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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Clarification on the Sholay-FemmeFatale!Re: Feminism in Action

Hi all,

Lucio, u r shaping up as a definite genius in analysing and arguing about criminality and events of that nature. Especially for u to have ascertained the age of the Sholay-Basanthi-Andhra-Girl's Lover's age and then to go on and realise that any coitus with a boy under the age of 18 is a technical Rape

Pls take note that I thought the age for this particular tech-rape is 15 with respect to minor boys(and not 18), anyway u would know better thro ur research, i hope. i also read that the boy's present age is 24(and the girl's age as reported in,000600030008.htm is 28), just to give u some point to confirm, just in case if u haven't done this already). Quoting the relevant portion from the above link and news item in HT "Much like Veeru — the character played by Dharmendra in the film – 28-year-old Maheswari climbed atop the water tank in Ashok Nagar locality and threatened to commit suicide unless she was united with her 24-year-old lover Srinivas."

Anyway keep those arguments coming, these will eventually serve as a good 'net-practice when we finally get on the floors of parliament and will have to pin down those terrorist neo/quasi-feminists(or femofascists or feminazies as some of our members fondly mention!) who are taking our entire nation on ransom.



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hi Lucio;
your both articles posted;
i changed name article name as published on news paper

if you want to see all articles just click on calender date on left side, it will display all articles posted on that date

Lucio Mascarenhas ; wrote:

Dear Rudy,

I had posted two articles on your Awardspace site, but only one has turned up, the one about the woman who murdered her own child and eloped with another man....

What happened to the other story about the woman who staged a tamasha atop a water tank in Andhra so that she could marry her paramour? (See attachment).

Incidentally, what the newsreport does not point out in that story is that the woman is guilty of RAPE, since the boy with whom she was having an affair was legally a minor at the time she began her affair with him, since the story says it has been since two years, and he is now 19 years old.

Kind regards,

Lucio Mas.
Woman enacts Sholay scene to net lover

Ashok Das Hyderabad, November 19, 2006,000600030008.htm

Ram Gopal Verma’s remake of Sholay is yet to hit the theatres. But townsfolk of Godavarikhani in Karminagar district were treated to a scene from the blockbuster bang in the middle of the town. A married woman and mother of two climbed atop a water tank and threatened to jump if her lover did not marry her.

Much like Veeru — the character played by Dharmendra in the film – 28-year-old Maheswari climbed atop the water tank in Ashok Nagar locality and threatened to commit suicide unless she was united with her 24-year-old lover Srinivas.

People were still bleary-eyed on Sunday morning when the scene unfolded on top of the 100-metre-tall tank. When asked about the reason for her antic, Maheswari scribbled a note on a piece of paper and threw it down.

She poured out her anger and grief in the note and blamed Srinivas for not marrying her despite his intimate relationship with her for the past two years. Srinivas, who works in cell phone company, belongs to the same locality.

As the drama dragged on for three hours, the local legislator, K Easwar, and additional superintendent of police arrived at the scene.

When the woman refused to come down, they brought Srinivas to the scene. A much embarrassed Srinivas vowed to marry her and asked her to come down.

But unlike Veeru, Maheswari did not fall for his words. She wanted him to marry her there in front of the onlookers. Srinivas had to climb up the tank and exchange garlands before Maheswari relented.

The denouement of the tragic-comedy: Maheswari was arrested and booked for attempting suicide and for entering into a marriage while still being married to another person.

Maheswari was earlier married to an autorickshaw driver. She has two children from the marriage — an eight-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son.

She had left her husband some time ago and was living with her parents when she became intimate with Srinivas.

As she has not yet got a divorce from her first husband she cannot legally enter into another marriage, police said.

Andhra woman enacts Sholay suicide scene
By: Agencies November 20, 2006

Sandhya stood on a 20-metre high water tank and threatened to jump if Srinivas did not marry her. She finally came down after Srinivas climbed on the tank and exchanged garlands with her. Images have been taken from TV grabs

KARIMNAGAR: Taking a leaf from Bollywood, a lovelorn girl in Andhra Pradesh perched on a water tank Sunday, threatening to jump if her paramour did not marry her on the spot.

In the Hindi blockbuster Sholay Viru (Dharmendra) had threatened to jump from the village water tank, if Basanti, his lady loved did not marry him. THe scene was recreated in Godavarikhani town in Karimnagar district, about 150 km from here, with Dharmendra’s role played by local girl Sandhya (22).

Sandhya, who was allegedly ditched by her lover, stood on a 20-metre high water tank and threatened to jump down if Srinivas did not marry her.
With one leg dangling from the tank, the girl brought the entire town to a standstill. Police and civil officials came rushing to persuade her to come down. An official even promised to arrange the wedding.

As hundreds of people gathered on the ground holding their breath, the police began a frantic search for Srinivas, an employee in a private company.

However, even his arrival did not bring down Sandhya, who insisted that he come up and marry her on the water tank itself.

As the whole town watched and TV cameras covered the event, Sandhya relented only when police, with the help of locals, arranged for the exchange of garlands with her 19-year-old lover Srivinas, Additional Superintendent of Police Srikanth said.

Police later took her into custody and registered a case of attempted suicide against her. The entire episode at Godavarikhani town lasted four hours, Srikanth said. “We agreed to fulfil her wish as we wanted to save her life,” he maintained.

Srinivas, however, has not attained the legal age of marriage for males, which is 21 according to the Marriage Act.

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