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Monday, October 30, 2006

Word of thought over DV Law from a common man !!

Word of thought over DV Law from a common man !!

  • I would like to extend a word of thanks to Mr. Rajat Sharma & his entire team of India Bole for doing wonderful program on 498A & DV law’s in view of public awareness. I wish all people in Media take the ownership to spread facts & real understanding on the topic and get encouraged by taking inspiration from such creations.

    There are couple points I would like to raise here in view of New DV law and 498A in order to sensitize the subject’s real impression which is going to change of life in India in days to come.

  • Word of Thought for General Public & Ladies in India :

    Ladies ( Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends & colleagues ), They are very important & essential part of our society and for that matter this is for the survival of this human existence. Without a Woman & a Man, there can’t be any living World, which I guess is know to all. Coming to the topic straight, then why Women Organizations, feels that providing such refuge ( DV Law, 498A – Laws in there current version ) are needed in our society to safeguard them. In our history, we were divided & others ruled us, and now we in our selves doing the same among us.

    Any LAW which is not balance can never give results and no good for anyone in the society. If for future, we want to make things look good and bright, we got to design our LAWs, processes of way of life in such a manner that present flaws are corrected rather than generating more options for those who have already done the enough damage.
    IS THIS CORRECT?? Please THINK…THINK….as if we do not think now, time will not give us next chance.

  • Word of Thought for Media channels of India :

    This country need lot many Rajat Sharma’s who can drive the show and work for Public service. If one can make such a big impact, imagine having uncounted such numbers are bound to make us best in the world.Reporters like Ms Anita Sharma Bisth from India TV, Mr. Vatsal Srivastav & Mr. Promod Sharma from Zee TV and many others who are working for spreading the right information to public are the assets for our country and future generations of India will always be credible for their work done today. I would like to request to Media personnel that more and more should join their gang so that reality is reflected to the public. Media is a very strong medium to reach to deep in the public and people like them can really make the difference.

  • Word of Thought for Mr. Rajat Sharma of India TV :

    Sir, you by your expressions & sources is doing good for the common man and I request that you keep this going for ever without any fear & pressures which you may have. Please make sure there is no new Manchanda ( Inspector – Delhi police) event may happen as this is a common practice in our country that if someone try to follow the truth, finally have to scum to the frustrations and give-up the life. Please keep your activities ON, in spreading Good & Bad part of these social evils of misuse of 498A & DV Laws. These LAWs are to be there for the benefit of those who need it but not for those who misuse it.

  • Word of Thought for Our Esteemed Govt. Organizations of India :

    NCW & Other women organizations, please work for the welfare of women in India but the method which you have currently adopted is going to ruin family structure in India. Men who are abusive & bad must never be spared but all Men should not be assumed to be Bad. Likewise, all women can never be assumed to be Bad. If a wife is important to make this world, with out being mother, she can never be complete. And when this wife is mother the next day, how can she become a criminal as is made in 498A in false allegations. Please work towards the improvements to be proposed to identify Good & Bad elements in the issues which crop-up in family matters and then only you will be able to justify your work being done for welfare of women. Promoting blindly such LAWs which are unbalance & can give suicidal results in our future to come, will not do any good for the women. People working in NCW & other women organizations must also have a family. They may also have wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends……misuse & misshape can happen with anyone……Please THINK what you are doing, is RIGHT or WRONG……
    Please THINK…THINK….as if you do not think now, time will not give you next chance.

