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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Its very sad to realise that it needed a bill for enforcing the debt repayment (which cannot be repaid even in a lifetime by a child) we owe to our old parents. It pains to know that we have 'advanced' so much materialistically to come a conclusion that old people are not 'economically viable' in our scheme of things!. In our pursuits for higher posts, salaries, newer toys, bigger houses and villas, our hearts become smaller and smaller to the extend that our own parents cannot be accommodated in it anymore.

Anyway its good that government has realised this unfortunate trend of desertion and indifference towards old parents/grand parents. And the bill sounds very good in its intentions, it remains to be seen how the implementation is done and what are the actual guidelines laid out in the final Law after the Bill is passed. Questions like what’s the time frame in which relief is made available and whether the process of redressal is straight and clean, crop up in mind having seen lots of shoddily drafted laws which disadvantage our seniors, like IPC 498a, Domestic violence etc(please go through some of the instances we came across in field, below).

In Domestic Violence laws its said that the complainant should be given right to residence, some misuse of DV act can lead to loss on part of parents who may lose their residence to the law-misusing daughter in law. In many of the cases we have come across in our group, we have known for a fact that the elderly parents are the worst affected along with kids, when a law like IPC 498a or DV act is misused, where elders often will have wash their hands off from a life time's savings- just on the basis of a false complaint by the wives side.

Similarly talking about implementation of DV act requires 'Protection officers' and 'Service Providers'(NGOs or groups who are already in social services or related services are supposed to apply for being service providers), these two requirements of the DV law is not yet fully chartered out and hence in many places DV act is actually a white elephant, this bill for seniors too can go that way since there is a requirement that there should be tribunals in every district- I wonder how fast or whether this can be achieved in practice.

Having said about the lack of concern by youngsters towards their parents in the name of economic success and pursuits, I also would like to caution that there is a possibility of misuse of this law too, since revocation of will and jail sentences too are possible from offences under this law. This is more so since anyone can complain (on the behalf of senior citizens), about the so-called neglect and desertion of parents by children and such complaints could be false with some oblique motive, just using the vulnerability of parents who are totally dependant on someone else while their children are pursuing their careers and interests elsewhere (but supporting and maintaining their parents all the while). Therefore proper investigation of the case facts and evidences has to take place before any action against the accused are undertaken (the offence should not be cognisable or non-bailable, lest this fire power is misused for wrecking vengeance by someone who tricks the old people into filing false cases against their kids, or in any other scenario where these provisions of law is misused for some reason or the other). In some cases indifferent parents would have been instrumental in bringing-up indifferent children, in which case penalising only the children is kind of biased and unfortunate (who cared when that child was getting mistreated or uncared for?).

You can find some counter arguments in the above lines here: . Where the author concludes by mentioning " The growth of individualism, the fraying bonds of kinship and blood, decay of the joint and extended family are not moral failings, but are the inseparable companions of economic success. The neglected and abandoned elderly are only the generational counterpart of children hurt, mistreated, abused or exploited by sometimes desperate parents. If the government wishes to enforce its desire that all dependant people should be tended and cherished, it will have to come up with some more imaginative way of dealing with the injuries to which its own enthusiastic polices have made such a significant contribution. "

What we need as a permanent guideline is to imbibe good values, not legalising inter-personal relationships or delivering force-fitted piece-meal solutions, where love is the only thing lacking!.
Adding some points vis a vis an FAQ:

Q -> Discuss the so-called domestic laws and their good points, flaws or even ambiguity or absence – dowry, inheritance, domestic violence, senior citizens etc.

Ans -> The good thing about Domestic laws is that they address the point when a woman is oppressed, the bad point is also that they address only the scenario in which a woman is oppressed, not the scenarios in which Men are oppressed.

The recent Protection of Women against Domestic Violence law even necessitates that the complainant needs to be a women and the accused (respondent) needs to be a Man, thus excluding other scenarios of domestic violence from this laws ambit. What happens to the senior citizens who are oppressed by women, men harassed my women?.

