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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Anti Dowry Law(s) Anti-Male - IBN7 program (Agenda, एजेंडा: क्या दहेज विरोधी कानून पुरुष विरोधी हैं)

एजेंडा: क्या दहेज विरोधी कानून पुरुष विरोधी - Is Anti Dowry Law(s) Anti-Maleहैं

Ranjana's routine verbal diarrhea put back to where it belongs!, a note for future commandos to cherish and internalise:

Swarup Vs Ranjana KuRami:

In this video the TOPIC/issue is whether anti-dowry laws are anti-men.
See how Centre for Social Research(CSR) head, Ms Ranjana Kumari diverts the topic to skirt from the logical conclusion that anti-dowry and other tools of legal terrorism and cause of misery for both Husbands and his kin(the whole husbands family get arrested without any kind of investigation or evidence/wirness, just on the false accusations of an unscrupulous wife; whole family, including at least 2 women(mother and sister), minors and senior citizens of the husbands family). 
Analysis of Ranjana's diverting tactics to discredit the issue that anti-dowry laws and such tools of legal terrorism are really anti-men and anti-kin of husbands(including 2 women on an average)

Ranjana herself claims that she is in the field of marital/women issues for the last 25 years or so, so theres no question that she is confusing IPC 498a(cruelty and harassment law) with IPC 304b(dowry death law). 
She consistantly diverts the issue(any issue) to dowry death since those statistics are shocking to the public and stands a chance to get instant sympathy of the viewers and stakeholders and thereafter any support for the issue at hand can be easily curbed with pressure tactics and road side quarell type of arguments!(Other issues: be it 498, or men's suicide due to family/legal terrorism issues, be it multiple maintenance, be it arrests of husband and kin without even evidence or witness, etc.) 
Ranjana Kumari is not a Kumari of confusion or lack of knowledge she is a kumari of deception of public, a kumari of vices, a kumari of neo-imperialists, a kumari of misandry, a kumari of hate!. And she is not the only kumariof this kind, we are infested with such kumaris, and our job is to expose them and vanquish them out of all societies including India, if they are not humanly salvageable. 
PS: Its another issue that statistics of IPC 304b(dowry death) is a hugely cooked up one, since any girl who unaturally dies after marriage is treated as a dowry death, by force due to pressure from these radical feminists, by the corrupt money-mongering police(for extorting money from husband and family) and some of them are initiated by the kin of the girls who want to wreck vengeance on the husband and kin due to long standing grudges and animosity(and since the girl is not alive to defend her husband, it becomes easy for these vested interests to convert all dead women into one dowry death statistic each!)

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