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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Root cause of Indian systemic-rot - Abysmal leadership quality

Original article at->   Know the root cause of all problems in India-lets facilitate quality leadership everywhere and solutions will follow

Crime or criminality is not a monopoly of any class or  gender, nor does crime have a class or gender factor. This is true for goodness or badness too.

The current problem in India is that, since judiciary , law enforcement and the the whole system consisting of the government/authorities in general are all corrupt and our quality of leadership is abysmal.

Hence the Corrupt, Rich and powerful get what they want by hook(undue favours from government schemes meant for public welfare!) or crook(protective provisions/laws intended for protecting the weak(if you search around the internet you will find that the protective provisions for SC/STs , Women have been misused widely and has been acknowledged in the official circles too, for example misuse of dowry laws are termed as "Legal Terrorism" by the Supreme Court of India itself!) and poor are misused by the corrupt, rich and powerful people)

And its a fact that unfettered/absolute power corrupts, and in India women-protection laws give that unfettered power to only the women who misuses it(with an intention to get undue power of negotiation, to wreck vengeance, etc.,.)

***So the genuine victims among men or women do not have any support from the present set of laws or provisions/schemes by the government***, since all these facilities and laws are misused with oblique motives by the corrupt, rich and powerful(irrespective of their gender!)!!!.

The solution is simple(albeit tough), all citizens(including all victimised men and women) join forces and bring a new order in society and make a system which only promotes good leaders and eventually purge the bad leaders. 

These good leaders will eventually set right the implementation of laws and schemes intended for public welfare(which are presently misused) and ensure that the support/relief goes only to the intended and deserving victims/beneficiaries, since they would be responsive to the people who elected them and be efficient and capable to undertake the massive systemic correction we would have to do, to set right and prevent the re-emergence of the systemic-rot, that we are in presently.

It is with this Idea that the Great India group was formed(Facebook group for Great India: .
Do visit and join after reading the links and posts there. Also Download the ebook - Great India..Indian Democracy: Problems and Solutions->  This would give the readers an idea of what has been thought of by the Great India group, please do join and contribute to the work-force of patriots who have already pledged their support in Great India's action plans

Together we can do whatever we intend to do, to bring about the changes we want around us.

Let us be the part of the solution, and not part of the problem(by just cribbing/complaining about what we do not like around us), lets be the change-agents ourselves, because we can do this together.... the road ahead is tough but NOT AT ALL IMPOSSIBLE to traverse, can we do it, if we are united..... do join us and contribute your efforts along with us, see you at Great India facebook group: or short url .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree that if you dont have strong leadership a country will go to Hell.
Look at the PM of India, he is a total Eunuch, Ball Less Man, Women is sitting from the back and controlling the show, naturally Nation will decay.