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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart *Lyrics On Screen*

To my children, near and far, wherever you are... you'll be in my heart!.... always.


Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Nothing anyone can say will ease the pain, but rest assured that the universe will restore all things to wholeness in the most correct manner. Know that you are not alone, and that time will change everything. I spend each moment waiting for the day when justice will be done.

I have set out trying to document all that I wish to pass on to my estranged son in a blog. Do take a look.

CruiserDeep said...

Just browsed through your blog, Iam so excited to see it.... all the best, will write to you after I read the blog later. Keep it up, lets do it for the children of this world. Iam also planning a message in the bottle concept, through music, I hope to action on the idea soon, will let you know then.... do send me your email in the meanwhile

Do take a look at my case history in brief( and also take a look at the linkages of destruction of Indian family to total invasion by powers that manipulate things this way and that way to achieve what they want: , and

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Thanks, CD, I am deeply indebted to you, your case, and your work in putting all of the 498a resources and support system together. Even though my case ended in an expensive and in my opinion unfair OOC settlement, I strongly support what you are doing, and both my father who is a writer and I continually direct people to your resources and SIF groups. You and all who have been at the wrong end of the use of gender biased laws are always in my prayers.

CruiserDeep said...

HI Subhorup, Please also do write and or create awareness using your skills and networks. We are no more victims in our own personal cases or even in general outlook, we look at ourselves as 'Victors'. This victim to victor transformation can happen in similar fated people once we are able to reach out to them and give them the tools and methods to get out and fight this state-sponsored terrorism