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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Ode to Dad- dads for life, not just for conception

Thought you all would love this: . Check this one out especially:

Also see our guys in action at the CRISP(Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting) Dharna:

News reports about the event(available at if the links below are not working)

‘Both parents have right to child’s Custody’ :

Father’s Day blues for dads :

Professionals to highlight joint custody :

Harassed fathers seek better custody laws:

Also see for media articles which came before the event.

The Press Release for the event:

Photos from the CRISP Dharna(Father's for Child Rights):
Go dad go, you have done it, you can do it again, anytime you are needed to do it - dont just listen them say "Dads are Bad"!.
See how they do it in the USA

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