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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Men's Day Vehicle Rally, Mumbai-Media Coverage


bipin said...

Ministry for men's welfare is must as women ministry causing biased law under dowry/Domestic Violence/rape prevention.

Anonymous said...

Many IAS/IPS and elite peoples too have started facing legal terrorism i.e 498a and the day is not far when PM,President and ministers are jailed for 498a.then these poeple will wake and listen, till then we will have to shout.

CruiserDeep said...

The problem is that people in higher echelons will quietly finish their problems either by paying offIand then they will make more money through corruption) or will supress the oppoition with their power.

So its our own battle, the battle of India's responsible citizens , no one else is interested brothers, none at all!.

So start making yourselves like rocks which will eventually break into the forts of oppression and injustice

Anonymous said...

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !heres a most wonderful international site with lots of information about vicious and poisonous tactics of feminists.
this site is pro male , pro mens rights and strictly antifeminist