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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Maha relay vehicle rally for Men's rights(pan-India)

The Maha relay vehicle rally for Men's rights(pan-India): In conjunction with the National meet for men's rights, Chennai, 2012.

Need riders for The Maha Relay vehicle rally for Men's rights(pan-India): Only a relay format rally would be feasible for most of us, for the ones who are on/planning to be on a sabbatical a ride till delhi is well possible(radial routes to Chennai(where the National meet for Men's rights is going to be conducted this year, mostly on 17th and 18th of November) from their hometowns in various parts of India).

The plan is to conduct the rally from November 8th to 15th, start points being North end of India, South, West and East(and may be others if local centres fall in between these coordinates). The longest route may be from the North End of India(say Delhi or Chandigarh) to Chennai, which will be the longest to cover(2100 & 2424 kms respectively), one can easily do 400-500 Km per day(on bikes, cars can do more but they will have to pace with the bikes since its a rally, not a race!) with planned stops for food/breaks and SIF events/dharnas/press conferences... which means a relay team can reach Chennaii from Delhi or Punjab in max 6 days, but lets keep 1 day for buffer/rest/contingency., so 7 days max to Chennai from any extreme of India).

As of now the following members have shown interest in this relay bike rally for Men's rights:
Name Starting from
1) Gokul.P.R - Thrissur, Kerala
2) Amit Yadav - Delhi
3) Atit Rajpara - Pune
4) Yaksh - Lucknow
5) Suhail - Mumbai
6) Sachit - Delhi
7) D.S.Rao - Kolkata
8) Amol - Pune
9) Aggarwal - Gurgaon

We need to execute this "Maha relay rally for Men's rights(pan-India)" milestone... the media frenzy it could whip up and the resultant public interest would be among last nails in the coffin of misandry in India, so screw it..... lets do it(as goes the title of Richard Branson's .book:

Need more volunteers who can ride and organise a local group from wherever they plan to start the relay rally from(need not ride the full length till Chennai, since its a relay rally one can ride for how muchever kilometers he is comfortable in joining the rally).

At the end of the rally riders can attend the All India Men's rights National meet, conducted in Chennai this year(venue and other confirmed details will be announced later). We can arrange for the bikes to be transported back to the respective locations too, so do not hesitate, we are all here to make this mega events sizzle, just sign up and the rest ... we will all make it happen.

Let me know on gokul (At) , your responses to the groups/forums may not be noticed all the time, so do send your responses to my emailid too. 

Also join this event at , comment, participate and spread the word by inviting your contacts too to this event.


Anonymous said...

you will come all the way from Kerala?
hats off to you Sir!

Dulantha said...

Good work.......

Day by day people are understanding the truth.....

CruiserDeep said...

@Anon every bit helps, do contribute your efforts too for this event
@Dulantha do chip in with your efforts, can you take up some online promotion for instance or anything more too, just let me know. We will be forming teams to take care of all aspects wrt this event soon.