Though our dowry laws has a provision for punishment of Dowry Givers, how many instances of dowry giving has been punished?!. Surprised?. In how many instances have girls married (for whatever reasons it may be) lesser-established boys without paying dowry?(by not buying the boy)

Its the same parents who lament after marrying off a daughter to someone, somehow, by paying of dowry, while totally avoiding the issue of equal inheritance by both son and daughter. Which if done and enforced, will end the social menace called dowry.


Anonymous said...

I think Shilpa said something in the line of... he is from overseas and different culture and needs to be treated well specially when he is doing so much for India. May be an Indian guy who if had done the same to Shilpa might have faced the Indian penal code 498A or the DV law introduced by an Indian lady law maker!!!??? Nothing is likely to happen to Gere. How India will face this challenge now???!!!

For those who dont know what this penal code misuse is can check the internet for it. Type "Indian Penal code 498A and DV law" at google search for example and the whole chapter opens up.

The overseas guys also stuck in this misuse of the law, after truely loving and marrying an Indian lady from India will also know better. They cant even return to India in fear of being firstly arrested and troubled for about 5-6 years to prove their innocence. Guy - UK

Anonymous said...

UK - Guy: This has just been read on internet:-

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Zee News on 498a
"Main Shaadi Karungi, Pati ko Fasane Ke Liye,
Main Saath Phere Loongi, Case Darj Karne Ke Liye,
Main Dahej Bhi Doongi, Pati ko Kaid Dilane;
Rishte Hue Bemel, Yahi hai 498a ka Khel..."

- Crime Reporter (Promo) Zee News.
Telecast: IST 11.00pm (3oth July 2006), Repeat 10.30am, 4.30 pm (31st July 2006)

Attempted Translation (accurate translation not possible):
"I will get Married, to cheat the Husband,
I will take Seven Rounds of Vow, to be able to file a case,
I will give Dowry, to get the husband arrested (if required);
Relations have reached to this Irreworkable Day, because of the 498a."
posted by Jinesh Zaveri at 6:06 AM

Anonymous said...

Check this also.....

"Section 199. False statement made in declaration which is by law receivable as evidence

Whoever, in any declaration made or subscribed by him, which declaration any Court of Justice, or any public servant or other person, is bound or authorized by law to receive as evidence of any fact, makes any statement which is false, and which he either knows or believes to be false or does not believe to be true, touching any point material to the object for which the declaration is made or used, shall be punished in the same manner as if he gave false evidence".



.....Peace - UK

CruiserDeep said...

Hi UK-Man , Mind letting me know who u r?... may be a private mail to me or so(mail me at or

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
CruiserDeep said...
"Hi Man , UK, mind letting me know who u r?... may be a private mail to me or so(mail me at or"

I am glad you replied.

Gentleman I have read your message here.

So much bad happens in India that people sending in messages are bit reluctant to place real name and address to this.

A common belief (Please understand why I have said this, ie common belief). I have got my life to live.:

People in India use money to organise unthinkable false documents with proper office stamp on it. At times the documents come from proper office but have been obtained by giving fasle information and as such the office is covered but the guys giving in false information are still in the wrong and it is difficult to sort all that out when you are firstly placed in prison. Even the Indian offices refuse to answer to this as many of them have been involved to organise so much bad. For example how are you going to tell someone that a so and so took bribe and a so and so organised false and doubtful documents? Yes you write and ring. But they dont want to come forward and reply.

Money speaks faster. Firstly you can see that in this 498A section how safe a lady is after giving false information. Basically the victim suffers for about 5-6 years to prove himself right. Is that fair? I have always loved India and been there many times. For example if I say this someone is a thief, then it is my duty to prove that he or she is a thief. Why that someone has to prove that he/she is not a thief?

"Section 426. Punished for mischief

Whoever commits mischief shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both."

