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Sunday, October 29, 2006

DV Act - Diwali gift

--For a feminists person --

you mean this dv/dp/498a act in its form is good for the country, unless you are thinking of your children or you are married and aged..

My mother never; uprightly throw it away. Reasons ==>

In Western nations, women are not supported by husband or anyone. It goes by give and take policy in marriage. In 2005 as per USA census it is said Marriage is getting extinct in USA.

do you think any man on the land of india will accept someone he is feeding can control him meaninglessly? by criminal terror fear. Marriage will 100% destroy in a year or 10 yrs, But certainly it will. I guess, outsiders of india is involved for this.

Those women, who are not thinking and running fastly behind feminist organisations are not thinking in a dimension calmly whether it really helps preserve our culture and soul.

These laws will be used sprucely by manipulative women largely. If any sita using it, her mind will be slowly spoiled by other bad women to misuse it and "umbrella of control" starts in her family. Marriage closes shortly.

How can a love/trust/attachment relationship runs with police, using economic/emotional abuse?

In otherwords, we are getting pulled by western nations for their form of life style. no one is thinking about this.

un married women age grows and they will be more burdened like western women to manage herself or her father less(if) family. No man will come forward to marry her or to live with her in fear of 498a or DV act. what will be the fate of the country?

If you see urban women look healthy and ready for beauty contest, but even higher position men or a bureacrat look dry face, peechy personality or dull/pale structure. Am I wrong in not making this research properly? though we call india, male-dominated, it is never. These men are attached and running their families blindly with no expectation. Such highly position kinda men never take care of their women such way in any part of western life. This happens only in India. Now these men start thinking seriously. These men learn theri sons to stay away from urban women for marriages.

Laws when designed in bias to women should have been designed bias towards education and literacy as well. Govt must had designed DVact or
498a differently for educated women after intermediate atleast, so that misuse gets stopped and country would have flourished infrastructurally. Urban educated ill-women is as cruel as a urban educated ill-men. dont you agree? In that case, how do you agree to keep such laws in the hands of such women? dont you think such women crime increases in society and go unnoticed as there is no law for bad married women to get arrested.

I came to know about this after looking life in the west for several years. Western nations are male dominated but not India.

Infrastructure of India will further deteriorate because all significant thinkers loose balance of their mind to perfectly. 5% intellectuals responsible for 70% infrastructure setup of the country, anyone thought about this. and this 5% disturbed for 5 to 20 yrs due to 498a or dv act!! what happens? present fate of situation.

Because of blackmail, by-controll, implicit marital conflicts and years together fight inside courts JUST for finance distribution among couple. Bureacrats and intellectuals mind this way gets ruptured and can't contribute well or time for the infrastructure better for the country. Intellectuals continue to leave the country.

This is what you wanted DV or 498a in current form. if any innocent women is learnt about such laws, and one bad individual is enough to change their minds to control their husbands. That starts destruction of marriage and take a lot of time and resources of individuals.

Today india infrastrcutre is affected, I believe, strong reason is 498a. Many officials participate in corruption as they became imbalanced, selfish not thinking properly for the development of the country, just because their minds are affected for 5 to 15 yrs period in controlled, blackmailed marriage. you can't imagine what happens to brain or physiology of human when stressed for years together. That outcome is the present physic structure of men in India.

In future, just like in the west, women be it mother, sister will be fed by only brothers or fathers only. Concept of husband will die. If they get husbands, they get poor husbands, who are economically not well otherwise not. Just western life pervades all walks of life in India. Marriage will not happen (bcoz, boys parents learn boys not to, I learn my son to..i need his physical health and mental helath rather marriage life).

Many intellecutals(>80% 498a cases) masters, phds, engineers, doctors are around courts for 5 yrs to 8 yrs to just become innocent(misuse) after trials. Is this the way country using intellectual resources/proeprty for the country? is this what we wanted India to be?

There is chance for India only when dedicated, sacrifice women role is required. India doesn't afford feminism. It affords active role of BEST women for the development of the nation. Women who are in wonderful marriage and at the same time helping hands for the country flourish and not feminists.

Do you think, a man who simply becomes a pet dog with economic/emotional violence usage by a urban controlling any women. I dont think so. Marriage will 100% break. BUT if the man is intelligent enough to become a beggar, what happens to the fate of that women in the current indian critcal/difficult economy, has any
one thought about it. She will be forced to enter into mal-profession for survival. Bad elements use her more and more. Is this feminism?

Such cases grow exponentially from year after year. Men stop marrying if not now, after 5 yrs. parents will no longer marry their boys. they learn them how to stay away and take care of themselves.

I end up saying only one thing before western feminism takes its troll completely -

Good women ROLE is must for Indias growth and to preserve marriage value system and spiritual india. Pls. think calmly for a day or 2 and read western life and indian life difference, where it comes. I want my daughter to be part of this marriage system and not living outside marriage with multiple parterns in the name of liberation.

Once majority of Indian men are learnt not to provide/protect/feed his wife for no reciprocation/expectation from herside, that is westernization.

I agree women are suffering, but we need social engineers to design laws for complex sensitive structural society and not by men hatred persons.

Phd - social dynamics
Disclaimer: I disclaim all liabilities, these are my opinions & thoughts and experience for the help to other mankind preserving spiritual india, dont have anything to do with others. Emailid will be deleted if mailed back with subject "remove" thanks.

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