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Monday, November 06, 2006

Nari Shakti yaa Nari Bechari?? (Woman Power or Woman Weak)

Nari Shakti yaa Nari Bechari?? (Woman Power or Woman Weak)

Nari Shakti yaa Nari Bechari??
(Woman Power or Woman Weak)

In a place like India where women has a place just next to God, where woman has ruled the country the most longest than any country of the world, where woman has all the say in family matters without being at the for-front, today we are saying they are so fragile that to safeguard them we need a bill/act like DV. Isn’t this an insult to all the women & our social values??

Who wants Domestic Violence / Dowry Harassment Law (498A) ?? :

Laws like DV, 498A makes us to think as who needs such laws and who is currently using it. This needs to be given very serious thought now as if we don’t think now, promotion and support to such barbaric laws will destroy all family values in our society and our future generations will never spare us without cursing as to what we have given then in inheritance.

In the Land of Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmibai, the great warrior, Sarojini Naidu, a strong woman who fought for Indian freedom, Indira Gandhi, a woman who ruled on Indian politics for longest time, Mother taresa, who is given Saints status, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, ladies, ruled on Universe & World hearts, is this right to state that women are fragile here?? In a land where women are prayed and Mother is considered next to GOD as she is the creator of this world, is this right to say they are being maltreated??

Laws like DV & 498A are meant to be used by those women who are being maltreated by there husbands & in-laws but do they really use it or using it?? There is no mechanism in these laws to find out if the complaint which is being lodged is correct or not. Husband & his family members including the women from husbands family are considered CRIMINALS at the time complaint is lodged. They have to go through all what a CRIMINAL has to go through with out committing any crime. Those women (mother-in-law, sister-in-law of the complainant) who has to go to Prison, are we not committing cruelty on those women?? And then Women organizations are talking about giving support & independence to Women by introducing laws like Domestic Violence & 498A. This is really shameful that A WOMAN is not trying to protect other WOMAN’s rights. Women welfare organizations are trying to give support to wives by supporting these laws but what about those wives who have already done their duty towards society & humanity by giving birth to a child, who are implicated under these laws by those wives who are looking for DV & 498A support. People will not come from out of the world for the protections of such women who are mothers and sisters. If wives are to be supported, mothers & sisters are also to be supported equally.

I urge to all the women of India to stand against these laws in order to safeguard the pride & status of Woman in India. DV & 498A law are to be countered till such time they become balance. Gender bias which is there, in these laws as on date, has to go and all people whether woman or man, need to be given equal space. There has to be a provision of punishment to those who falsely implicate people in these laws. There has to be fast track courts for all such cases and on finding guilty, strongest possible punishment must to awarded to husbands & their convicted family members but if false implication is proved then equally strong punishment must be given to woman & her family members for wasting public services, time & resources and destroying family structure in the society.

I hope someone must be reading these words written and may pass them to right place & authorities who are defining our future society. Urge to all the authorities to act now without wasting any further time as if DV / 498A misuse is not stopped now, there will not be any way to mend the damage done to our society. Doing corrective actions after the damage done are NO corrective actions. Proactive action is, what’s needed as already our current situation of misuse of 498A, is very high and is increasing day by day.

Save Your Families today to have Indian Society Tomorrow !!

Thanks & Best Regards
Raj Kaushal
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Anonymous said...

I heard that many ladies from India go to Dubai and other rich cities and dance in front of guys and many go to the ones offering the most money to finish off the night.....and the same process starts the next night. All for money???!!!

And many of the other ladies misuse 498A penal code and other similar one sided laws existing in India to extract as much money as possible from guys in India and guys overseas. This is gradually becoming the Indian ladies' image. Nothing to be proud of.

If some of these lady law makers in India think that they have introduced something great by bringing in the one sided 498A penal code and DV law, then they have to realise that they have done nothing better than these other dancing ladies and the ladies who misuse the law. These laws make it easy for ladies to extract money from guys. The lady law makers have helped them.

All this is ruining the good name of Indian ladies and India in general. India has been known to be a very religious country with many Gods who took birth on the land. India is a very big supplying industry for basically everything on this planet. Now the country has a very big population with AIDS. It can now even be said that many Gods might take birth in India not because the people are good and the land is fertile for the birth of Gods. But one can say that many people(specially ladies) are not using their heads properly and they need to be taught some basics by Gods. May be India might even lose the chance to have Gods taking birth in India for centuries. Many people in India are losing the good teachings that the saints and sages gave to India. Many Ravanas and Kansh and so God takes birth? How many can he destroy? Too many around. And so He teaches by taking birth and might even refuse to come that easily now.

India.....WAKE UP before the bad law makers make these new laws to destroy the country. Here I am only talking about 498A and DV law. So a U Turn and do the duties well. Otherwise many of you will seem to be the modern day Ravanas and Kansh in India. If you are enjoying all this, then continue dancing in overseas clubs and make plenty of money by extracting money from guys after marrying them and then misusing these 498A type penal code laws. And be a supplying industry for sex also. So India gets a new name…..WORLD SUPPLIER.

Message for the good ladies…..I am sorry to put it this way. It is as bad as this and so have done it this way. I don’t think it is necessary to place my name here as no reward is expected for this bit of information. Do the duty and expect no reward. UK Guy…..not born in India…..yes the same one.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a bit like giving "false legal teeth" to a lion to tear up and eat certain type of meat only. Dilip. UK.