Yes the laws are in place but how you start when you are firstly arrested and degraded and laughed at and may be even beaten.

Will a minister's son be arrested firstly in such type of false accusations?

Typed quickly. So please correct and read.

To cover myself, even I have to say here that I take no responsibility for giving this information. The whole matter said above is as such without prejudice

Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

Peace - UK says...he saw this on internet...

"Thursday, June 14, 2007
MAHESH JAIN - New delhi
Comments: My father-in law and mother -in law involved into share trading, pawn broker, chit-funds etc keep on asking money. Till date give Rs 8-10 lacs in ch and cash through my wife. If money not given then trheat to kill my daughter and invovlve my family in false case of 498a.

10:17 AM, June 30, 2007

Anonymous said...

This is also on internet...

"Friday, June 29, 2007
thiyagaraja - chennai
Name: thiyagaraja
Comments: i work in middle east.the girl demanded for separate family leaving my parents which i rejected failing which,she blackmailed me to comit sucide. but one fine day her parents came to our house with people of a movement called vahga valamudan attacked my father and draged him to local police.subsequently we wear in police stataion.there she declaredshe is not interested to live with me and took all her belonging and give in writting also.after this i issued divorse in high court and took Anticipatory BAIL 2 times and i was she has given a petition in her local police staion for which girl is not coming for enquiry,even at the call of police SI.she delibaratly want take revenge of my elderly family.i lost peace of mind.i hope that i will get back my days with my father and mother."
# posted by Anonymous : 10:22 AM, June 30, 2007

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on internet...Reader - UK

"Sunday, July 01, 2007
namit Juyal - Noida/Uttarpradesh
Name: namit Juyal
Comments: I m a software engineer working at noida.I got
married January 2005.after my marriage few months went fine but after
that problems started. My wife is very demanding. She forced me to buy
car in her name for which i had to took loan 2.7 lac from the bank for which i m paying Rs5408 every month . After that she forced me to buy a house
jointly at Greater Noida for which i again took 13.6 lack Home loan & 1.5 lac personal loan from bank for with total emi i m paying every month is RS 20,000
.My parents also helped me by giving 4 lac in buying this house.After that she and her parents started blackmailing me to transfer
the whole house in her name other wise they will file case sec. 498 A against me. Upon resisting they filed FIR against me of Dowery and
Domestic voilence against me and my parents on 18/06/2007.We have taken stay from high court against it.I had to stay in jail for 2 days and i was released on personal bond of Rs 10,000 after the stay from high court. My wife wants huge amount of money,home and car if i have to settel this case which is not possible from me.Kindly help me

Anonymous said...

To start with, ask them if a minister's son will be arrested with in this type of compliant from a lady who misuses 498A?!

Secondly ask them if a white man from UK will be arrested to start with in such type of case?!
Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

To start with, ask them if a minister's son will be arrested with this type of compliant from a lady who misuses 498A?!

Secondly ask them if a white man from UK will be arrested to start with in such type of case?!
Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

I have been fair in my comments regarding Indian Penal Code 498A and DV Law. Dowry demands and other harassments associated with the birth of a female and not a male are all wrong.

The argument is about the way the husband, in-laws and any other people the lady names are arrested and locked up without any evidence. Yes.....locked and sleep inside and the hell with their families and loved ones (including children) who wait for them at home. As if they have murdered someone!!! That is harassment.

People need to be aware of the Penal Code 498A and what it can do. This lady, Pooja Chauhan from Rajkot and who went nearly naked and walked the streets to have the voice heard has made people to read about the Penal Code 498A and what it exactly means for the husbands and the in-laws. Some people and may be the women's group encouraged her to go half naked like this. The method has been wrong. I do feel sorry for the lady. Because this Penal Code 498A is available to be misused, she went as far as this. So the people who signed and agreed to this law to be in place are guilty to start with.

