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Monday, October 06, 2008

First weekly meeting in western-suburbs of Mumbai- resolutions and action points, event calender ahead

I am glad(I am actually holding back my sheer elation) to announce the newly formed email distribution list of mumbai, now onwards u can reach the core-group of Mumbai(PIF, NGO) by mailing to a single maild, ie. mumbai (at) protectindianfamily (dot) org

This is the start of a quantum jump in Mumbai's activity levels. Yesterday in the first weekly meeting of the western line(Venue: Goregaon)We were discussing Mumbai's evolution in SIF history, although we were among the first movers to start SIF group activities(back in 2005 Sept 11th we had our first group meeting at Powai, blogged at ), mumbai was the first among the SIF brigades to conduct a seminar: ), the first among innovative awareness programs : and , etc. etc.

Even with these commendable firsts, the fact remained that these pockets of excellence were only possible due to a very few dedicated members, and given that their whole-hearted efforts coming out of the firm conviction that piece-meal solutions will not solve the critical problems of the opulation at large, nor will solving personal cases bring immunity to oneself in future(misuse of family laws are, by nature, multi-directional, counter-intuitive and even beyond regular estimation or risk-assesments). But like a chinese bamboo shoot we had been systematically growing our roots in mumbai without much fuss or notice by even close associates, now this chinese bamboo is ready to achieve phenomenal growth which is well within the capabilities of the well motivated group we have now in Mumbai(bamboos grow their roots first, and then after couple of years, grows leaps and bounds after it has spread its roots enough to ensure food-security and sustainability in growth and existence!).

With these thoughts I would like to invite your attention to watch Mumbai group(Protect Indian Family, NGO- For family harmony, against legal terrorism) and to prepare yourselves to get ready to be inspired.

We pledge that we will not betray ur trust, we will only exceed expectations and targets we set for ourselves, we will not engage in wasteful exercises/egoistic acts, we shall strive to excel at each endevour we plan, we shall hold truth and justice above our own lives, we shall prevail with truth and justice, we shall do everything which counts to shake-up the system and relieve all of us from the systemic & chronic rot, with a view to present a better tomorrow to our own children and all other inhabitants of this world - "Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu".

See the brief details about the first weekly meetings in western line(Mumbai) and the discussions which lead to formulation of events until December 2008, planned to be "positively" executed in Mumbai:

Shine on us father, that we reflect your shine unto others..... Avigna Masthu
Brief details about the first weekly meetings in western line(Mumbai) and the discussions which lead to formulation of events until December 2008, planned to be "positively" executed in Mumbai:

Today we had the first meeting(weekly') in Goregaon(western line) and we have decided upon innvoative events, as well as the tested options like Dharna,Seminars, pls see the events as below

1) October 26th, 2008, 2nd Anniverssary of DV Act(Domestic Violence act)Black march: to mark this "Black Day for Indian families"
2) November 19th- Men's day, Bike/Car rally: 40 bikes and cars with PIF, Mumbai members and out station members
Optional-> Black(prominently) rangoli competitions , 2) Pamphlet distribution booths in V.T & Churchgate + family court(other courts worth which are worth it), other offices of state government,and 3) Candle march
3) 13th December - Dharna and memorandum/stats compiled as a folders andpresent to Home ministry. As a run-up to these events we can start distributing pamphlets as paper inserts, get news paper articles, etc, so that we can get maximum mileage out of every expense we incur.
PS: (Changes in counselling services from PIF)


DVA_498A said...

It was a pleasure to attend the meeting. The city of Mumbai needs more people like you and Guptaji.

Anonymous said...

One sided law. This cant be democracy. Bankruptcy in democracy makes the politicians come up with these sort of Penal Codes eg Indian Penal Code 498A. Loss for the ladies finally. UK Guy.

Anonymous said...

Jayant - Mumbai ( Maharashtra)
Name: Jayant
Comments: Unique case - WIFE NEVER VISITED SASURAL & still - 498A.
NRI son marriage at Jalandhar with Punjabi Girl-she got schizophrenic attack on Honeymoon night itself at Guest House Jalandhar -Unconsummated Marriage â€" Her Parents admitted her in psychiatric hospital in Jalandhar next day-Dr said long back conceived disease â€" (Dr treatment including Elec.shocks given to her for 14 days in Hospital)-Boy & parents returned back to Mumbai immediately-Boy felt cheated & refused to accept psychic Girl who filed false 498A on son & parents- also sent false case to NWC-Son being citizen got Divorced decree from CANADA court.
Posted by 498A_Crusader at 10/22/2008 12:17:00 AM





They can still trouble the guy when he visits India. That is Indian method. They can ask for another divorce as they got married in India even though you got one from overseas country. I would like to tell you what you want to hear but this is the ground reality in India. Many of these ladies are after quick money. They try to get as much money as possible instead joining you. A clear indication of another guy/plan on the side. Try to stay away from India now. They have the Indian Penal Code 498A on their side. Speaking after experience. I managed to come out before the real trouble. The authorities there dont like to follow this up when you inform them and are also willing to give more information about false documents and cheating taking place there. People tell me that even to get some sort of a reply, you need to spend money....chai pani ke paise as they so easily call it there in India!!! I made some "legal people" enquiries and heard various figures required to finish matter rather than bringing the guilty ones to books.....even when you know that you are not in the wrong. Just wanted to know what sort of help you are likely to get by informing the authorities there, I tried to contact and waited for response. The years are going. Even though back of my mind I had known that sort of no one will be interested, I tried to contact authorities concerned and realised no one is actually interested. The way the false documentation and cheating took place there in India, I was prepared for such a negative response. I suppose they feel that an NRI or a PIO will pay lots of money for replies. Basically according to many there, NRIs, PIOs pay!!! Samja na. So you just stay where you What else you want to know?

Peace - UK


Anonymous said...

Man UK

498_victim said...

Good work done brother.. I wish I could be there to join your efforts as am currently not in india.. but I am trying to spread awareness about this issue to with the indian community based abroad.

I hope the indian govt awakes soon and revokes this law..