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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black day for India & Indian families - Anniversary of the anti-family D.V Act

On October 26th(2006), the highly biased and anti-family, anti- human rights, constitutionally ultra vires, Domestic Violence law(PWDVA) came into force in India.

This day was a small step for the anti-india, "anti-family bandwagon", the feminazies, their cronies and their puppet-masters, but a giant leap for Mankind, as we know it, into the abyss of injustice and against all the tenets of natural justice .

If we are even a bit concerned of our children, we need to understand this abysmally retrograde, suicidal, leap of mankind, and act upon our inferences, yes we need to do it like there's no tomorrow, since there won't be a tomorrow this way!

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Black day was observed in Bangalore and other parts of India to spread awareness among the unsuspecting Indian citizens. Old aged parents getting kicked out and dispossessed of their own hard-earned houses, un-involved relatives reined in and harassed for years together, whether they be male or female.

These traits of this law are enough for any common man to understand that this law is not pro-Women or intended for women-protection at all, this law(PWDVA) is just a "weapon of mass destruction" in the hands of unscrupulous people, and vested powers let this injustice continue, since India can only be weakened by weakening and obliterating its family system!


Anonymous said...

We condemn the attrocities committed by the young and educated brigade of the Indian women, who were once known to be charimatic for being the sweet bombs destroying the root of the family system of this great democratic country.

CruiserDeep said...

Unfettered power corrupts, thats the only thing wrong here, women misuse laws since they can!(without fear of punishment, and hence its the equivalent of unfettered power).

Introduce fear of punishment and gender neutrality in laws, and most of the problems would be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Indian men probably deserve these kinds of laws because they have been supporting feminism and destruction of men's rights, gender harmony etc. without any application of mind. Sorry its really harsh (although I sympathise with you and condemn the women)the truth is that Most men are living in the medieval ages still protecting, providing and pampering women. Until that stops and change of attitude sets in nothing will happen. I wish all the guys in India get screwed royally by this act and only then will they wake up. Men's rights activism should have started in the 1960s itself because feminism had set foot at that time and could go overboard anytime. Even today most men are living in their ivory towers.