It shocks and saddens you to see a young woman like Pooja Chauhan take off her clothes and parade through the streets of Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Whether she is right or wrong, alcoholic or drug addict or is after some money after harassing the husband and in-laws etc is up to the law to find out. She certainly has brought a lot of damage to the husband's side. This case will probably take very long to finalise as it seems that the arrests have been made and it is regarded as a criminal case against the husband and the in-laws. A mere sorry from Pooja will not do as now the whole matter will have to be cleared via the courts.

People can type “Indian Penal Code 498A and DV Law” at google search for example and can find out more.

Many false cases are lodged where the ladies firstly get the husband's side arrested and it is heard that in many cases it takes 5-6 years for all to be over. NRIs at times end up staying in India for so many years and at times end up paying so much to get out of all this.....even though when they are totally right. They just want to carry on with their lives abroad and so get out of the country in this way after having their passports returned. This word has gone around in India and so NRIs are considered easy targets.

This lady Pooja Chauhan has made people more aware of this Penal Code 498A and the DV law and that is one of the good things that have come out for the male population in India, UK and other countries. Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

National Commission for Women should not make a meal out of this case. The lady went half naked on the road and it is bad enough. Her aim seems to have been to get the in-laws arrested firstly. Like many other cases, a lady at times comes up very strong and then cools down and changes the story. The real problem is something else but the complain is for something else. I KEEP SAYING THAT THE LAW IS WRONGLY IN PLACE. The law allows the police to arrest firstly without evidence. They just need a statement from a lady to have in-laws arrested. This loop hole is what many ladies seem to be using. " MAXIMUM HURT WITH MINIMUM PROBLEM" ie...just tell the police that so and so is asking for dowry and that person is in with a criminal case filed against him. At times this complain about dowry has never been there from a lady. But she suddenly comes up with that accusation as that works fast. " BIG DOSE OF SOMETHING THAT KILLS" That big dose ie the Indian Penal Code 498A and DVC law is there for them to use whenever they wish to do so.

Anonymous said...

Misuse of the law by ladies will not help other ladies. At times one of the persons arrested in the in-law's group is a mother.....mother-in-law.....yes a lady. I hope there is no emotional decision and more punishments for anyone before finding the real truth in this above crucial case and even in other more simple cases. MAN ALSO HAVE FEELINGS. NRIs also have feelings. Let me say no more. Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

So much has been said about the misuse of this so called Penal Code 498A and DV law. Ladies have been unnecessarily fully armed to start with.

So basically they have been told..."go get married and then if you don’t want to live with him then you can get him and in-laws arrested and he pays quicker when behind bars." It is as simple as this.

It is an insult to have someone arrested in this way and to place him behind bars and made to negotiate after making him taste the food behind bars. How did Gandhi feel when he was placed behind bars? Have I not said enough?

Look what Peace – UK and other UK guys have been saying for many months under various topix related to this>>>"Indian Penal Code 498A and DV law." The majority of the cases involve people in India. We are not against India. What is being said can help to place the minds thinking once again for these types of misuses.

A lady dropped her clothes in the streets of Rajkot and walked wearing 2 clothes in this wet weather. Why? The whole world saw that. In films for such scenes, they get paid few lakh rupees. I am not saying that she does not have a case. That is up to the court to find out. There are other ways to get the message across. The easiest way is via the misuse of this law which exists. It has minimum risk for the lady but maximum punishment for the husband and in-laws. And she goes for it. Same way the lady does not want to be harassed by the in-laws; the husband and the in-laws also don’t want to be harassed like this by being arrested to start with.

The case is regarded as a criminal case. So what happens in a normal criminal case, where for example, some one breaks into a house and is locked up? Who takes him to the court and who pays the fees to sentence him? Why in these sorts of Penal Code 498A and DV law cases, the man has to bail himself out and later hire a lawyer to prove his innocence? Why call someone a criminal when he is not a criminal? Why the police don’t take him and others named in the case to the court to prove that they are criminals…same as they do in other real criminal cases and lock them up for many years when found guilty? That will be expensive…yes? So now you see how all this has been so nicely worked out! The husband and the in-laws pay.

