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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Men's rights group battle mandatory child support

India too will reach this state, if the current family breaking laws are allowed to do the damage they are wrecking all around.

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Anonymous said...


I have been fair in my comments regarding Indian Penal Code 498A and DV Law. Dowry demands and other harassments associated with the birth of a female and not a male are all wrong.

The argument is about the way the husband, in-laws and any other people the lady names are arrested and locked up without any evidence. Yes.....locked and sleep inside and the hell with their families and loved ones (including children) who wait for them at home. As if they have murdered someone!!! That is harassment.

People need to be aware of the Penal Code 498A and what it can do. This lady, Pooja Chauhan from Rajkot and who went nearly naked and walked the streets to have the voice heard has made people to read about the Penal Code 498A and what it exactly means for the husbands and the in-laws. Some people and may be the women's group encouraged her to go half naked like this. The method has been wrong. I do feel sorry for the lady. Because this Penal Code 498A is available to be misused, she went as far as this. So the people who signed and agreed to this IPC498A to be in place might be guilty to start with.

Peace - UK