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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

26th October, 2nd Anniverssary of DV- Black Day March-Mumbai

Hi All,

The Black March went on better than expected, considering that it was held on the day of Danteras festival. Many of members chose to celebrate danteras and perfrom poojas at home in connection with the same, but my only argument in favour of their attending our events(even if they had to be conducted on the same day as festivals as this) is that "Seva is the best form of prayer". If u do not help others or even help yourselves by strengthening our movement, how can we hope to achieve anything any soon?

We had 30 plus members participating displaying the banners to the oncoming traffic , distributing pamphlets and engaging the media, etc. The highlight for media was the video clips of one of our members , which showed the wife beating him for more than 1 hour etc.

Let me keep a proposal to all of you. November 19th we are going to conduct a massive Bike AND Car Rally from Fort area(from Fountain area if we get premission, or any other visible area, Family court Bandra). The detailed program will be designed and informed to all of you within this week.

Please mark this date(NOVEMBER 19TH) on your calenders right away and apply for necessary leaves or make suitable arrangements(no exuces please), since we need atleast 50 bikes and 10 cars to make an impact in the dense mumbai traffic. We are already on the job of the necessary permissions from the Commissioner of Police and family court etc. Tentatively this rally is going to commence in the afternoon session by around 2.30pm when the traffic thins and when we have a chance to get permission for the VIP roads(which are not allowed for such rallies when traffic in dense).

I need a head count by way of your replies, please do not necesitate a reminder in this regard, reply RIGHT NOW.

PS: The group has taken a firm decision that the key members and other members who counsels others who agree with this decision, will not entertain/councel members who do not give strength to group activities. This is not to put pressure on you, but with intention to activate sleeping members who think that "someone else will do it for them" this attitude has to be thrown out and NOW


b k mishra said...

Wonderful coverage to expose 498a/dowry law fraud and extortion racket.

Anonymous said...

Good job done by exposing all this as seen in the pictures here.

They have made it very difficult for many ladies now and for the future. Ladies wont be trusted easily when it comes to a relationship.....this itself will make marraiges more sour and bitter. So this pill (498A) the government has introduced will have side effects. Will lead to bad married life and this may result in more suicides. No doctor will be able to cure this disease. The pill (498A) needs to be withdrawn as quickly as possible. As you can see many of us are abroad and what happens? Lady in India and the Guy overseas !!! This goes on for years of course. Who loses? All because some politicians want it this way. As you can see many of us have been saying this for a long time. That is one proof in itself.

Peace - UK