That question asked by Peace – UK still remains. Will a minister’s son and others in the family be arrested with one single complain from a lady? Will they be placed behind bars and then they bail themselves out to prove that they are not criminals? Will they be arrested like other Indians and NRIs say for example, on a Friday and then told that the offices are closed and so they have to stay inside for the whole weekend?

So basically the law is organised in such away that the government spends as little as possible. The man pays. I am not going to go into the details of the money he ends up paying under the table here and there. NOW WHO IS GOING TO SAY THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN INDIA ON VERY REGULAR BASIS? See the films where such scenes are not censored as they are there to open the people’s eyes. The government lets such scenes go through hoping that the bribery and corruption in the country will go down a bit but then on the other hand they have introduced these one sided laws!

What I am trying to say is that the man and the in-laws do end up paying a lot to put their lives back on track after these false accusations. No compensation is there for them. The lady drops the clothes and says she does not have any money to compensate for the disturbance caused to the husband and the in-laws. And that works. People easily take the side of the lady who drops the clothes. What chances do the husband and the in-laws have? Peace – UK has said that NRIs also have feelings and get hurt. They value their hard earned money and lives also. This is the message for the people in India to do something and the message for the NRIs who think of marrying an Indian lady from India.

Anonymous said...

This is on internet:-

"Heartwin Wessly - Erode, Tamilnadu

Name: Heartwin Wessly

Comments: my case is in enquiry stage. My wife was married beforeand she give money to broker and hide that and marry me. She dont have proper divorce before justice. But she give complaint against me and my mumm and other four members. I was remanded in jail for 7 days and got bail. I spent lot of money to save from this false case. No use now i am helpless. Police made false fir and spoil my life. i was sufferring past 4 years. 31/07/2007 is the enquiry date given by the magistrate court bhoothapandy. before that i filed a petion in madurai bench to transfer the case to any other district because of my wifes family are threttening us for money. court doesnt bother about it. i am so much worrying and decide to make sucide. because law, police, judge and all the government orders are favour to she. No one is ready to protect me."

Anonymous said...

This is also on internet:-

"ARPANA (victim\'s sister) - BANGALORE

Name: ARPANA (victim's sister)

Comments: My family is being terrorized and the situation is getting worse day by day by frequent filing of false cases by my sister in law (SIL). She has already filed 498A two times and now threatening to file rape charges against our close family. Adverse media coverage by local news papers a few days back is causing irreparable damage to our already pathetic situation.
I belong to Gaya. I lost my father in 2001 in car accident. I have an elder married brother, a younger brother, my mom and two sisters. All sisters are married and stay in our husband's house. My brother got married to a girl from Sikandara, Bihar on 16 February 2005.
It was 5th of Sept, 2006 when my SIL filed first 498A in Jamui against me, my 2 elder sister, my mother, my elder brother (her husband) and younger brother. Complaint number is 757 C/6 section 498A, 323, 334, ¾ in Jamui court.
SIL alleged my brother of beating her in 5th month of her pregnancy and this incident, she claimed, is the reason of “cleft palate” of the born kid. As it can be asked from a qualified doctor, cleft palate is the result of rare genetic disorder. She even alleged of illicit relationship about my brother! She further alleged all of us trying to immolate her and demanding 50000 Rs as dowry! At the time of this alleged crime, I was in Bangalore, my sisters were in Patna and Kolkata and even my SIL was not present in our home, not even in Gaya!
I, my younger brother and my sisters were granted bail by DJ, Jamui. My elder brother and mother were granted conditional bail. The condition put forth was to take SIL back to home and put her in a separate home from where my mother resides. SIL was also instructed not to have her parents visit her as my brother had complained of them causing trouble in our life.
SIL came to Gaya but soon her parents and brother followed. The old story of unreasonable and abusive demands of separate home, servants and cash started. My brother refused to budge to these demands and informed Jamui SDJM. Meanwhile SIL filed cases in Gaya Kotwali of attempt to murder, complaint number 111/7 under section 341, 323, 307, 504/34. Fortunately some investigation was done by police and no arrests were made.
She used to come to my younger brother’s shop in Gaya sometimes and used to create a scene by quarreling with my brother and even biting once. My brother informed Gaya Kotwali about this. No complaint was filed and neither any action was taken.
Unfazed, on 4th July, she filed another case in Gaya Kotwali, complaint number 172/07, section 498A, 384, 304. In no time on same day, without any basic investigation, my younger brother was arrested by police and sent to jail. Bail application is pending and still he is in jail as I am writing this down. The magistrate has asked for police diary before granting bail. Police is not ready to hand over diary unless my brother surrenders. Police has issued notice to attach our property in Gaya if my brother does not surrender. My brother is under great pressure to surrender by this week!
Her new allegations in case involve demand of 5 lakhs and my brother leaving her in red-light area of Gaya!
Court proceedings are going on at Jamui in first case as and when date comes. Meanwhile SIL is on rampage misusing all laws. We are counting restless days and nights as we are going through the most painful phase of our lives. Our shop in gaya is closed and we do not know what to do except running around lawyers, courts for the crime we never committed!"

