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Monday, May 27, 2013

Voice your opinion against the proposed, biased "Protection of Women's Privacy & Dignity bill"

Voice your opinion against the proposed, partisan "Protection of Women's Privacy & Dignity bill" 

PASS(Purushavakasa Samrakshana Samiti, NGO, Thrissur. - A group of our members are going to Trivandrum on 30th May, to represent our views and concerns about the proposed "2013, Kerala, Protection of Women's privacy and Decency Act"(for details refer the Bill text), infront of the Subject committee(who has called the public and interested organisations for representing their views, recording their opinions and evidences thereby).

This  Subject committee(No. XIV) is headed by CM of Kerala(refer The constitution of the committeePress Note & Questionnaire for more details. You can also refer "The Handbook on Subject Committees" to prepare yourselves fully)

Other NGOs across Kerala too are attending this meeting with the subject committee in big numbers, this is a big opportunity for us to get our voices heard by the authorities and to prevent misuse of another upcoming law against men!.

Requesting friends to join us in big numbers, so that we can show our concern and seriousness in terms of our numbers too. Contact Gokul: 9633409355 or Sreekumar: 9446326794 for confirming your participation.

Tentative plan of visit: Leave Thrissur by 29th night to reach TVM by 10AM on 30th May. Leave TVM by night on 30th May.

PS: Why we oppose this bill 1) Its not gender neutral, Men cannot take recourse of this law, if another man or woman does what is described as 'crime' in this bill 2) There is no misuse clause, as is the case with other widely misused women-protection laws.

"Peedanam"(Harassment/Violation of privacy and dignity of women, as if only women has privacy and dignity!!!) as defined in this bill is open to (mis)interpretation of the complainant, if she "feels" or "feigns" that she was violated(peedippikka pettu enna "thonnal"/ or "naatyam"!) the man is in soup.

There are no checks and balances especially when the 'crime-scene' setting is one to one, and its most probably than not one mans(woman-accuser) word against the another(the accused man). And in this law the word of a women is enough as proof(if she reports that the accused talked about her indecently/threatened to defame her, etc), which makes this law highly biased against men, as is the other women-protection laws which are being widely misused

Nowhere in this world does gender biased laws get implemented in such a large scale than in India. At least now that we know the situation and wide-spread misuse and losses due to such misuse ....why do we allow another biased law to be passed, when we know that its going to be misused!.

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