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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Father gets Custody of his Child

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My name is Ajay. I am based in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh).I am a member of SIF family. Two years ago my wife left home in criminal conspiracy with her parents, and lodged false police complaint against me, my parents, sister and Brother-in-law at Mahila police Station.

In counselling at Police station nothing happened except that it was clearly established that she had lodged false complaint.Thereafter, she filed a number of cases against me including maintainance and custody of my two children. My children (daughter 11 years and son 5 years) appeared in court and clearly told Hon'ble Judge that they are living with their father and in future too would live with their father. The court granted interim custody in my favour.She filed appeal against family court interim order before Gwalior bench of M P High Court where after final hearing we are waiting for the judgement.

I will intimate as soon as it is delivered.The reason I am writing this blog is I have seen that most of the cases of D.V. are false, where men are being blackmailed by wives and theirparents. In my case too, my wife's brother is mentally upset and needs constant looking after and after her parents there is no one to take his care. To solve this problem my in wife presurrised me to live with her parents. When I refused she did the dirty work. There is one moretwist in the story, my wife also is a patient of epilepsy and vertigo. I have filed her medical record before the court. Plus she has studied only upto 12th standard. I am the only son of my parents who are both about 70 years old. In this age too when most people take to bed, they are looking after both my children.

To help my brothers I will search, load and provide links to judgements which will help us in getting justice. The readers too are requested to link their blogs and also submit links of the judgements delivered in our favour.


Anonymous said...

Sounds encouraging. Well done.

Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

Peace - UK