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Friday, September 24, 2010

Promotion: New Hindi novel "DMCB".... story of a man accused of murdering his wife

We have a new Hindi novel and author for our cause, "Dhara me chippa bhanwar - Whirlpool hidden in the stream"(DMCB) by Mr.Ashesh Sharma of Jaipur. To see reviews, summary and other details of this novel, please join the facebook fan-page ofDMCB: already have about 800 pans for DMCB's facebook page, so join in and promote it in your networks too). 

This novel is about a man accused of murdering his wife, and how he finally gets a deserving audience to tell his side... and how he amazes and finally conquers the minds of even his so-called adversaries, including the entire law enforcing/judicial system which were at cross with him and was gunning for his blood, right from the word go!!!)

If anyone wants to order a copy of DMCB, please write to (at) ymail (dot) com) , the author directly

This book is yet to be officially launched but we already have a big pre-publication order backlog, due to the novelty in story line "Man's journey to explain his side, while state-sponsored oppression tries to pin him down for the alleged crime of murdering his wife". 

English translation of this novel is in the pipe-line too, so is the plans of making a full-length feature film.

Please do forward this email to all your concerned contacts, for awareness and success of this novel, which is among the first such literary efforts from a SIF group member. 

It may be of interest to note that social conditioning/public opinion and thence introduction of all those women-protection  laws(which we are fighting against currently) where a result of many such literary works(a literary wave during 1970's and 80's, as explained in Vijay Dwivedi's ( PIL(2007) draft) which spread a wrong notion that India as a country is a "wife-killing, wife-beating" society and hence strict laws(read draconic) are needed to curb this trend... now we need to reverse this trend, by encouraging more and more writers, more and more films which spread the truth, and right message, like DMCB is trying to do. 

Another novel in this direction is "Kavalu - the deviation", a Novel in Kannada(, please do promote this facebook page too.

**************** Important*****************
We also would like friends to come forward and stock and distribute copies of this Novel, so that they can distribute it locally to all interested readers, do come forward and mail me( | gokul (at) or Ashesh( | ashesh.sharma (at) ymail (dot) com) directly, if you are interested in stocking and distributing DMCB in any quantity, any where in India or abroad(terms of payment, etc,., can be discussed as we proceed, our main objective is awareness, not profit(this will be the start of our 'literary wave'))

Please forward this message to all your concerned contacts through email, orkut, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.
**************** Important*****************

We are also in the initial phase of making DMCB into a film, so we are now promoting DMCB novel's fanpage in facebook very aggressively.

As a part of the promotions we request all associated websites and blogs to carry the banner/badge of DMCB's facebook fanpage.  All social networking sites like facebook walls, orkut profiles, twitter, myspace, blogspot, wordpress, etc.,. could also carry this badge

Iam pasting the code of this "badge" so that all webmasters can include  this in their website appropriately

***********Code for the Badge of DMCB's facebook fanpage************
Dhara Me Chhipa Bhanwar

Promote Your Page Too

***********End of the Code- for the Badge of DMCB's facebook fanpage************

Please  do the needful

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