  • Word of Thought for Young couples & youth of India :

    Marriage, friendship, relationship is our PERSONAL MATTER….please try to solve all your issues within yourselves and if things can’t be sorted out, use correct path. Please do not get carried way with what is told by others to solve your problem and apply your own mind. Marriage is an institution which needs compromises & better understanding to lead a common life with your partner. If someone is not ready for doing compromises, should never think about going for a relation but if in relation, then all needed to make that relation a success, must be done. Non of such LAWs like 498A & DV, can solve our domestic problems. These are meant for those, who really need it but not for those who just want to get ride of spoiled relation. Money can never compensated what is lost and so, please THINK …THINK….can asking money as compensation, will compensate the time, year & youth you will loose in fighting cases in court?? Life is beautiful, please enjoy every bit of it and go apart smoothly if things can’t be sorted out and create a new world for yourselves and for others where there is no pain. EGO can never give satisfaction & calm and so, get over with it and look for brighter days tomorrow.

  • Word of Thought for Law Makers/Judges/Lawyers of India :

    Having LAWs for protection & safeguard of weaker sections is good and are always welcomed by society but supporting LAWs like DV , 498A in current version, makes us feel as a common man that Woman of India is very much fragile and helpless. Woman is the creator of this world when in union with Man but Laws like DV, 498-A Misuse is going to destroy this Family structure in India and thus as LAW makers, this is a humble request to all you people who define the way of life for a common man that please work on the improvement plan for existing errors & flaws/loopholes, we have in our LAW system, using which BAD people try to take advantage and fresh LAWs which may be created should be created in a balance form.Lawyers like Mr. Mahesh Tiwari, Mr. R.P. Chug and many women lawyers & women activists who are keeping balance view on the Law and it’s use and misuse, should come out and work for people’s voice. These Misuses can only be countered if people like these can join the hands with suffers like us along with common man, who is finally looking and living to have a better life, to live.This is a big shame for us to have such a week impression on Woman of India in the eyes of rest of the World. Woman is created soft & physically weak by nature and that’s done with a purpose so that opposite sex will have attraction for it. But such dividing laws one day will spoil this nature’s principle and what will be left is Hate, dissatisfaction & frustration in future generations. Law makers, please …….THINK…THINK… this what we all want to have in our future…..…
    Please THINK…THINK….as if you do not think now, time will not give you next chance.

  • Word of Thought for SIF & Other voluntary organizations & individuals working for good cause of 498-A, DV Misuses :

    Swarup Sarkar, Ashish Mukhi, Gurdarshan, Mahesh Tiwari, Bharti, Gorky, Sachit Dalal, Satya, De’souza, Gookul, Jinesh Zaveri, jogeshwarmahanta… and this chain is never ending as there are lot of people who’s name is not known but they are working silently…..Heads-off to all of you for your wonderful work being done in order to spread knowledge about how to save people who are suffering from Misuse of 498A and other domestic problems.Keep working and keep your sprits high and let any 498-A,DV Bill to come, we shall not stop & get horrified by such LAWS. Fight for truth, fight for justice, will always be kept ON …..…….WE SHALL OVER COME …..WE SHALL OVER COME, ONE DAYS……DEEP IN MY HEART, I DO BELIEVE, WE SHALL OVER COME ONE DAY…….Thanks for all what you are doing and keep doing without expecting results as the Hole Geeta says…..results will be always GOOD, if the intensions are clear & pure.

  • Word of Thought from Raj Kaushal on his special Day :

    34 Years before, I came in to existence this day and today my whole day I spent in one court or the other and what I got in the form of gift, is NEXT DATE. Thanks to my beloved wife for letting me celebrate my B’day in the courts. I wish we all should make collated efforts to generate better ways to celebrate our special days and court should only be the place where real criminals and aggrieved people should go to get justice. People like me who have spent their life by following Laws and tried to lead simple and honest life should not be forced to such cruelties. Laws like 498-A, DV are bound to make sure that people like me will have more and more people in chain to face these cruelties in days to come.
    We need good Dr., Engg, Lawyers, Judges, Administrators and other professionals to make our country more and more better place to live. If people like us are the CRIMINALS of this country, please …THINK….THINK….
    whom we should bang for making our future better. … Please THINK…THINK….as if you do not think now, time will not give you next chance.

    Save Your Families today to have Indian Society Tomorrow !!

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Raj Kaushal
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