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Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Litigant Bench: Resolutions & Proposals

We need to reach out to as many litigants(suffering form judicial apathy and delay) as possible, there are at least 8 crore of such people(who are potential members of NLB - "National Litigant Bench" the vote bank/pressure lobby for judicial reforms).

I request you to circulate this Press release to all your contacts in media and others who think would help us in achieving maximum reach and awareness for NLB). Click here for a flyer on "Litigant Awareness Campaign" and NLB's press release when it was launched on 15th of August, 2010 , please send these literature to all concerned contacts.

Please forward this by mail/blog/post in facebook/orkut or any other social networking site you are on. Do call important media contacts and explain this initiative for better effect.


             All friends in media and concerned citizens,

Press Release- National Litigant Bench: For Judicial reforms and accountability(against Judicial delay and apathy)

Please report the resolutions and proposals of NLB( in the media you involved with, do forward this to anyone who you feel would help this cause and get more reach and awareness.

470, 19th Main, 36th Cross, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560041
Date: 11.09.2010

National Litigant Bench (NLB), is a novel initiative promoted by concerned and knowledgeable youth to represent the cause of hapless litigants who approach Judiciary to mitigate their problems as last resort, but are drawn into the system unwittingly. Activists from across the country deliberated on the core issues concerning about more than 5 crore litigants who loiter around the corridors of Courts wasting precious time and energy, some at the peak of their productive age.

NLB’s mission is to:
·         Create Awareness and Awakening of the General Litigant on the problems faced at Court room
·         Transparent Judicial Appointments on merit and moral values
·         Redefine the input source to Judiciary like Indian Judicial System (IJS) similar to IAS,IPS etc.
·         Bring about Litigant friendly procedures and process resulting in self service
·         Address Imperialist attitude of intimidation by the Bar & Bench on all Litigants especially economical weaker section.
The objective of this conference is to identify the Judicial reforms from a Litigant’s perspective to create awareness about Litigant’s choices and options and expose the challenges/pitfalls in the system. Deliberation of this Conference is on National Judicial Commission to include:
·         Appointment of Judges through Indian Judicial Services
·         Litigant grievances/ compliant on Judges ( from the current impeachment)
·         Redefine the procedure code
·         Reforms in the legal education
·         Research on interpretation of law
·         Deployment of Technology to enable ‘Information on Demand’ to stakeholders.
Resolution passed and demand sought from the Government on Judicial Reforms

1.       NLB to constitute five regional bench’s in North, South, East, West & Central.
2.       To establish National judicial Commission in line with Election Commission for regulating Judicial  dispensation, appointment, Infrastructure, Procedure, disciplinary . Proceedings in the country
a.       Emulate code of conduct, ethics and professional standards for legal profession
b.      Redefine litigant friendly forms and procedure for Criminal ; Civil & Tax Code
c.       Judges Accountability – Litigant Grievance Redressal.
3.       Establish Indian Judicial Services inline with IAS,IFS, IPS etc to improve the quality of judicial dispensation.
4.       Demand entry age at 26 and retirement exit at 55 years and permit the judges to practice so as to attract youth who are connected with the society.
5.       Make budgetary allocation of min of 2% of both central and state budget to and enhance adq. Infra and improve work condition of Judiciary.
6.       Implement Grama Nayalaya Act a brainchild of “NAC – National Advisory Council”. 
7.       Redefine litigant friendly forms and procedure for Crimal & Civil & Tax Coded
8.       Stop Tribunalization of Judiciary which ensures govt. cases are conducted in fast track to collect taxes and common man is discriminated.  
9.       Stop  Appointment of retired Judges to Commission and other agencies. 
10.   Implement technology to enable transparency and information –on-demand.
11.   Amend Bar Council of India Act to improve the professional ethics and conduct & lawyer appearing at police station.
12.   Amend laws to make to encourage ‘Party-in-person’ to represent/plead their cases. 
13.   Implement Perjury & Contempt of Court to resist misuse of law by courts.
14.   Implement of ‘Limitation Act’ in true letter and sprits.
15.   Implement ‘Basic Law’ in School Education.
16.   Conduct sensitization program for Judges towards litigants needs and to be receptive and sensitive to the litigants.
17.   Stop  Judiciary’s control over Alternate Dispute Resolution Forums.
18.   Stop  Misuse of provisions by Judiciary in matters relating to
a.       Maintainability
b.      Adjournments
c.       Check bounce case;
d.      Dalit atrocities cases;
e.      Insurance Claims Fraud (MCOP);
f.        IPC 506 (ii);
g.       Matrimonial disputes
h.      Bail proceedings converted into Recovery proceedings. 
We request the media to give adequate publicity and to create awareness to the general public on the current status of the Judiciary.

Representative from following Chapter including Delhi, Punjab & Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Singapore and Europe were presented for the Conference.

Copy of this Resolution is sent to concerned law minister of state and Union Law Minister. 

Best Regards

(Manoj David)
Co- Architect
Phone: Manoj David ( 098403-24551); Ajay Pandey ( 096204-39797 )
PRO Contact: Gokul ( 096334-09355)


YAKSH said...

This is wonderfull idea. I really appreciate it. I have no other words except best wishes for early success.
Great effort.

Anonymous said...

Very good thoughts for new india... against legal terrorism...