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Monday, September 27, 2010

S Shinde's conversation with V Moily

Courtesy: Original article at "Men Seek Justice"Blog

S Shinde's conversation with V Moily

S Shinde :- Hello Veeru uncle , how are you !!

V Moily :- I am fine dear , how is your papa doing ? The power industry is doing
well, I say. They have put me the laaaaw ministry , what to do ? No Deal
money .. nothing to make in this ministry .

S Shinde :- Oh I see.. Papa is good last week only he did Rs 10,000 crore power deal just last week.

S Shinde :- What happened to the that quick divorce law Veru uncle . I am still
waiting you see. Doctor said , I have like a few more years before I reach my
designated time. Please do it faast Veru uncle ..Please !!

V Moily :- Don't worry beti , I have created the law , but you see in India
there are something even i cannot change . It has to go through a process , it
is with the parliamentary committee now . This laaaw is just tailored for you ,
I have studied your case and created the laaaw just for you, so that only you in
the country will get the divorce even if others do not get it.

S Shinde :- Oh that's great Moily uncle , so by when do you think I can get my

V Moily :- I will try my level besht to enshoore that you get diiivorce by end
of December . Because Jan in good lagna for the stars and you can get marraied
by January.

S Shinde
:- But people might oppose to the law uncle .Then what will you do ? You
might have to take their suggestions .

V Moily
:- When have I taken from the people ? I always give . I Give praamise
after praamise . See finally I got Rs 5000 core allocated for the reforms . Now
I can fin ally get some money for my retirement from here . Otherwise you see it
is very difficult to make any money in the laaaw ministry , I say . Let the
people say whatever thy waant we will do what what we waant to do .After all
Government's work is God's work , and has god ever listed to people . God does
whatever he likes to do .People can pray , but it is up to god to listen.

S Shinde
:- Ok Veeru uncle , I need to leave now . I need to shop for Saaries
and Jewels for my marraige .

V Moily :- VOOOK Beti , We will taaalk later , give my best to daddy.
PS: And hence the sham called "Irretrievable Break Down of Marriage" a proposed/pushed/manufactured new, 'sham' ground for divorce, tailor-made for Ms.S Shinde was unleashed on the unsuspectingly rejoicing Indian public!!!. Their majority voice sounded like "Finally no delay in cases fit for Mutual consented divorce".... but the unheard private mind-voices of V Moily and Ms.S Shinde sounded something like "Yeah Right!!! .... you ignoramuses don't know how to 'Bend it like Shinde' "

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