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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Invation to Mr.ArjunSingh: NationalMeet &Protest against-Misuse-of-Laws concerning Families(IPC498a/DomesticViolence&DowryProhibition acts,causing Family&Elder Abuse


Mr.Arjun Singh,
17, Akbar Road, New Delhi
Tel: 23016516, 23017340, Fax- 23017404, 9868181607(M)

Dear Mr.Singh,

Greetings from all at Protect Indian Family, Mumbai.

Let me introduce our Umbrella Group "Save Indian Family"(SIF) as a network of NGOs, Individuals and other socially responsible Organisations and Authorities. Currently the yahoo group of SIF has a strength of 3000 NGO and Individual members in total, on actual ground we have more than 50000 families as our members and above 20 NGOs as our Network-affiliates spread pan-globe.

Our main area of concern and hence work is regarding Misuse of Laws concerning Families in India(and families with People of Indian citizenship abroad). As you are well aware, and since you yourselves had a first hand encounter with the Viscious and Malignant misuse of IPC 498a, I would desist explaining anymore in this regard. You could check our websites and New Publication for more information and current events being reported all around the world in this line.

Unfortunately or Fortunately! the Octopus hands of this blatantly misused laws do not stop at any threshold, be it Mr.Huda(haryana), yourselves or Popular Businessmen(Aseem Premji of Wipro was falsely accused in a Domestic Violence case recently, allegdly for giving "Dating Allowance" for wipro employess, this alleged 'allowance' later turned out to be fictitous and the allegation proved to be opportunistically oblique, to amass a quick buck as Ransom/Extortion Money by the Law misusing wife of a Wipro employee-Mr.Gaurav Nigam, who is our Member since then).

We also have Mr.Deepak Pandey I.P.S(for Aid De Camp(A.D.C) to the Gorverner or Maharashtra), as our member and well wisher; who was falsely alleged of Cruelty to his IAS wife(after 2 yers of Suspension and Departmental enquiry, he was re-instated with full compensations for the suspension period!- but who is responsible and how can anyone make-up for Mr.Deepak's(or any of our memeber's) valuable time, Mental Truama, Irreversible scars on ones personality and psyche and health). He is just one of the luminaries who has associated with us, along with other eminent personalities including judges, policemen/policewomen!, Actors, and other persons in prime societal positions, who were ruthless, undeservingly and vexatiously victimised by wrongful use of these laws by LEGAL TERRORISTS.

This email is specifically to inform you that our umbrella group, Save Indian Family(the yahoo group of which you are already a member of), is organising a National Level Meeting and Protest in Delhi((held on 25th and 26th August.... details: .

We would like your association in these events(held on 25th and 26th August) as a Patron or Affiliate etc., as you think appropriate. We are planning to print Banners, Invitations, etc, with all affiliate's names and their Logos etc.(like you can see in the invitation uploaded in the above link), to show strength and credibility in our demands of 'Preventing Misuse/Abuse of Laws concerning families, while Protecting genuine Victims'.

You could kindly let us know your views on the above regarding associating with our group, or could chose to bless us in our endevours in this direction, since we need all your support and cooperation to be able to take this Revolt against "Systemic ROT", which is axing the roots of Indian families and hence going to the decay of the Nation itself eventually, and hence laws prone to misuse.

Do let us know your impressions by reply email.

Warm Regards,

Gokul,, 9821414336(Mumbai)
Editor - , Director-
Protect Indian Family: "For Family Harmony.. Against Legal Terrorism"

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