Peace - UK

Anonymous said...


Chandra - London

Name: Chandra

Comments: Sridevi mannava a lunatic female filed a fake 498a case against me.
I then got a stay order from high court. I went to India last year when the high court stay order was live. Mannava ram mohan rao a well known gunda who is the father of the complainant got me arrested joing hands with the police.Also the lower court has issued non bailable warrants while the stay order was still in force.
So you can clearly understand the situation I hope. When a higher court has issued a stay how can a lower court and police take action??? This can only happen in india. the bottomline is corruption.Can anyone think of any other alternative.
Interesting this is the girl has already left to USA and her dad wants to get huge amount of money from me.
The world media boosts too much about india but indian laws are barbaric and biased.
I pledge all the NRI's to come forward and support this situation and we can even put in media.
Long live NRI's.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen..... can any one answere this please?

Tell us please what he means(above) when he says he got a stay order from high court.


Perhaps Cruiserdeep or someone else also might be able to give this crucial information to us so we all can benefit. Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

The formless consists of attributes Truth, Righteousness, Equanimity, Love and Non-Violence (also known as The Rules). From which we got our ancestors consisting of hydrogen, oxygen,calcium, carbon etc as mentioned by you also above. During creation there was nothing. He did not go to look for hydrogen and oxygen to make water...if He had done so then it would have only confirmed there was someone before Him.

Once we are able to discard the feeling of this body, what remains is the formless attributes. That is the Bliss stage and we have a feel of that during meditation. Those attributes all together make one powerful Super Human Power. That never dies and so never comes back. It is always there. God never takes birth. The form takes birth.

Religion can be regarded a systematic faith in this Super Human Power called GOD.





Anonymous said...

The formless consists of attributes Truth, Righteousness, Equanimity, Love and Non-Violence (also known as The Rules). From which we got our ancestors consisting of hydrogen, oxygen,calcium, carbon etc. During creation there was nothing. He did not go to look for hydrogen and oxygen to make water...if He had done so then it would have only confirmed there was someone before Him.

Once we are able to discard the feeling of this body, what remains is the formless attributes. That is the Bliss stage and we have a feel of that during meditation. Those attributes all together make one powerful Super Human Power. That never dies and so never comes back. It is always there. God never takes birth. The form takes birth.

Religion can be regarded a systematic faith in this Super Human Power called GOD.





Anonymous said...


“Salats asked to settle dispute out of court

Express News Service
Ahmedabad, July 30: While granting bail to Chirag Salat, accused of forcing wife Pooja to abort a female foetus and harassing her for failing to bear a male child, the Sessions Court on Monday asked the couple to resolve the dispute between themselves.

