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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Open letter- AAP's views & strategies?: Men's(& Families') right violation


I hope you are all aware, albeit in various degrees, of the misuse of laws intended for women-protection, which has actually shriveled entire societies in the west, and which could very well be traced back to a considerable loss of productivity in India and a threat to India's development as a nation itself.

Iam referring to the widespread misuse of laws like Rape(IPC 375) , Dowry laws(Dowry prohibition act of 1961), Dowry Death(IPC 304B), Abetment of Suicide(IPC 306), Cruelty against wife(IPC 498a), Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place act, 2013, the various Maintenance acts(Sec 125 of Cr.PC, sections of Hindu Marriage acts & Hindi adoption and maintenance act, etc), Child access and custody laws. 

All these, and more, laws are being misused against Men and his family members, including women of his house and other female relatives who may be staying apart(married sisters, their families), and lakhs are getting arrested and entangled in the legal web for extended periods of time.

For details you may visit these blog posts, just to ensure that any of you are not under the wrong influence of "myths"

Common Myths and arguments, when it comes to misuse of women-protection laws:

"Such instances of misuse of women-protection laws form a minuscule percentage and hence can be safely ignored. Anyway 99% of marriages are 'Good'! " , 

"Women do not risk breaking their own marriages by filing false cases" ,

"Fathers are unable to take care of children and they don't even want to take the responsibility of bringing them up" , 

"Every law is misused so there is nothing great about these laws getting misused", 

"These are small skirmishes in families/offices/society, which is unavoidable and anyway doesn't affect anything in the bigger scheme of things or the Nation in general!"

"Myth buster links"

"How the Indian government imported Weapons of Male(& family) destruction(WMD) from the United States " - (Misuse of women-centric laws, affecting senior citizens, infants & minor children, women themselves and men).


Do let me and the groups I represent know your views and strategies to address these issues, which are of grave importance to the basic units of any nation(families) and hence India as nation in general.

 Awaiting your swift response to take up necessary actions, especially in view of the upcoming elections.

***************My follow-up mail on 16th March***************

Dear members and officials of AAP please do reply to my Open letter sent/published yesterday. Please read on for some govt. statistics in this regard.

What will Bindu Krishna(Congress party candidate from Attingal, Kerala) & Sarah Josesh(Aam Aadmi Party Kerala ആം ആദ്മി പാര്ട്ടി കേരളംcandidate from Thrissur, Kerala), who claim to work for the welfare of women, do for these women and their families?. 

Aam Aadmi Party Thrissur ആം ആദ്മി പാര്ടി തൃശ്ശൂര് Aam Aadmi PartyAam Aadmi Party - Kochi please do reply to my Open letter sent/published yesterday, quoted above:

***************My follow-up mail on 18th March***************

Subject: Attn.Mr.Karassery: Ref: Your statement in today's Mathrubhumi & AAP's views & strategies?: Men's(& Families') right violation

Dear Mr.M.N.Karassery and all concerned at AAP,

Glad to note Mr.M.N.Karassery's statement that justice should be served irrespective of gender, religion and social status(today's, 18th March Mathrubhumi). We hope that you spread this message and also implement this in your work with AAP.

Please read my open letter to AAP: I have not got any reply from anyone in AAP regarding this, which puts a dark shadow over their intentions in this regard. I would anyway be grateful if you(or anyone concerned and responsible enough to reply to a genuine corncern by a citizen) could reply as to what AAP's view and strategies are to curb the misuse of laws intended for protection, which was termed by Supreme Court of India as "Legal Terrorism". 

***************My follow-up mail on 20th March***************


I haven't still received even an acknowledgement for my various email, I hope you are not evading these uncomfortable questions, if you are then you are no better than the current crop of Politicial Parties who do not care about the issues of people.

Today's example is this: 

Another perishes in face of 'Legal Terrorism

Hope you show the moral responsibility and conviction to answer my original question: AAP's views & strategies? regarding Men's(& Families') right violation

Warm Regards,

Gokul.P.R,, 9633409355(Kerala)
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Member - All India Men's Welfare Association(,
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Cowardice asks...."Is it safe?", Expedience asks "Is it politic?", Vanity asks...."Is it popular?"... There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right: Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Did you get a response form AAP so far?
Did you get a chance to fwd it to other national parties like congress and BJP?

Looking fwd for your response.