women who have fetish for money and power. Whatever absurd proposals are made to the Government, which are clearly extravagant and also anti-social are given the shelter of so-called gender equality.

************Common Man********************

************Sachit Dalal********************

Posted by: "Sachit Dalal" sachit_v

Thu Aug 3, 2006 11:36 am (PST)

Dear Editor, (

Ref :

I request your attention, if you have really verified
the truth in the said case.

(i noticed the QUESTION MARK IN THE HEADING of the
news, by that i conclude that you are asking us
(viewers) the question).
************Sachit Dalal********************

Re: Ranchi girl killed for dowry in Moscow?

Posted by: "santhakka" santhakka

Thu Aug 3, 2006 11:43 am (PST)

I will post your mails appearing above (Sachit's & Santhakka's) at the later , or you guys can try posting it by urselves by mailing it to . Or just let me know and I could make any interested volunteer, a member of the blog so that he can post it via web, and then he will be able to format the post using all the advanced features in the blogs "Dash Board".

To read more about using email to post and about becoming a Member of this blog to consolidate and showcase all SIF Promotional and Awareness activities and efforts, read:

The idea of this blog is to showcase all efforts of awareness at one place, and when time comes to exhibit these efforts to any media or authority, we just have to refer them to one place, ie. the blog. If someone decides to post contact addresses or emails of related personalities, thats welcome too(like Santhakkas email containing all email addresses of various editors)

So I urge once again all members to start posting to this blog using email or by becoming a member(just ask me by email to for becoming a member)

Warm Regards

P.R.Gokul ,
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