Chirag, prime accused in the case, is the last member of his family to have been granted bail in the case. Additional Sessions Judge PP Bhatt fixed a surety of Rs 20,000 against the bail.

Pooja had alleged that Chirag and 17 others had been mentally and physically harassing her for the last nine years for failing to bear a male child. She had alleged that her in-laws forced her to undergo an abortion in 1998 after a sex determination test revealed she was carrying a female foetus. The test was allegedly conducted at Dr Sanat Joshi’s clinic. She had also accused the Salats of demanding Rs 25 lakh as dowry.

On Monday, defence lawyers Sudhir Nanavati and Prakash Shah contended that Pooja filed her police complaint a few days after Chirag filed for a divorce. They also submitted that not a single medical certificate was submitted by Pooja for injuries sustained during her stay with the Salats.”







ON 26TH JULY Peace - UK said above " Quickly Mrs Renuka Chaudhary should get involved personally in this case otherwise this case can disappear. Normally these type of criminal cases (as they are criminal case in India) take about 5-6 years to come to an end."

So one can see how people know in advance how money speaks faster in India.

Reader UK

Anonymous said...

Section 504. Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace

Whoever intentionally insults, and thereby gives provocation to any person, intending or knowing it to be likely that such provocation will cause him to break the public peace, or to commit any other offence, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

UK Guy

Anonymous said...



Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New DElhi.
5/24/200707:38:00 PM

It is universal reply of all accused in Criminal Cases that they are innocent. No person/accused in world would admit that he had committed the crime.”

Link is:

or check: this guy’s case here:

And here the Respected Minister says in his case :

“Indian minister accused of demanding dowry
By Jo Johnson in New Delhi
Published: July 30 2007 16:40 | Last updated: July 30 2007 16:40

Indian police have charged a senior cabinet minister and Congress party veteran with breaking the country’s stringent anti-dowry laws, causing embarrassment to a government that has put the promotion of women’s rights at the forefront of its political agenda.
Arjun Singh, the minister for human resource development, and several family members have been accused of demanding payment from his grandson’s bride. Mr Singh has denied any wrongdoing and on Monday vowed to defend himself in court.“

So how Mr Balaji can so easily say:

“It is universal reply of all accused in Criminal Cases that they are innocent.”

Peace - UK

CruiserDeep said...

UK guy, at least give me your email, by private email to me. I just would liek to chat with u on how to ustlise your initiatives a bit more steamlined to the groups projects on the cards, you have a great amount of drive, commendable.

So write to me at drmura (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have taken these cases to heart after some personal experiences which are not over yet. While seeing my case working on the side, I am trying my best to give as much information/ comments as possible to keep all this alive. I have loved India and have been there many times. Now I don’t feel that I am safe there even though I have done nothing wrong. The team work there is big enough to destroy a honest man's life and send him to gutter. I am coming close to contacting you to give more information. But perhaps it might be better to talk on phone. Please give me some time. I am also trying to see the connection between Nishat Kumar, Cruiserdeep, 498A Crusader, Satya, Jinesh Zaveri, Gokul etc. I have placed comments at various blogs organised by these connections. These people seem to be the ones fighting for this cause. I was not born in India and so it is taking me time to get used to all this. I am not against ladies either. This whole set up being misused is what I worry about for the good future of Indian husband–wife relationships. UK Guy

Anonymous said...

Re: Indian Penal Code 498A and DV Law:

Where money buys the legal system, these sort of things will keep happening. The other day a guy was telling me that to survive in India, you need to be a gunda or have lots of money. And that is not the majority in India. The straight forward people and the poor form the majority and they suffer. And many of the others seem to be in power and they rule. In pakistan they overthrow such government.....and that is also not the answer. But one such overthrow in Indai will open up some people's brains and I am sorry to say that finally. Peace - UK