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Monday, March 17, 2014

Justice S.N.Dhingra's Speech: Save Indian Family's 10th foundation day

Watch Justice(Retired) S.N.Dhingra's well thought of and powerful speech on the occassion of the 10th foundation day of Save Indian Family movement at Delhi on 9th March, 2014

Hounarable Justice Dhingra started his speech in these lines " Sirf wohi aadmi pareshaan nahi hain jinki shadi nahi chali... aur bhi bahut aadmi pareshaan hain jo shadishuda hain ... isse kahi guna zayda vo log hain jo shadi chala rahe hain aur pareshaan hain."

Which roughly translate to "Don't feel alone and think that only those husbands are suffering whose marriage ends, those husbands are also suffering whose marriage is live.. in fact there much more people leading a much more miserable life, who are in a marriage and trying to keep the marriage alive"

He also spoke about what a Judge can do to stop misuse of law...... What we as citizens need to, and can do .... like if we as citizens were really interested in stopping dowry and the troubles due to it, we should have followed the law as prescribed in the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, which clearly says that all gifts exchanged between the groom's side and bride's side should be written down and should have signatures of both sides and should be registered with government.  Instead of enforcing this we and the vested interests are actually letting the system of dowry alive and getting ourselves into trouble.

The trouble(misuse of women-protection laws) we see on the surface is only like an Ice berg, may be less than 5% of troubled marriages precipitate and end up in misuse of laws, the rest 95% of troubled marriages just smoulder below the radar!. And there are a lot troubled marriages in our times, than we normally would imagine, may be more than 50% of marriages are troubled and traumatic in varying degrees and living in such relationships result in multiple negativity in terms of children's development and criminality in spouses themselves and in the children of these dysfunctional/violent families.

Like Justice Dhingra if more and more of our sitting judges show some understanding of this grave problem looming over us as a nation in general and act to sort it out in whichever ways they can manage, boosted by the courage of this conviction that this is a nation wide emergency(and not some silly hubby-wife tussle which deserved a blind eye)... we can hope to see some change from the judiciaries side too. Only if every segment/stake holder of this society pushes for a better tomorrow can we hope to bring about change in good time, else it's going to be very tough for everyone, faster than most of the indifferent/passively good silent people are hoping for!. We do not have to imagine a lot of things or do guesstimates, we just have to look towards the west which had gone this way of mindless 'development', and assess where they are as societies with respect to human welfare.

A must watch for every judge and every citizen across all strata of our society. Justice Dhingra has called a spade a spade in this... don't miss it!. 

(Long and full version)

See a shorter and clearer version here: 

Speech by Mr.Suhaib Ilyasi, director of the film "498a - The wedding gift"

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