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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maharally: Help us reach out to the world

Subject: Maharally: Help us reach out to the world

Can you guys also search out international cycling groups/associations and cycling event organisers/participants across the globe and write to them similar short enticing messages, which will make them come and ride with us!(it would be a publicity blitzkrieg, even if 1 foreigner joins us!, besides the pull it will exert on the international media!).
You should especially write to the Dutch cycling embassy, they would then link us and support us everywhere they have a reach to, pls find the relevant emailids at: , (pls tweet tagging them, etc), and

Also contact: (Tour De france the most coveted cycling event, for the Time being!, till Maha Rally picks up pace and popularity, not really joking, it should be our dream... and if we dream right and act meticulously.... it will materialise, it's just a question of when, no whether!). Tour of Nilgiris is our own event : .

 Ccing to some who are closely associated with cycling for their info and references. Pradeep, Vimal, and other cycling pals, please do send us emails/weblinks of organisations and individuals who could be interested in associating with the Maha Rally.
Guys, "Maha Rally for Change" is all about positive changes and reforms around each of us, which concerns everyone. Check out MR website:

Hence we need to reach out to everyone across the globe, to get international support(they could use this new social-movement model, in their own countries, mixing sport with social responsibility, through solution & result-oriented patriotism and positive activism) network with all possible cycling groups nationally and internationally.

We also should inform cycling events worldwide about the Maha Rally and what it stands for, this actually deserves to be made bigger than the Tour de France, though it cannot be compared to any cycling event per se directly, since it's more of a socially responsible yatra, a  journey involving exploration of self and our country, in which one gets a chance to be a real "change-agent", touching various parts of India, trying to tie up the problems across  India, to those(voluntary groups, govt. agencies or individuals) who can work on suitable solutions.

The Maha Rally, is not just sports, it's Karma Yoga: 

Videos on Maha Rally : Maha Rally is coming to you : Maha Rally Starts on 28th July from Thrissur  and ends at Khardungla

Maharally coverage by Kairali TV(Malayalam), when Maharally crossed delhi during August, 2013(See from 3:43 mins). 

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