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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Report of Awareness program in front of Family court

On 7th June 2008 Protect Indian Family Foundation, NGO, Mumbai (Member of the Save Indian Family(SIF) Network), conducted an awareness program- ‘Effects of 498a, Dowry Act & Domestic Violence Act on Indian Families’.

This program was at the family court, bandra. 50 members in PIF T-shirts gathered and educated the people around family about the ill effects of misusing laws concerning families and also distributed pamphlets outlining these ill effects. The program details were communicated beforehand to the family court officials including the judges and the counsellors. Protect Indian family intends to continue such awareness programs in future too, especially since the high court of mumbai itself has been promoting such programs which could reduce disintegration of families and avoid wasteful litigation for all. Crores of rupees are wasted in the conduct of such litigations both in terms of juidical resources and public resources, apart from the weakening of the foundation of nation itself- The Family.
The present trend of wives filing false criminal cases, against their husbands and his family, at the drop of the hat(for reasons other than harassment and cruelty) is a very disturbing trend and is sure to affect India's progress itself in the long run. Progress of a country depends upon the level of wellness of its citizens, and if most of the citizens are entangled in trivial marital issues which are nevertheless catapulted into false but serious criminal cases, only god can save that nation!. The future of the nation, the children, are actually the prime affected in these unnecessary and ill-intentioned litigations there by sealing the fate of progress deep down the drains.

Misuse proportions are so overwhelming and flagrant that the Supreme court itself has termed this trend of misuse of women protection laws as 'Legal Terrorism', whereas this trend is actually fuelled by the breed of corrupt Police, indifferent Judiciary apart from the conniving and fire-starting advocates which prompts us to call it 'Sate Terrorism'!. Of course these laws are misused by the misusers themselves, but they find it easy to misuse since there is no fear of punishment even if the misuse is proved – They misuse the laws, because THEY CAN!.

The irony of all this is that women themselves are the targets of these misused women protection laws!(22% of all arrested in 498a IPC are women, compared to 5.8% average number of women arrested among the total in case of all other IPC sections. Source: National Crime Research Bureau)

************** Pamphlet used for this event**************

Protect Indian Family Foundation

Women protection laws should be used only in the
right spirit and in genuine cases, otherwise the same laws will prove disastrous
to themselves and breaks their own families.

Note to Public

Did you know that every year over 5 lakh persons are
harassed by the misuse of women-protection laws (IPC 498a, Domestic Violence
Act, Dowry Prohibition Act) – Please note that more than 22% of total arrested
are women themselves, and that more than 1.2 lakh women (over 5.3 lakh persons
in total) have been arrested since 2004 under IPC Section 498a (Source: National

Are you being advised to misuse these laws just to make
the opposite party (husband and his family) submit to your terms and demands – Please note that
these laws are known as ‘Family Breaker laws’ and the persons who misuses
are termed as ‘Legal Terrorists’ by Supreme Court itself. There is no chance of
reuniting and leading a meaningful family life after anyone misuses these laws,
since trust, which is the basis and foundation block of a family, is lost. DO

Whether you are a man or woman please realise that
fighting against misuse of laws concerning family is your duty, since these laws
only break families, puts individuals in distress for years together, and
promotes a fatherless society. We only need to look towards western societies,
where no one has benefited from laws like these, whereas violence has replaced
security and values inside their fatherless families, to know the worst effects
of destructive family laws like these.

If you have problems in your families, communicate with
each other or take assistance of counseling or elderly members of the family, do
not run to courts/police to settle scores. Making criminal offences out of
trivial family issues need to be resisted by all of us. We also urge the
legislation and government to curb the tendency of criminalization of trivial
family issues without even investigating

DID YOU KNOW THAT you could be arrested and put in jail,

DID YOU KNOW THAT a single line
of false complaint by wife under section 498A of IPC

(without any proof or witness or
investigation) could land you and your entire family in jail !!

Thereby wife herself blocks her entry back in the

DID YOU KNOW THAT false complaint under Domestic Violence Act
(commenced from 26

October, 2006) could throw you out of your own house

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LittleT38 said...

I just want to say thank you for all your efforts in helping to raise awareness to these horrific issues the family unit is dealing with.

Theresa Martin, Director
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA

Anonymous said...

They have acted in such a way that we are not able to visit India. A court case is not feared. The harassment and locking up to drain as much money as possible is what is disliked. In short they are saying to the NRIs or PIOs to stay away from India. So that way the lady left in India is told to go to hell with her problems. Wah.

UK Guy