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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Points During Press-meets, TV-Channel Interviews

Posted by: "dandave73" at SIF main group

This a request as well as recommendation for all of us.

1) Please make sure that we mention about this draconian law inrelation to other law such as POTA and other so that all relatedpeople will realise the pain one faces.

2) 498A is even worst. In case of POTA only the person is arrestedhere whole family inculding as younger as newly born baby and as olderas 90 years old grandparents are arrested without any investigation.

3) I had posted in my earlier post about other points when HomeMinister ruled out any possibility of reinstating the POTA because itwas misused and the main pitfall is that there is a burden on theaccused to prove his innocence.

4) This law was banned as it affected mostly one religion. This isaffecting all religions and especially children, unmarried sisters andnot to forget the poor Husband with no fault of anyone.

5) The stories mentioned by one of our SIF members "VRD" are the realstories and which are related to the girls having pre-marital affairs.

6) When these parents want to get out their daughters from thesepre-marital affair they try to threaten the boy but never file a caseas their daughter's illicit affairs will be exposed in public. But when there is any minor issue in the married life then they file acase by misusing the law such as 498A. "RAEE kaa PAHAAD Banaate Hain!"

7) Normally the IPC is applied depending on the committed crime by theaccused. But in this case, IPC is selected first and on that basis thecharges are framed or complaint is registered.

8) NCW may be saying that there are many other laws being misused thenwhy only to chnage 498A. The answer to this is for other misued lawsthe complainant can be charged strictly for the false complaints or soand all those laws does not affect one family/married life. For 498Athere is no gaurantee or any example that the false complainants arebeing jailed or sentenced.
more to follow.....................!


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