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Friday, February 19, 2010

Economic Terrorism and its family breaking manifestations

"Economic Terrorism"(as referred to by John Perkin's book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man": summary 1 & summary 2) is one reason why UN and hence USA is pushing family breaking laws into India and other countries(recent attempt being the attempt to introduce vexatious I-VAWA or the International(for all countries) Violence against Women Act, if I-VAWA is implemented Indian Women organisation and others who will ensure the breaking of our family system will get 1 billion US dollars).

 To know why they are after breaking the Indian family system please note that in India the family takes care of the senior citizens, the children, the family members who cannot support themselves and the women who need their support and the government does not have to spend anything as social expenditure for this to be in place. But in countries like USA the social expenditure as a percentage of GDP is 23.4%(this figure is for the 1990s), Sweden tops the list with 30.6%(see the image below for the list, one could refer this webpage for more details).

So once India also is made to spend substantial percentage of GDP in social expenses(after breaking the family system here, which makes social expenditure by government redundant at present), we will acquire more debt and be economic slaves, who can be ordered anything around by the masters/money lenders(see how economic terrorism works from John Perkins Videos below or summaries of his book above)

Jon Perkin's explains what "Economic Terrorism and Economic Hitman" is al about(short clip of 6 minutes)

See a video interview with Jon Perkin's(2 parts: Long clips around 50 minutes each)


Part -2

We need to send the media after UN and US for pushing vexatious laws like I-VAWA in India, which is in fact their vehicle to subjugate India and other countries like that. Britisher's knew very well that the Indian family system is the first thing to be attacked and shattered if India has to be conquered and subjugated fully(see the image below).... imperialistic forces are just following the same line with family breaking laws now.

Who doesn't know that "Divide and Rule" is the all time best tactic to oppress any group of people


Zeitgeist Explorateur said...

Please also watch his speech :

John Perkins speaking at the Veterans for Peace National Convention in Seattly (Washington), 2006

Anonymous said...

this guy watched the movie :D Zeitgeist: Addendum, by Peter Joseph 2008

- Prassoon Suryadas

CruiserDeep said...

Iam exposing the fact that all these women empowerment campaigns are nothing but money making rackets, real women victims do not get any benefit, and draconian laws get passed dime a dozen, which in turn makes the family system pushed into graver crisis.

These women organisations with all their astronomical budgets could not bring any tangible benefits, only because they just do not at all intend to bring benefits to women!!! , they just want to have men as their favourite whipping boys and fill their own pockets with foreign funds showing fudged statistics of atrocities towards women(and actually add to their plight by resulting broken families, single parenting, teenage preganancies, etc. leading to a vicious circle of chaos and anarchy).

Read how US is sitting on huge debts(1)(un-payable.. $ 1.2 trillion dollars!!!; to the tune that its the biggest debtor in the history of this planet, can u believe this, did you know this!... and still thinking of paying out 1 billion US$ for the implementation of International Violence against women act... why because that's their way to supremacy through economic terrorism(2)! and hence neo-imperialism)

If you read and update your knowledge on these ways of subjugating whole nations(including India) you will know what I mean to do here.

1 "How the Indian government imported Weapons of Male destruction(WMD) from the United States " -
2 Economic Terrorism by USA and its family breaking manifestations: