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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another man facing legal terrorism takes justice into his hands and then gives up on his own life

Another man facing legal terrorism takes justice into his hands and then gives up on his own life. How many more will have to walk this road before justice prevails.

Pradeep Jain was a victim of legal terrorism(false case of IPC 498a) and was denied access to his child, he broke down and went on a rampage, before he took his own life. This can happen to any man faced with similar situations.... we should act before its late. See the original news in TOI quoted below.

JAIPUR: Pradeep Jain, 32, who shot four members of his in-laws family, including his wife, was on a confrontation with his in-laws since 2006.

After his separation from the family, it was a mutual understanding that the baby would be given to Jain. However, the custody of the child was never given to him.

Addressing a gathering of over 2,000 people after he stepped on to the balcony of his sister's house at Devali town, Jain said: "They have been harassing me since 2006. I was fed up with the way the society including police, women's organizations and relatives responded to my worries and problems."

Pointing a gun on his forehead, he threatened that "if anyone dares to come closer, I will shoot myself." In a high drama that lasted for more than two hours, Jain asked the police to bring media persons to take his viewpoint. "Media se baat karwado nahin to maroonga (Bring media persons for interaction or I will die). Following the threat, reporters of various TV channels gave him the microphone.

'Doston, mein patni, pesha aur zameen se pareshan hum, koi meri nahin sunte (Friends, I am fed up with wife, profession and land and nobody bothers)," he said.
Later, thousands were taken aback when they came to know that he shot himself on the forehead.

**************** Another Victim of Legal Terrorism************

Another depressed father, Syed Makhdoom, had committed suicide on 5th April 09, leaving 4 suicide notes and the video appearing below, which was recorded on his mobile. Here he clearly mentions how he was tortured by his wife & in-laws and that he was not allowed to even see his only son, whom he loved more than his life.

There is also a heart wrenching message to the entire society towards the end. 

It was Syed's suicide which inspired his friend and film maker Mr.Suhaib Ilyasi to make the film "498a - The wedding gift"

When will this end?, when will the system stop cornering men, forcing them to turn desperadoes 


Ganesh_Nagpur said...

There is no Law to protect the mens. There is no punishment for Women for Breaking family. When the matrimonial Dispute occurs and Women Went to Lawyer House or Police station three her Brain is washed and show her offer of Heavy Money geting under different Law from husband. but they never tell her that "trust" of Husband on her will be lost forever. There is no recosilation can happen even if tried the LAter life of Mens will be like slave with same women. What jain had done is not Wrong way. He donot get justice from Court, Society, Police. Nobody had Listen His version. How Many Will go this wasy Only God can tell.

Ganesh_Nagpur said...

Engineer is Best Analyser of future. They have the constructive mind. He analiysed his future . option 1> he will keep fighting in court untill his death for waiting justice to him. _like a commen Man 2> if u read Domestic Violance . There is nothing for Husband. Law SAys wife will live in husband owned House and Husband will not enter in house. even the rapist in indian donot get such punishment when said wife is alive respectfully. How the husband is harrased in Family Court only husband can understand. Even the court have Blindly taking favour of wife.

CruiserDeep said...

Laws are for welfare of the citizens, the laws which do not do this are not laws but tyranny