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Friday, September 03, 2010

National Litigant Bench(NLB) launch: Press release, August 15, 2010

Press Release
Sub: AlMWA attending 3rd National Conference of Family Rights Organizations
in Yercaud & Launching NATIONAL LITIGANT BENCH (NLB) on 15 Aug 2010.

All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) is an organization whose main objectives are:
  • To connect with men and boys across India and understand their needs and concerns.
  • To address issues concerning men and boys, with the specific objective of providing them protection against gender discrimination, domestic violence, emotional castration, negative stereotyping, sexual harassment, legal terrorism and every other form of abuse.
  • To build a powerful broad based lobby for the welfare of men and boys.
Since its inception on 11 October 2009, AIMWA has been working towards providing protection for men and boys against gender discrimination, domestic violence, sexual harassment and other forms of abuse. The organization has also been working on related issues like physical and mental health of men, and the need for social changes, policy reforms and legal solutions to men’s problems.
Members of AIMWA are attending the 3rd National Conference of Family Rights Organizations in Yercaud to present our research and analysis on issues related to men within and outside the family, to discuss our ongoing work, and to point out future directions for NGOs working in the areas of men’s health and welfare.
On the occasion of Independence Day 2010, members of AIMWA are launching the NATIONAL LITIGANT BENCH – a self-help group comprising citizens fighting for freedom from delays, corruption, maladministration, injustice and lack of accountability in the Indian judicial system.
Although India attained freedom from British rule in 1947, the Indian judicial system wreaks of imperialism, corruption and anti-citizen attitudes of the British times, due to which a common man considers entering an Indian court as the worst misfortune of his life.
While the worst sufferers of the Indian judicial system are men, judicial delays, corruption and maladministration have also taken a big toll on women, children and families.
During its many encounters with litigants all over the country, AIMWA found that citizens of India have lost faith in our dysfunctional judicial system as it encourages hardened criminals to commit crime in broad daylight, penalizes law-abiding citizens, and turns ordinary men into criminals.
The National Litigant Bench (NLB) is the first forum of its kind calling for litigants across the country to come together and collectively fight for freedom from judicial delays, corruption, maladministration, injustice and lack of accountability.
On the occasion of Independence Day 2010, we are launching three All India Helplines: 9704683163, 9840324551 and 9620439797. We will introduce more helplines and local chapters in the near future.
We invite all citizens who share our vision of a corruption-free, people friendly, accountable, speedy justice system to join us in our efforts.

         ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

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